The Evolution of the Olympic Mascot | Faster Higher Stronger

The Evolution of the Olympic Mascot | Faster Higher Stronger

The name “mascot” comes from the south of France and it was also the name of an opera that was called “The Mascot”. And at that time in 19th century there was a small jewel made after this opera and it was called a mascot and also it gives good fortune to people It was also very common to have a mascot in the United States for sports club and
even in schools and so it was quite normal that suddenly
a mascot appears in the Olympic Games. The first official mascot appeared in 1972 for the Munich Games it was a dashhound. This is an example of this mascot His name is Waldi and he was chosen because this kind of dog was rather popular in Germany at that time. It was full of energy and it was considered as bringing good fortune to the athletes and to the Games at that time It’s a way really to communicate the Games, communicate to people that
the Games are going to take place soon and it also gives the spirit of the specific edition of the Games
because of the colors of the mascot, because of the name of the mascot.
So it really refers to to the look of the Games,
the identity of the edition of the Games The Games are not only the competitions but it’s also the moment for creators,
for designers, for architects to propose new things and the mascots
belong to this process and designers who are in charge of this project have the possibility to bring new ideas, and to bring a new touch to the Games as well. The first edition since 1972 we can find some animals. There is a beaver for Montreal in 1976, there is Misha – the bear – for Moscow, there is Sam the Eagle, for Los Angeles in 1984, in 1988 there is Hodori, the Tiger, finally there is Cobi and it
breaks the rules really with Cobi. Because it’s really comes from
the fantasy of the designer. Cobi was a little dog that was
created by Javier Mariscal, a famous designer and Coby is completely different from the previous mascots. He does not belong
to the “Walt Disney World” so it’s a dog, but it’s a sort of “avant-garde” design. This mascot was not well received when people’s saw it for the first time. But gradually it became famous and famous.
It was represented everywhere practicing different sports and it is certainly one of the most famous
mascots in the history of the Olympic Games With Izzy in Atlanta, it’s something completely different. People didn’t know who was this mascot. It was impossible to make a comparison with an animal. It was something completely strange and it’s a little bit the same with Wenlock. The design is very strange as well.
It refers also to the stadium of London the material that was used for the stadium, but the look is very original. so it brings the Games to the 21st century. Brazil is very well known for the variety of its cultures it blends various different origins, different cultures, so we can imagine
that maybe the mascot will be a good example of this diversity Otherwise I don’t know. “Sabiá” is a bird that represents Brazil, so maybe it can be a possibility. We are all very curious to know the result.

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  1. I was in love with Neve and Gliz in Torino 2006. The Fuwa from Beijing 2008 were nice too. 

    I really hope Tokyo 2020 can pull off a good Mascot. Knowing Japan, they have the potential to create a character that can be extremely popular beyond the Olympics. 

  2. Now I'm starting to feel glad I wasn't born in any of these countries. Wenlock would probably give me a heart attack.

  3. Make Mario and Sonic the official mascots for the Tokyo 2020 olympics!
    They already have a series and Shinzo Abe dressed up as Mario, so make it happen!

  4. To be honest, Wenlock actually appeared more cuddlier and cuter after the Bolt win in 2012. Pity Vinicius pushed him off the podium after the Bolt win in 2016. ^^ Also, cheers to Cobi for doing just that, starting new rules. (Don't ask Twipsy! X'D)

  5. I could be a weird girl, but I'm obsessed with Vinicius and Tom…they're SO CUUUUUTEEEE!!!
    ?? :3

    (ALSO, I love Wenlock and Mandeville too…some ones say they're weird, BUT I LOVE THOSE LONDON MASCOTS!!)
    XD ???

  6. 1:12 Bolt, please gimme that Wenlock plushie!!(and the Vinicius plushie too!!)<:)I love Wenlock and Vinicius…they're SO CUUUUTEEEEEEEEE!!!!:3XD
    Ps.(Why there are people who say Wenlock is illuminati??? It's NOT true…he is CUTE…):,(

  7. I think that Disney or some animation studio need to make an animated movie with all the Olympic (and Paralympic) mascots of all time!!!

    Who will come with me???


  8. Ps.
    I hope for God's sake that Tokio won't choose Mario, or Pikachu, or Goku, or Greninja, or Eren Jaeger, or any Pokemon, or anime or manga or videogame character as a mascot of the 2020 games…

    If in Rio 2016 they made two kawaii-adorable…I mean, epic mascots called Vinicius and Tom (a.k.a. my senpais :3); and in London 2012 they made two little cuties…ajem, I mean, mascots called Wenlock and Mandeville (a.k.a. my #2 senpais ^_^ (ps. why do you hate them? they're so cute T-T) )…

    Why ruin the cutene…I mean, the originality of creating a mascot for the 2020 games?

    So, I, as part of the fandom of the mentioned mascots, I hope Tokyo could create a new mascot instead of recycling common concepts.


  9. I miss you Cobi and your tv cartoon too!!
    Misha is cute;Izzy is cool and olympic mascot from Beijing 2008 were ingenious.

  10. I'm back to this video after 4 years.

    Miraitowa is now the mascot for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (and Someity for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games) and I've seen them make appearances in different events but I'm glad that Japan didn't disappoint. They're fantastic and they seem to have a positive impact within the host nation <3

  11. You missed the Mascots of Athens 2004 Olympic games, Athena, Phevos and Proteas which were really lovely .
    (Wikipaedia) Athena and Phevos (Greek: Αθηνά, Φοίβος; pronounced [aθiˈna] and [ˈfivos]) were the official mascots of the 2004 Summer Olympics and Proteas (Greek: Πρωτέας) was the official mascot of the 2004 Summer Paralympics, both held in Athens, Greece.

    Athena and Phevos are one of the few examples of anthropomorphic mascots in the history of the Olympics. According to the official mascot webpage, "their creation was inspired by an ancient Greek doll and their names are linked to ancient Greece, yet the two siblings are children of modern times – Athena and Phevos represent the link between Greek history and the modern Olympic Games." [1]

    The Athens 2004 Olympic Organizing Committee claimed that the mascots represented "participation, brotherhood, equality, cooperation, fair play [and] the everlasting Greek value of human scale."

    For the Paralympic Games, ATHOC subsequently requested Gogos for the creation of a new mascot along the creative lines of Athena and Phevos. He created Proteas (Greek: Πρωτέας), a seahorse that is to convey the nature of the competitions and the athletes’ constant goal of achieving excellency.[2]

  12. For me, the mascot for Tokyo 2020 was better as Miraitowa is based on the anime character that represents Japan despite its abstract design. I thought that Hatsune Miku or Neptune from Hyperdimension Neptunia was going to be the mascot for Tokyo 2020, but Miraitowa showed the true definition on what an Olympic mascot should be in order to gain international appeal. Now I love Miraitowa, I hope he can be best friends with Hatsune Miku! Most Olympic mascots are better or awesome, but some are lame (Izzy (Atalanta 1996) and Wenlock (London 2012)). So I guess that Olympic mascots are for everyone after all!

  13. Vancouver 2010 has always been my favorite.. their characters were the most nostalgic to me including miga (i have a plushy of her)

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