The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset – PS4 Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset – PS4 Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

RICH: Let’s see if Jess
wants to give this a go? JUSTIN: Can we do it solo? RICH: We’ll see. JUSTIN: Let’s give it a shot. GINA: What’s the
worst that could happen? JUSTIN: Okay.
That’s a thing. RICH: Uh-huh. So she’s in a
little bit of trouble. [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] JUSTIN: Hey, everybody. Welcome back to
PlayStation Underground. You got Justin and
Kristen here joined by Gina, Rich, and Jess
from Zenimax Online. We’re taking a look at the Elder
Scrolls Online: Summerset which was just announced at
Game Developers Conference. Welcome, everybody. ALL: Hi. Hello.
Thank you. JUSTIN: Can one of you give us
a quick run-through of what you announced and what we’re
going to be seeing today. RICH: So what we announced was our next chapter in ESO
which is Summerset. So we’re going to the home of
the high elves and the rumored
birthplace of magic. JUSTIN: Nice.
So is that where we’re at now? We’re at Summerset now? RICH: We’re on the
island right now. We’re right outside of
Shimmerene which is one of the Altmer cities on the islands. Basically when you complete
the tutorial or when you first arrive, you
arrive in Shimmerene. And you already notice that the
architecture is different here than anything we’ve
built up to this point. GINA: And there is a new
tutorial also that we built for this. So you go through similar to
when we released Morrowind, we had a new tutorial. This has a new one also. And it doesn’t take very long,
but it does teach you the basics of how to play, and then
you’re spit out right here. Then you can run in any
direction at that point. JUSTIN: Let’s run
in any direction. I want to see
what’s going on here. RICH: All right. JUSTIN: Kristen, you have
some experience with the Elder Scrolls Online. KRISTEN: I’m a very big Elder
Scrolls fan in general and my
fiance as well. He’s been playing Elder Scrolls
online since it was released. He would sort of dip in and out. When Morrowind came
out he lost his mind. So we’re also really excited
about this because I’ve never
seen Summerset. I think the last time we saw
it was back in 1994 in Arena. RICH: In Arena. GINA: It was in Arena, yeah. KRISTEN: So I
certainly never played that. So it’s exciting for me. I would always start out my
characters as either a high elf or a dark elf. So to go to the
ancestral home of the Altmer. GINA: Kind of
geeking out a little bit. KRISTEN: I got real excited. RICH: It is. We’ve had a lot of really great
feedback on what people have already seen at GDC, and they really like that the
world looks and feels different. It’s a lot more manicured here,
and it feels like it’s almost been sculpted into the
image of the Altmer. JUSTIN: It looks so peaceful;
no conflict could happen here. RICH: Well, in our time period,
the island has been closed off to the outside world. KRISTEN: That’s right. RICH: This is the
home of the Altmer, so they’ve been able to study
the things that they want to study in kind of peaceful bliss. KRISTEN: In a little bit of a
bubble from the hot mess that can happen in Tamriel. RICH: That’s right. We have the Three Banners War
going on right now which is what the Altmerian
Dominion is a part of. And Queen Ayrenn is
leading that war for Cyrodiil. And in her stead, she has a
proxy queen that kind of rules over the island. And when you first
arrive in Summerset, Queen Ayrenn has issued a decree
to open the island to everybody. So her hope with doing that
is to bring better economic prosperity to the island. And there are a number of groups
that aren’t necessarily thrilled with that idea. So that plays a part in the
storyline that you get to experience. KRISTEN: Now, I know that
some people were getting really excited about some
returning characters. I know my fiance
especially was like, “Raz!” GINA: Razum-dar is coming back. RICH: So, yeah. That’s one of the things we
really enjoy doing when we’re building the zones is trying to
find interesting and unique ways to bring back some of our
most beloved characters. Razum-dar is one of those. He’s the eyes and
ears of Queen Ayrenn. And when she wants something
done or something investigated, he’s the Khajiit that gets
sent in to go and try and figure things out. GINA: It’s worth mentioning,
when Jess opened the map, the actual landmass of Summerset
is larger than Morrowind, right? RICH: It is.
So this is. GINA: There’s a lot to explore. RICH: This is the biggest
area that we’ve built up to this point. You get to go to the
main island of Summerset. KRISTEN: Run, run, run, run. RICH: And you get to go and
explore what magic means with the Psijic Order and going to
