The Earth’s Spin Is Slowing Down! What Happens If It Stops?

The Earth’s Spin Is Slowing Down! What Happens If It Stops?

No matter what happens, we can rest easy knowing
that tomorrow is a new day! But that might not be something we’ll be
able to say in billions of years. The Earth’s spin is slowing down. Eventually, days will get longer, and when
they do, the lack of daily dawn could be the least of our problems. The Earth spins because of the Mars-sized
body that smashed into it when it was young. The collision set our planet spinning so fast
the day was about 6 hours long, and it simultaneously knocked out a chunk of material that coalesced
to become the Moon. The Earth and Moon settled into a gravitational
relationship, one of the effects of which was the Moon causing tides on the Earth. But with every tide cycle, the sloshing of
Earth’s water exerts just a little bit of friction on the Earth’s surface, and it
slows the planet’s rotation ever so slightly. And every time the Earth’s rotation slows
the Moon moves a little bit further away. Over time our day went from 6 to 24 hours
and the Moon retreated to its current distance of about a quarter of a million miles. And all the while life on Earth adapted to
a planet with a 24-hour day, tides, seasons, and an atmosphere whose wind patterns move
east to west. Tidal friction could eventually slow the Earth
significantly, and while the laws of physics won’t allow it to stop completely, but still…
what would happen during the slow down? A non-rotating Earth would have a “day”
that’s half a year of sunlight and half a year of nighttime — similar to tidally-locked
planets like Mercury. This would make the days hotter and the nights
colder, especially at the poles owing to the tilt of the Earth’s axis. This would change global wind patterns to
a north-south orientation, moving from the cool equator to the hot poles. The mid-latitudes would be the few non-extreme
places with the atmospheric density that could support life. That is, if there was land to live on. The Earth isn’t a perfect sphere; it’s
bulbous at the equator because of its rotation. As the rotation slows, the oceans would migrate
towards the poles leaving a megacontinent around the equator. And that new content would have some interesting
geology. The layers of the Earth would all slow at
different rates, the resulting friction causing massive earthquakes and volcanic activity
before everything stopped. And without the spinning core we’d lose
the lovely, protective, magnetic field, making the planet and it’s new weird atmosphere
extremely vulnerable to solar radiation. TBH I would see this movie. If this global change didn’t kill off all
life on Earth, the lack of the 24-hour day might. Recent studies have shown that the circadian
clock that controls all living things is actually at the cellular level. Even species that don’t rely on sunlight,
like mussels, show more gene expression based on the circadian cycle than the rising and
falling tides that drives their muscular activity. And of course, plants and things like plankton,
the bottom of the food chain that need sunlight for photosynthesis, probably wouldn’t stand
a chance in the six-month-long nights. The good news is that our planet’s slowdown
is super gradual. In the last 100 years the Earth’s rotation
slowed by about 1.4 milliseconds meaning our day got 1.4 milliseconds longer. In 2012 we added a second to the clock to
compensate. It’ll be 180 million years before our day
gets an hour longer. We’ll theoretically be able to adapt to
the time shift over that long a period, but we’ll most likely be wiped out by some other
great extinction by then. Really, we’ll be long dead before we have
to deal with the Earth’s slowing rotation. But, still it’s fun to think about, eh? Thanks so much for watching… hit that subscribe
button for more science videos! If you want to learn a little more about circadian
cycles, I talked about how they affect your sleep in this video right here.Fun fact, back
in the year 1820, a day on Earth was exactly 24 hours! Today it’s 24 hours and 2 milliseconds. We have to make that up every century with
a leap second

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  1. so if the earth stopped spinning this would happen. Then why has nothing happened to mercury that is gravitationally locked or the moon and Venus is very close to being tidal locked?

  2. our prophet in islam said 1400 years ago the major since off the end of the day is someday we will have 2 night in one day and sun will rise in opposite side.. now I gets it..

  3. Its not true…. Earth is rotating because it formed from rotating cloud of dust and the theia collision resulted in the tilt of earth

  4. The earth will never stop spinning. Humans have not lived long enough to study the cycle of the spin of the earth and the distance fluctuations between the earth and moon. They seem to be in a hurry to jump to conclusions. Typical, because we have very short lifespans. Patience is not our strongest trait.

