The Formula | Originate with Michelle Parker, Episode 4

but he does want to look at that think the thing we did see yesterday we can take a look at this other stuff first like the near stuff that’s a good look at doll the curtain went light on it looks a lot better than it did but he does make it nothing there’s lines you already [Music] [Music] when I was the age of 15 I didn’t even think that it was a possibility that I could be in the position that I am in today because I didn’t think that that was like a job for a lady I didn’t see that as a possibility big mountain skiing pre skiing is an action sport and action sports in general are male-dominated there’s been as something of the token female syndrome in the ski industry for quite some time and we have all been a part of that there was something there that was like holding me back from being able to be in the mountains with other ladies until now I’ve been working with mastic for ten years and this is the first time that I’ve gotten them to jump on board for an all ladies trip finally the gathering of the ladies is happening the aspect of like having three women come together and film together like the influence of what that would have had on me when I was younger would have been huge I had posters all over my room of like female athletes growing up mia hamm Christie Laskin and Sarah Burke ingrid backstrom like I am way more inspired by these women in athletics than I am the men if more females stories were told there would be more female interest in the sport and I think we’re in the middle of seeing it right now essentially we’re looking for the stars to align perfectly good stable snow beautiful sunny days and we just have to be in the right place at the right time this is where you skied Sammy did like oh yeah we skied these random yes I would be sick that would be sick and there’s actually other options remember their stuff right in there there those there’s the big ramp there and this one might connect better with more snow – oh yeah women are out there doing this all the time and we just don’t see them as much and maybe it’s time to see them a little more I grew up in a quite close-knit family and we spent the summers hiking and backpacking and doing lots of outdoorsy things and the way that my parents raised us there was no differentiation between me and my brother we were all in it together we were all capable of the same things and it didn’t matter whether you were a girl or a guy you’re a human and you’re a part of this process that type of supportive environment where there’s no delineation I think is really really impactful especially growing up [Music] my parents actually one of the things I always used to tell my brother and I and I appreciate it more now than I did then was don’t put limits on yourself because other people will always do that for you [Music] we really want to show high level of riding together us coming together and riding together will give us even more of an opportunity to showcase that it’s real and authentic actual badass women out there doing it not in like a fluffy bunny sort of pink frilly way for us to prove that women can carry a show it’s not the typical formula of success [Music] day number two Roberta we’re loading up first day in the mountains with angel and Elise very excited looking for some high action some stunts and some fun times I think that’s the bull we’re ready to go breaker died could you please load up and fire this puppy up [Music] there’s than that left corner there yeah you shot before just be the wrong job [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] now let’s go actually looks fun it was fun do this alright cameras ready elites ready ten seconds [Music] [Music] okay drop it in ten seconds [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so Wednesday is looking stormy and warm I really I think it’s a struggle to get good enough snow the temps your eyes to like negative one Celsius and then they just go up from there yeah I mean if we’re calling Wednesday off then it would seem like we’re calling Thursday off too yeah it would seem like we’re calling the trip off pretty much after the last two days weather is very difficult to discern what takes it to the next level is when you involve a helicopter just a whole other added level of stress that makes the weather more frustrating I’m thinking about this trip and how little footage we’ve garnered there’s a bit of a fire lit under my ass for sure and I think under all of our asses but ultimately it’s out of our control it’s been pretty darn cloudy all day but we’re seeing a little bit of blue so we flipped the coin and we decided that the coin was wrong we’re going against the point and we’re gonna go fly and have a recon mission hopefully find some solid blue holes to work with it’s our last day here so we got to go [Music] that’s just you ever look at these and dandy gates cannot be speaking a call from there now it’s gonna hold all day I don’t know it’s a tough one way thank you yeah totally wouldn’t even say this is window shopping I wouldn’t know where to go yeah please rebuild up yeah I’m with you guys I mean like I said it’d be a new paying the bill so I’ll go with you know what do you guys want to do here they gave it a shot thanks guys so that’s it for the trip here yeah that’s right [Music] this is the first time in the history of skiing that that’s like happened like having a big production company behind a project that consists of more than one or two ladies now we have it and we haven’t had the stars aligning so we’re like really holding on to this next trip and really hoping that it comes together Alaska is kind of like the last spot that we can go and hopefully get the right conditions for us to achieve our goal of putting forth an amazing women ski film thank you so much for watching originate give it a like or comment down below to subscribe click here for more originated action and be sure to check out last week’s episode playing right here if you missed it

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