the Island of Artaeum which is this mythical place
in Elder Scrolls lore. KRISTEN: So the Psijic order, can you tell us a little bit
more about that? RICH: Sure. They have been in a number of
Elder Scrolls games before but never have been kind of
the forefront of things. And they are a group of
reclusive mages who were the precursors to the Mage’s Guild. And they like to think of
themselves as the group that founded magic, you
know, mortal magic. JUSTIN: They created a lot of
the spells that we use in the Elder Scrolls games now, right? RICH: They did. And their thing, the thing they
love to do the most is research magic and research reality and
bending time and those things. JUSTIN: That sounds
like a pretty rad job. Can I sign up for that? RICH: Well, you have
to live on Artaeum. And Artaeum in our time period
disappeared over 300 years ago. JUSTIN: Perfect for a
reclusive order of mages, right? RICH: Exactly.
They just disappeared. Nobody knows where they
went; nobody knows why
they went there. But they’re happy off on their
island being able to play with magic and learn things. JUSTIN: That sounds so cool. KRISTEN: These environments
are just so stunning. RICH: Yeah. The art team really
knocked it out of the park. In the background, Jess is
walking to the capital city of Summerset which
is called Alinor. And the architecture that you’re
looking at here looks like it’s impossibly tall. You know, it looks like it was
perhaps built with magic which is something that the
Altmer are definitely known for. They’re not afraid to use magic
in their lives and to enrich it. GINA: And the
buildings in Alinor, they’re super tall, but you can
actually go into them and go to the very top if you want too. RICH: Yep. All the way up into the palace
at the very top of the towers. JUSTIN: Oh cool. GINA: Going back to
the Psijic Order, once you complete the
skill line in there, then you get the
Psijic Order skill line, right? RICH: You can actually
join the Psijic order. And that’s never happened
before in an Elder Scrolls game. GINA: Kind of a big deal. JUSTIN: You’re convincing me. I was telling you earlier, I
haven’t — I shamefully haven’t dove into the Elder
Scrolls Online yet, but you’re
selling me on it here. GINA: It’s nice because any
existing character can pick up this skill line and use it. And you get five
active abilities, five passive abilities, and an
ultimate just like any other skill line, so it’s super
accessible to everybody. RICH: It is. The beauty of that too is you
can take your character that you’ve kind of fallen in love
with up to this point and put the time and effort into
and use the skill line. You don’t have to
start all over again. KRISTEN: That’s super exciting. RICH: The skill line is themed
around the Psijic Order who are the masters of
mysticism and time. So the players are going to
find new ways to do damage and generate resources, but
also manipulate time. GINA: It’s kind of crazy? RICH: Which is something that
you don’t normally get to do in Elder Scrolls Online. JUSTIN: That sounds like
something that would be challenging to design and
always an MMO-type environment. What was that like? RICH: It is definitely something
we think about very hard when we design abilities. Players tend to be really
creative in their uses of abilities and how they’re
interacting with the world. JUSTIN: When you’re talking
about manipulating time in something where everybody
perceives time in the same way. If you effect time
in a certain way, how does that
manifest to other players? RICH: Let me give you an
example of the ability. So one of the
abilities that you can get, which is the
ultimate, is called “Undo.” And it works kind
of like it sounds. JUSTIN: It’s control Z. RICH: We actually joked
about naming that at one point. There’s a funny
way of doing that. But when you cast the ability, it will rewind you back
four seconds. So it will take your
health, your stamina, and your magicka
and your location, and play this really cool
animation rewinding you back. So it’s more about you and
not the world around you. We have another ability
called “Time Stop” where it’s a
ground-targeted ability. And when you throw
that out in the world, a little bubble of time appears,
and anything that’s trapped inside slows down and then eventually stops
for a few seconds. JUSTIN: That’s so cool. GINA: The ultimate
that Rich mentioned, we saw a lot of
players saying, “Oh, that’s not just a
regular ability.” You can’t just keep on
doing everything over and over, so it will have a cost to
it that you can only use occasionally. And it does only
effect health, magicka, stamina and your
physical location. So it doesn’t effect buffs
and de-buffs and everything. JUSTIN: It sounds like there’s
a lot of potential support utility. RICH: There is.
For sure. GINA: Yeah. We were talking the other
