The Floppy Indoor Golf Ball

The Floppy Indoor Golf Ball

Serious Golfers don’t stop practicing just because they’re [quote-unquote] not on the course [GLASS BREAKS] JOHNSON? That’s why the floppy indoor practice ball is the perfect gift for the golfer in your life endorsed by Pro Golfers and sports writers The floppy is made of lightweight flexible material giving it the same feeling feedback as a real golf ball This means you can accurately improve your swing you fine-tune your chips pitches and flop shots all without fear of damaging your valuables If you just said to yourself,” yeah right Vat19″ then this is for you I got I got a little carried away Handmade and Durable the floppy holds up through thousands of hits so don’t let atrocities like snow rain Or nighttime ruin the opportunity to practice Safely take your game indoors with the floppy golf ball buy it now at

100 Replies to “The Floppy Indoor Golf Ball”

  1. But the weight is different from an actual golf ball??? You may practice swinging clubs with this, but not the feelings of the ball 🙁

  2. I have a segustion about the floppy golf ball. What if it were at very high speeds?would glass brake with it?

  3. 0:02–0:13 the "shoe bag" in the bottem right corner, he's sneaking beer into the office, how is he not fired yet?

  4. Golfer tip: instead of spending $20 on this small hacky sack, use cheap ping pong balls. They fly off the club more similarly to a real golf balls too.

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