100 Replies to “The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr – Official Gameplay Launch Trailer”

  1. 0:30 had that daggerfall melody theme. Don't know if it's the notation or just the midi placements is very similar

  2. So is this game like wow? I do t totally understand sorry I’m a nub to this type game but I love elder scrolls is this like the final fantasy 14 game

  3. Zero personality movie-trailer like video. Lame. It's either casted with game characters or it's meh.

  4. That's fine and all, but, when are the dirty DEVS going to fix the forever-known lag in Cyrodiil during prime times. After 10 thousand disconnects at BRK or Chalman, if I was an average, sane person… Id have alt f4'd and uninstall'd your "MMO of the year" a long time ago.

    that is all.

    Marginal, Trash, #4factionlock


  6. Alright so we can all forget Bethesda screwed over their fans with Fallout 76.

    And then releasing another online version of their games that nobody wanted.

  7. Not a big fan of the online series tbh, combat is weird, really bright neon landscapes (which is okay for some games) but i loved tes5 cold, dark color feel because i felt it reflected how the story felt, also the redesign on the khajiit looks weird, the eyes are too big in my opinion, still a good game.

  8. Ignore the people that slate the game, I'm champion rank 1300 and something I've played all aspects of the game and its in a good spot right now if you are thinking about getting the game just get it

  9. Hello, I’m guessing Todd Howard can see this because he said he looks at every comment, reply Hi to this comments if you are here Lord Todd Howard

  10. your game expansions are to costy for the work it represent, its less than 1/20 of game and it cost the price of 3/4 of the game, your making good bundle offers but for old players they pay alot cuz they don't need bundles , thats half stupid.

  11. Эхх, суки… А на русский так и переводить не собираются, хоть и половина (то-ли 1/3) играков ЕСО русскоязычные… Нет, ну это просто абзац…

  12. I love Eso but there are certain things keeping me from experiencing everything it has to offer. For 1 I feel completely unhappy with my current CP and CP leveling all together. Next, it's basically impossible to play in raids without CP gear and a highly active guild that's willing to help. That pretty much the same for any new DLC dungeons. Plus if you're returning to the game you'd be absolutely stupid to play without ESO Plus, I'm not complaining about that it's just another thing to pay for in order to return to the game.

    When it comes down to it, you can only play half of the game ?

  13. This zone does not impress, as it is very much like the other zones, quests, etc.. However, it is just more icing on the existing cake. I've spent a LOT of money on this game, and I've spent a LOT of time playing it, and it is worth every penny. I wouldn't get the game because of this zone/story, I would get it because of all the zones.

  14. I can't get over the fact that the narrator is the guy who voices the Darth Vader parody on the Fairly Odd Parents

  15. Random employee: Todd the fans hate fallout 76 we need to update it.
    Todd: or we could you know.
    Employee: you don't mean.
    A random elder scrolls game appears

  16. She's really enjoying this dlc. Hopefully they make Skooma potions possible someday. I need Skooma on my Waffles

  17. Is anyone else experiencing bad frame rate on Xbox one x now. It was a bit of an issue when I first started elseweyr but now its really bad. Whenever I’m in combat it will stutter badly every 10 secs. Hopefully it’s a temporary issue as it was working fine a few days ago

  18. I can't imagine better update… Wait… I can't… But them will be better step by step!

  19. worst update ever, game balance is runed both in pvp and pve, telling you as end-game player CP2000+ for more information see PTS forums on official site

  20. "There were no dragons in Tyber Septum's time you idiot! Their coming back now since the first time in… forever!"

  21. Downvote. Why does this tease the music of Skyrim's theme at the end even though this has nothing to do with either Skyrim or the Dovahkiin?

  22. The concept is ok, and the cinematics is good, but the animation is terrible! With the amount of money people spend on this game with memberships and crown store purchases, you would think they could do more realistic flames. The dragons do look relatively cool, but their movement looks stupid and Abnur Tharn swinging his hands around like that looks like this was made for PS2.
    Overall, do better.

  23. Bethesda software developers, can you guys port Quake 1996. Quake 2, and Quake 3 arena to Nintendo Switch?

  24. в жизни не видел такого уёбско-нарисованного огня…

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