day about if you’re in PVP, let’s say, and you’re
trying to take over a keep, you can go down,
attack something, press undo, go
right back up again. You just got to run
the other direction. RICH: So Jess here is
making her way to Alinor. We’re on our way up there. JUSTIN: Great.
What are we going to find there? RICH: This is the
capital city of Summerset. So this is kind of the
most high magic location. This is where a lot of the really rich and powerful
Altmer live. The proxy queen has her
castle at the very top. And you get a really good sense
of the scale of the buildings like I mentioned. They feel like they’re
almost impossibly tall. When you look up, you get this really awesome
reveal of the city. And then if Jess kind
of looks up to the left, as you’re kind of coming
in, you can see at the very, very top of the mountain
is the — KRISTEN: And you can climb
all the way up there? RICH: You can go
all the way up there. And so it’s, again, it’s
something we haven’t really done the Elder Scrolls
Online up to this point. GINA: It’s quite breathtaking
when you first enter. You’re just surrounded by all
these buildings that are really tall and we had a little
bit of that in Orsinium. RICH: We did. GINA: Where we started to
kind of go more vertical. But this is just
at another level? RICH: It is. It is to the next level
which is really exciting. JUSTIN: And I notice that we
just switched to first-person mode; worth calling out that
that’s a thing that you can do in Elder Scrolls Online. RICH: Yep. You can play the game
that way if you want. GINA: You see your weapons in
your hands like you do in other Elder Scrolls games. Yeah.
Either way really works. JUSTIN: Alinor discovered. GINA: We made it. KRISTEN: I’m loving these trees. JUSTIN: Yeah.
It looks beautiful. Oh, there’s a dog. [LAUGHTER] KRISTEN: Part of what I loved
about hearing about this game is the pet options,
the mount options. GINA: There’s so many. KRISTEN: There’s
so much you can do. RICH: We give you a lot of
different ways to customize your character because that’s a big
part of role playing in any type of game is your persona
and how you want to look. GINA: We actually just released
something called the Alpha System a couple months ago which
really allows you to — KRISTEN: I would spend so
much time on that. GINA: Oh my gosh.
It’s insane. And it really gives you a chance
to customize your character. JUSTIN: Is that like fashion
versus stuff you actually have
to quest. GINA: Basically. So you can have
any armor you want, but then equip, essentially, a
costume over it to look however you want. JUSTIN: That’s actually a
huge selling point for me. GINA: It’s been so fun. Any time you go into a major
city now you see just this mob of people surrounding the outfit
stations, just customizing. RICH: Yeah. So this is kind of the
crafter’s square if you will. Jess is going to go down to the
right there down the stairs a little bit and take you into the
giant crafting room where one of the new editions to
Summerset is jewelry crafting. KRISTEN: That’s right. I remember reading about
that, which I remember just from Skyrim and Oblivion,
enchantments were my jam. I was always so excited. So tell us more about
this jewelry crafting. What extent will it change your
skill set or your points and things like that? RICH: So you’re going to be
able to craft jewelry now. Up until this point in the game,
you could only get drop jewelry. KRISTEN: Right. RICH: And the exciting part
about that is it allows you to mix and match and build out your
character to be more befitting of what you want to
do and need to do. [LAUGHTER] JUSTIN: You can go
for a refreshing swim. RICH: There you go. And so this is something that
players have asked for since the launch of the game,
being able to craft jewelry. JUSTIN: Yeah. What does the progression look
like if you decide that you want to be crafting jewels. Is it like a whole ramp up, or is it something you can kind
of quickly get into? RICH: Yeah. It works like our
other durable crafting skills; so like blacksmithing, like
woodworking where you can go in and slowly build up your skill
set and upgrade jewelry and create jewelry of different
levels and also make jewelry in
craftable sets. So that’s something that you
haven’t ever been able to do up to this point. JUSTIN: Can you create
jewelry for other players. RICH: You can. You can create jewelry for other
players and trade that to them. And when we went in and
built this system out, we also made jewelry a little
bit more important in the world. Up to this point, it’s kind of been almost
stat-sticky type things where you can only get health or
stamina or magicka on your jewelry. And we fleshed that out and
added six new traits to this system so now there’s nine
traits for players to be able to mix and match and