  5. maybe the space junk slowing the Earth down not to mention all the stuff we built on the face of the Earth

  6. I literally just read that the moon is composed of Aluminum and Titanium, Earth mostly Iron and Nickel; meaning they were not ever one planet. The sun's rotation is slowing as well with this new solar minimum were entering this year.

  7. IT VERY SIMPLE ALL PEOPLE are Emptying the Earth Material by Extracting RAW ORE & "during those 100 Years" caused this Horrifying COnsequences RIGHT NOW . I Think We get DAYS LONGER , but dealing with a COnstant Temperature for 9hrs STRAIGHT, NOT A good sign for Living Beings.

  8. The earth isn't only slowing down because of the friction of the sea lol. The surface is being pulled to the moon which creates a rolling phenomenon that is slowing the earth down more than the water is.

  9. She's lying that a day on earth will be longer. It's not true the earth will spin 25 hours each time. It will remain the same duration forever.

  10. The earth is slowing down, so slow that it will stop for a second and then start to turn the other way and when that happens the sun WILL appear from the West instead of the east. At that moment EVERYONE will believe.

  11. The earth will stop spinning and it will clockwise rotate the other way around.. the sun will appear from the west instead of the east.. when that happen the hour(last day) will strike..

  12. The Hour will not begin until the sun rises from its place of setting. When it rises from its place of setting, all people will believe, but on that day ‘no good will it do to a person to believe then, if he believed not before( prophet Muhammad)

  13. It stops and starts rotating in opposite direction then the sun will rise from west , that day will be the day of judgment

  14. My theory on this is “Overpopulation”. Because think about it like this: Take a car. With only 1 or 2 passengers. Drive that car. You’ll notice that pretty much NO horsepower is needed to accelerate. Now, take the same car and put 5 people in it (2 up front 3 in the back) and load it down with all their Trash and other things they own until the car is packed. That car isn’t going to be able to go nowhere as fast and is going to be strenuous to go. The earth is the same way. The weight of almost 9 BILLION people add a ton of weight on the earth and not to mention ALL the trash we create and ALL of the stuff we keep building, creating and throwing away only adds more weight.
    And if it’s not this reason (which it makes the absolute most sense) then population is STILL an issue.

  15. Since earth spun faster in the past, were things less heavy back then(isn’t gravity pulling us down while momentum from earths spin is creating a force away from earth)?If yes, could this explain these huge boulder wall and pyramids around the world and help explain how some civilizations claim to have lived hundreds of years(I guess earths spin wouldn’t affect the time the earth takes to circle the sun)?

  16. So Scarry I'm afraid I had a dream of it and I just became the manager in that dream at that dream there were millions and millions of darkness and ligjt

  17. News | Scientists ID Three Causes of Earth's Spin Axis Drift
    3 days ago – Scientists ID Three Causes of Earth's Spin Axis Drift. The observed … The authors argue that mantle convection makes up the final third. Mantle …

  18. If you decide to bring up sources, ALWAYS state where they are from and have links ready in the description. !ALWAYS!

  19. How could a man that lived 1400 years ago know yhis. The prophet said that when the sun comes from the west it means the hour is near(judgement day) jesus and mohammed were both true prophet from allah(God)jesus and mohammed said that before the hour comes there will be earthquakes NO HATE

  20. This is false information, earth will act like a spring, if you turn a spring in certain direction too much it will start turning into the other direction which means the sun will come out from the west rather than the east. Simple.

  21. Wrong….there are still 24 hours in a day…..

    Many dispute the proximate cause, however the best explanation would appear to be the simplest. Over hundreds of thousands of years, the massive power of the magnetic force generated by the Earth's core gradually impregnates its magnetic field into the crust which floats on molten magma. As every school person knows, two north poles or south poles are uncomfortable when they are adjacent. After many thousands of years, these similar poles build up strength and react. Then an 180 degree shift becomes inevitable. NOAA have documented the start of this movement and at the current rate of movement the estimated time for a full reversal is approximately 300 years. See  and This is consistent with the distance the poles have already travelled. As the magnetic north of the core is the strongest, this is still being recorded by compasses etc., but the conflict between the crust and core poles is reducing the strength of the magnetosphere. This is also causing minute by minute corrections on GPS devices especially for the coordinates for airstrips to stop aircraft landing in the wrong place in fog. Many see the affect of this when their car sat navs momentarily appear to report their cars are suddenly and briefly no longer on the road but on land adjacent or before or after their actual position.

