The first Italian new-school freestyler – Markus Eder

The first Italian new-school freestyler – Markus Eder

I live in Luttago in Valle Aurina, placed in Altoadige. I have been skiing since very little and I started alpine skiing when I was 10 years old. Obviusly I liked it a lot, but after a while I got bored of the alpine skiing mentality. Serious training. After one year when I was 15 years old, I started freestyle skiing, We were more free. And we are still more free, so I guess I chose the right sport for me. Where are my sticks? I met Markus in a competition in my home resort, Val Gardena, and since then It has always been a challenge of who is the best. Markus is somebody who knows what he is doing when he skis. He thinks of the tricks, he wants to land, and doesn’t make mistakes. I would say I’m quite precise, tricks must be quite perfect. I’m not happy when I just learn a new trick, there is still work to do, you need to make it better to and land it perfectly. At the beginning of next year I will have the most important competition I have ever attended. So for now I’m skiing a lot and I have some tricks in my head I would like to learn. To end with a good result, I’ll must keep the concentration, be calm, and keep the passion.

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