experiment with. GINA: It really expands how
you can build out your character this way. KRISTEN: I love it. JUSTIN: I’m a
sucker for crafting. RICH: It’s a huge part of our
game because our crafted gear is just as good as
dropped gear in the game. We have 280, almost 300
different craftable sets and drop sets in the game, so
it’s just this huge amount of customization for the players. JUSTIN: So how
does all that work? What were we seeing there
with the jewelry crafting stuff? RICH: With the jewelry crafting? So this is a
work-in-progress build, so the UI isn’t 100 percent
done so there’s some
placeholder things. But you can go in and
you can create jewelry, and that uses different types of
metals and then — GINA: That’s all stuff you can
find throughout the world. RICH: There are seams. They’re called “seams” out in
the world that you can mine and get jewelry craftable materials. JUSTIN: So I assume there
will be more news to come. GINA: Some articles on
the website and everything. JUSTIN: This is a
pretty big expansion. I think that — you’re calling it a chapter
which is differentiated from the other content drops
that you’ve been doing. RICH: And this is — chapters for us are not just for
veteran players. They’re also for new players. We have a new tutorial that gets
you into the story and makes you feel like you already
know what’s gong on, and you’re not lost. And then in
addition to all of that, the way ESO just works in
general means you never really feel like you’re behind. You can always play with your
friends because our focus is more on the journey and not
necessarily on having to be a certain level in order
to go to a certain area. JUSTIN: Yeah. Tell me a little
bit more how that system works, how you can play with your
friends who have been playing for hundreds of hours
even if you just started. RICH: So what we do in Elder
Scrolls Online is we scale the player to the content. So that means — like I said,
we don’t have these arbitrary borders or gates for
you to go to a zone. You can just go to any zone
and play anytime you want. And that also means that if I’m
a max-level player and you’re a brand-new player, we can play
together and still progress our characters and have a
meaningful, fun interaction. GINA: And that goes
for quests, dungeons, 12-player trials. JUSTIN: Really?
Even the trials? RICH: Good segue, Gina. GINA: Wasn’t that amazing? We should talk about the
new trial that’s coming. KRISTEN: We’re not going to
talk about that sword swallower? GINA: That’s completely normal.
RICH: It’s completely normal. JUSTIN: We’re in
Alinor; anything goes here. KRISTEN: So this is what the
high elves have been up to this whole time. RICH: Yep. So let’s zoom out the map there,
and we’ll go and just quickly go into the trial which is
that really cool — yeah. There you go —
angry icon up there. GINA: Trials are for 12 players. And, again, they
can be any level. There’s a normal version that
anybody of any level can go into and you can play it. It’s challenging,
but it’s still doable. But you need a little
bit of coordination. JUSTIN: In more
general MMO parlance, this is like a raid? RICH: It’s kind of like a raid. You know, some people will say
that this is kind of for the elite group of players, but in our game that’s not
really how it works. We have Normal and Veteran. And we just want players to go
in there and be able to play with their friends. GINA: There’s a number
of different bosses, and you can choose to
fight some of the bosses, all of bosses. There’s the Griffin. JUSTIN: Whoa. GINA: Isn’t that cool? Basically if you choose to
fight none of the bosses and go straight to the final boss, all
of those other bosses will join him at the same time, so it
makes it really difficult. But the rewards are worth it. KRISTEN: What a
beautiful creature. RICH: This, again, is something
that the art team always does and always amazes me is they
find a way to one-up themselves. KRISTEN: They just knock it
out of the park every time. JUSTIN: So I don’t think we have
eleven other players handy to actually go show off. RICH: No.
We probably don’t. But this gives you an idea of
you are in the city. You get to look at this. And if Jess kind of
walks up to the edge there, you can kind of look down over
the city and kind of get an idea of just how high up
you are in the world. GINA: Just step over. RICH: Don’t go too far, but we
are way up in the mountains. GINA: There is a hard mode
also, Veteran Hard Mode. And that’s kind of, like, the most challenging of the
challenging. JUSTIN: For Cloudrest? GINA: Yeah. That’s the one we see a lot
of our veteran players do. And there’s achievements
that you can get here. There’s item sets. RICH: Yeah. There’s six brand-new
item sets for players to get
in this trial. GINA: One additional piece