  22. If there was a collision. How would the magma core still be spinning perfectly to maintain this magnetic field to maintain life? Nope. Not buying it. Aliens made all this.

  23. Is the speed of the Earth slows down then it will act as an string and rotate in opposite direction which is been told by the science prophet Muhammad 1400 years ago told that the the sun would rise from the west instead of East this proves that the hour is near

  24. Earth is slowing down yes but nature can adapt to that change because it whont happen in a instant it will slowley stop enough time for earth inhabitants to adapt and for us to find a solution that is if we still exist

  25. Bullshit. So it smacked this object and just happened to turn into a satellite that is exactly 400 times smaller than our sun and exactly 400 times closer to us than the sun making it appear the exact same size in the sky? What about when it is hit and rings like a bell. Your friends at Nasa will even tell you this. Lies. All shit.

  26. Eh humans will be dead long before that happens I'd be amazed if we didn't kill ourselves within the next 100 years shit is heating up all around the world

  27. The solution to this seems pretty easy. Just use technology to push the earth at a fast speed. Like with several rockets

  28. who eles is having tears cause ur like IM TOO YOUNG TO DIE! BTW IM 9 edit: but at the end i see 1M days and im like phew!

  29. She doesn't seem very optimistic, saying in 180 millions life would have been extinct by then, I don't why she says that, is she a foreteller? The question is what happens if the earth is slowing down, not about whether there will still be life on earth in 180 millions years!

  30. How long did it take for the days to change from 6 hours to 24? I mean I'll look it up, and if I find it I'll reply to myself…

  31. Possibly something large in space, with a large gravity force say like a magnetic is garbing the earth; and could be slowing the spin? Would you believe, that other forces besides moon and sun have an effect upon the earth in many ways? Or is it all a result of internal forces within and upon the earth?

  32. The earth Slowing down on speed is mentioned in the Quran. They’re just giving you information they’ve read took the knowledge but refuse to worship… how ironic. The earth slow spinning is one of the end signs. When it does happen and it will the earth will then spin counter clock wise causing the sun to rise in the west there will be 2 days of darkness . Science is flawed they just took the information from the book the don’t want you to read. The end

  33. The only evidence to suggest the world is spinning is the “foucault pendulum” and no one knows for certain how it works.
    Apparently the pendulum swings faster during an eclipse so it is being effected by something other than the earth’s rotation.

    The only evidence that proves earth’s rotation is now causing debate amongst scientists.
    Don’t give up on God just yet….

  34. Bullshit. Scientist claim the earth and the moon have been pulling on each other for 4.6 billion years.
    Judging from the wrinkles that's 4.5 billion years longer than this chick's been alive.
    With nothing separating the Earth and the moon but empty space they should easily pull themselves together however scientist claim that it is the sideways motion of the Moon that prevents this.
    Even if the moon were zipping around the Earth hundreds of times a minute it would still not prevent the Moon from crashing to the Earth.
    Stand outside and watch the moon all night long and by morning see if you don't feel a little stupid for believing this huge fallacy!

  35. its been getting dark the same time in summer for thousands of years ago
    Aug 14 gets dark at 15 min to 9 o'clock every year

  36. The Day that some of the signs of your Lord do come, no good will it do for a person to believe then, if he believed not before nor earned good (by doing good deeds), through his Faith.” (Quran 6:158)

  37. Goodbye oh Luna, my darling! Our time was so sweet, and we are too soon to be apart! I shall miss you always… Sincerely; Terra | Or, for you youngsters out there: "You spin me right 'round, baby – right 'round / Like a planet, baby – right 'round 'round 'round! ????? ?????.

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