The Fiend overpowers Finn Bálor: SummerSlam 2019 (WWE Network Exclusive)

The Fiend overpowers Finn Bálor: SummerSlam 2019 (WWE Network Exclusive)

>>WWE Universal. Got a chance that was made famous
in the Firefly Funhouse as Balor now is whipped across the ring and Finn trying somehow to get into this match
up and there, stopping him in his tracks. And just like this,
the Fiend has locked up Balor, who’s trying to fight back somehow. And a clubbing blow right
to the back of the neck.>>And so many different forms
of intimidation from The Fiend.>>[NOISE] Let him in, let him in, let him in!>>My goodness. And The Fiend planting Balor!

100 Replies to “The Fiend overpowers Finn Bálor: SummerSlam 2019 (WWE Network Exclusive)”

  1. Why are they calling him THE FEEN? LAME. I like the update but the mask can go, and why are we using Mankind's finisher?

  2. It would be insane if the Fiend In wwe2k20 @WWE did same type of promos he’s doing now In Wwe it would be insane. Man I wish I could be on the creative team for this game and do it with Xavier woods I know I can do it and just see what y’all think about the ideas

  3. Maybe Matt Hardy should have a story line with everyone in the WWE so they can recreate themselves into insanely great characters ?

  4. I like this guy def has the Mankind vibe going on i could so see him sitting in the corner of a boiler room rocking back and forth lol.

  5. Since his debut all those years ago Bray Wyatt has always been one of the best and most interesting people in the company this is now his time to shine

  6. The Demon Finn Balor vs Bray Waytt =The demon
    The Fiend Bray Wyatt vs Finn Balor = The Fiend
    BUT The FIEND VS THE DEMON KING = ??? ?????

  7. Nice mask with a good entrance.
    Pants look a little ridiculous with the black tank top LOL and then it looks like he missed leg day from his skinny pants and his large torso

  8. I think this is great and imagine the story here is that he's trying to kill balor to summon the demon king so they can tag team and rule over wwe tag team division together

  9. Hes wearing a foam mask while wrestling? I guess if Norman Smiley can wrestle in full protection then this is fine.

  10. I hope he incorporate the neck snap into his arsenal of moves it's so badass and wicked but The Fiend is the best "Yowie Wowie"

  11. The problem with this character is the fans are going to cheer him when he is trying to get them to boo him. Fans ruin modern wrestling by reacting to perceived booking not what happening

  12. Guys wwe is fake 100%, but one thing is sure is that the fiend has all things terrifying. His entrance, his masqu, his power, his character, his lamp.

  13. A great match would be Finn “The Demon” Bálor, the Fiend and the Undertaker. And see who will rule in fear the darkness of the underworld.

  14. well I have to say that this could basically could be the future for the new undertaker since Mark calaway needs to retire and they need a new dark villain / and you know Bray Wyatt's character is it

  15. Finn balor aj styles Karl Anderson luck Galloway Finn balor WWE champion aj IC champion Karl and luck is tag team champions

  16. Bray Wyatt is the great entrainer in wwe and also r_truth is the great entrainer.. they two are great entrainer in this business.they are very creative wrestlers and trying to entertain people.these two man trying his level best to entertain people.these two superstars really work very hard for this wwe company.these superstar is very creative and contribute very important role to raise the bar of this company.

  17. Finn Balor should become Demon King back and one more universal championship that he deserve, he last time universal championship only fxxking one day

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