of sort of new content in Summerset, they’re
called Abyssal Geysers. JUSTIN: Okay. We’re on the hunt
for an Abyssal Geyser. What’s an Abyssal Geyser?
It sounds ominous. GINA: Little bit. It’s basically a randomly
spawning group event that you can do similar to Dark
Anchors in the base game. So these will spawn
usually along the coast. RICH: Yeah. We’ll have Jess kind of run down
the coast along the west and see
if one is up here. But, yeah. Like Gina said, they’re
kind of like Dark Anchors, but they’re themed around
the Yaghra who are a new creature
that we added to Summerset. And they’re basically an aquatic
beast that have been summoned to the island to create chaos. They’re kind of like the shock
troops for kind of the larger threat that is
attacking Summerset. JUSTIN: Hey. If we don’t find
an Abyssal Geyser, at least we got to enjoy a
leisurely stroll on the beach. Got some folks fishing. There’s an octopus
beached over there. RICH: And these are
all coral beaches. GINA: Yeah. There’s a lot of new sea
creatures that we created. They’re very different
from what we’ve seen before. JUSTIN: I love the crabs.
Are those Mud Crabs? RICH: They are what
we call Coral Crabs. JUSTIN: Oh, okay. RICH: So they look
a lot different. JUSTIN: They got
some fancy armor. RICH: That’s right. JUSTIN: Hey, buddy. GINA: They got tired of seeing
their brethren get defeated. JUSTIN: That’s going to be —
in 20 years the Elder Scrolls endgame is going to be the
Mud Crabs finally taking over. RICH: That’s right.
Jess just passed a Yaghra there. That’s what the
Yaghra look like. JUSTIN: Get him! RICH: Straight into combat. JUSTIN: Yeah!
Yeah! You got this! Go Jess! KRISTEN: Just some
spiders chilling at the beach. GINA: It’s a
thing of nightmares. RICH: Oh, there
is a geyser there. KRISTEN: In the background. JUSTIN: Oh no. GINA: You got this. RICH: There we go. JUSTIN: I think we can do it. Yeah. RICH: And so this is a Geyser, and it is very much a group
event like Gina said. There are several waves to it. If you complete it, there’s some
nice loot that you can get out of here, some item sets. JUSTIN: Loot is good. RICH: The Court of Bedlam is a
new faction that is part of the story in Summerset. And they are kind
of the decenters. They are the group that doesn’t
really like Queen Ayrenn’s proclamation of opening
Summerset to the outside world. KRISTEN: So double badness. JUSTIN: So if you
don’t stop them, I assume bedlam breaks out? RICH: That’s right.
That’s right. See if Jess wants
to give this a go. JUSTIN: Can we do it solo? RICH: We’ll see. JUSTIN: Let’s give it a shot. KRISTEN: What’s this
worst that could happen? JUSTIN: Okay.
That’s a thing. RICH: Uh-huh. So she’s in a
little bit of trouble. KRISTEN: Run, run, run. JUSTIN: A lot of things
trying to kill her now. GINA: Get on out of there. JUSTIN: Yeah. Okay.
We gave it a shot. RICH: Jess a like nope.
Not gonna happen. KRISTEN: Oh my god. GINA: How many players
is this geared towards? RICH: It’s similar
to Dark Anchors, but it will scale a
little bit larger. So I think what we have seen up
to this point in our playtesting is two to three players will
probably be able to get through it pretty easily. And then if you bring more,
you’ll just get even more monsters to fight and
slightly harder monsters. JUSTIN: Especially if you
unlock that Psijic tree, and you can cast some
time manipulation spells. GINA: And it is a wave event, so you have waves of enemies
coming out one at a time. JUSTIN: Nice.
KRISTEN: Very cool. JUSTIN: That’s looks awesome.
GINA: It’s fun. JUSTIN: Anything else?
Are we good? RICH: I think we
covered all the major bits. JUSTIN: Yeah.
We covered a lot. There’s a lot happening here. KRISTEN: It sounds
like even more to come. GINA: There is.
Yeah. We’ll get into more details
about additional things that are coming to ESO. We’ll have articles going out
on the website over the next few weeks. JUSTIN: Nice, nice. We’ll work with you guys on
some PlayStation Blog coverage. How about that? RICH: That sounds fantastic. JUSTIN: So that’s the Elder
Scrolls Online: Summerset. It’s coming the PS4 on June 5th. You can obviously play the
Elder Scrolls Online now. So you can hop in and get
ready for Summerset, or you can hop in when
it drops on June 5th. GINA: You know what’s cool too? If you pre-purchase it digitally
and you’re a new player, you can actually start playing
the base game now and Morrowind which was our
chapter from last year. JUSTIN: Oh, great.
Cool. So there you go. Go pick up the
Elder Scrolls Online. Give it a shot. You’ve certainly
enticed me into playing it. I’m going to give it a shot. Thank you guys so
much for joining us. RICH: Thank you.
GINA: Thank you very much. RICH: It was fun. JUSTIN: All right. We’ll see you next time on
PlayStation Underground. [OUTRO MUSIC PLAYING]

