The First Baby Olympics – Curling with Chell

The First Baby Olympics – Curling with Chell

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  1. To be honest, I never understood why people are so into in the Olympics. Maybe in the past…but now it seems to be a celebration of winning the genetic lottery and who can dope and not get caught. No doubt the athletes train hard…not saying they don't…but I just never saw the appeal.

    I would love know what it is that appeals so much to those that do.

  2. I noticed "Coney" is there right next to "Money". Perhaps they want to pay a tribute to one of their favorite eating establishments? I also see Ramone in there…

  3. Hi I did the captions for this video and I’m so so sorry that I spelled Chell’s name wrong the entire time. You might want to put that in the customer resources next time 🙂

  4. I have a coworker named Quez. Short for Marquez. I think I'd squeal if his name is something Portal or Valve related. <3

  5. The new intro is kinda annoying it’s like spoilers we can’t avoid. Could you do another song? -as always with love xx

  6. Until any of these letters are removed, I'm sticking to Nathan. Or maybe Corey (yeah, with the e) just for fun. But Nathan is my top guess. Could also be Larry.

  7. I figured it would be Zack or Zackary (or any spelling of those names), but I was kinda feeling Cody during today's vlog. Anyways, love this way of sharing baby boy's name!

  8. I love that you vlog, because you and your kids can look back at these times!! For example they can watch your wedding or even their births!!! Your son can see how Chell was like when she was the age she is right now

  9. I have a pretty good idea of the boy name you chose but I won't ruin it for others. I'm pretty good at "word puzzles" 😂

  10. And for those of you wondering or don't remember.. Kristen once said she wanted to learn sign language.. maybe that's why the captions are there. For her friends and viewers tht can't hear!

  11. I have a cousin named "Quarter" LOL.
    *Her name is Penny, but my grand-nephew started calling her Quarter when he was like two or something and it has stuck.

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  13. A lot of people are saying Nathan and I agree with that! After your dear friend Nathan Wills who has the same birthday as you.

  14. Chell, go for equestrian for Summer Olympics, or snowboarding for Winter Olympics. I am amaze with Reira Iwabuchi (snowboarder). Combination of what she love, and what Cory can teach her.

  15. I have one main guess and I'm not writing it yet 😀 someone's guess was very similar to mine but not quite.
    Wish I could make a bet on this! Haha!

  16. I'm obsessed with the olympics..and have had no one to talk to about it. I don't know why but I've been disappointed with them. Was so happy though that Shaun white got to redeem himself after sochi.

  17. Zane, Thane, Jack, Bradley, Patrick, Kyle, Tyler, Damon, Hendrix etc. – it could really be many things at this point 😛

  18. I'm not really into the new intro, maybe Cory could do another song? Even if it's shorter than the last one. This intro just seems very spoilery if that makes sense. Love you guys, no hard feelings, just something to think about, it's your vlogs in the end 🙂

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  20. Oh my gosh did they name her after Chell from portal? How cute! Im a big portal fan and i love her name!

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