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  11. I feel like if you guys made it a 2 player coop or 4 player coop elder scrolls game you guys would be able to add so much detail and so much more then you guys could make a multiplayer mode for PvP but yeah I rather have a new skyrim type game that's coop then a big ESO honestly

  12. Can some one tell me if this game is worth getting? Im seeing alot of complaints but im not sure if they are legit or people who just hated it before and arnt giving any updates a chance. Can someone be real with me. Explain your answer.

  13. This game has virtually no atmosphere. Everything looks too clean. I couldn't put my finger on what it was that irked me about this game until it hit me. There's no fog. There's no dirt in the air. Everything looks and feels like it's indoors in some controlled environment. It's blan in that sense. It's a detail to some,but it makes a world of difference for me.

  14. The landmarks in this game looks phenomal i have to say, great castle designs. BUT!!HERE IS MY ISSUE, the world itself feels sooooo boring, it doesn't feel alive at all, its like its devoided of that ounnfff that would make u attached to the world. And the combat system is not pleasant as well. Now, my main .mmorpg is BDO because i love the world in that game, its full of life , everything feels alive : the world, the NPCs , the weather , the MOBs. And combat system is my type, i wont really bash on combat mechanic cuz everyone their preferrence in that matter although i beleive action combat is what most start to like now. BUT I TRULY believe that making the world feel alive and making it so we get attached to it is one of the most important thing in mmorp genre. Now i am not saying things to hate or anything, its cuz i love the genre (mmorpg) and i dnt want the genre to die cuz they couldnt figure out how to get it right. BDO to me is in the right path , it still has its issues of course.

  15. This should be DLC not a chapter.. its dry bone. Not even new dungeons lol. It could be a very different game if the combat/animations etc were not so dull. They have no impact, no weight.. I liked the bows because at least they worked like bows. But then they made the hvy atk auto fire which just felt weird and I could never get use to it again :/. A staff makes since, a bow does not.. And the variety of the skills feels boring too.. there is not as much selection as they make it seem, esp when they went to 1 morph being stam and one mag; although that seems commonsense it took a lot of the variety they bragged about. The rest is because the skills or morphs all together are broken..still.
    Chapters force you to pay if you want the content, they should have additions across the game to it. A lot of the new stuff is just changes they are making lol.. Its just another boring quest hub; Im sure it will be entertaining, i'd assume most people who feel erm about ESO will know what I mean. What Im saying is why more of the same in a chapter…
    "They need to make money?" Ummm we pay them plenty all day long and sub.. without a sub the game cost a gazillion dollars to unlock all content too lol. Even with the new collection they have coming it only covers the org DLCs LOL..
    The prices of their lootbox's are still insane, which they excuse away with the fact you get lots in them, yeah lots of junk.
    Being able to sell it for crumbs is nice, but it should have been for crowns not a new currency that is another questionable move all on its own. Shutting it now, I play, I'm just peeved they think this passes as a chapter.. They needed a new team long ago..

  16. Played for years now and still like spending time in this big world that just keeps getting bigger. Thanks for all that hard work you have all put in.

  17. i tried it during free week in march…
    i didnt like it at all. everything you do is the same. it gets really boring after a couple hours.
    + not having eso plus really kills the experience

  18. Brightness, contrast, gamma, saturation are all completely off. Who does the post-processing? It's horseshit

  19. As long time Elder Scrolls fan I must admit I'll rather wait for The Last Of Us 2, Marvel's Spiderman or Detroit… coz this is just too boring.

  20. I dunno how I managed to get lost in Morrowind, but I'm def looking out for this one….hopefully that won't happen again. xD

  21. I really wanna play this amazing looking game, but its so annoying that the character is not in the center of the screen. And no, having your hero in the center does not block your view more. The classical 3rd person camera is still the best. Stop messing with it.

  22. Everything looks the same and the animations looks so silly. Flailing your weapons all over the place while you scurry around looks SO ridiculous. Everything feels so disconnected.

  23. Really hope the dlc is cheap because I've missed out on all the others due to high crown cost and unfortunately a lot of cool stuff cuse thier all locked behind crown crates

  24. this game is not funny, I bought it I played for 30 hours, I did not like it at all, people who play this game, do not help low level people

  25. i very much liked the game and i say liked because playing it in ps4 was a total letdown.I find it unacceptable playing a console game and getting blue screen critical errors!that thing alone kept me from not getting eso plus membership and finaly quiting the game.

  26. How is the alchemy? Is the potions the same as the original Skyrim or did they increase/decrease the amount in the game?

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