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  1. Is there any classic logos more old than 1968's design? I'm just curious for other old olympic logos especially on early 20 century 😀

  2. Incredible that you didn’t discuss the London 2012 logo which was extremely controversial when it was first launched but which ultimately worked very well.

  3. I like Nagano one.. and i like Candidate City of Tokyo design than the official one.. the one with big circle and colourful sakura..

  4. The Mexico symbol is so timeless. I like the Sydney one too. Salt Lake’s symbol looks so dated, very 70s or 80s.

  5. The best logos are the ones that have distinct individual symbolizing elements that when put together collectively form another symbol.

  6. Tokyo 2020 scrapping the original logo… Not exactly our best moment :/

    BUT!!! I LOVE our new logo: "The Harmonized Checquered Pattern" – Thanks to Asao Tokolo, we've had an amazing artwork to date, they inspired the mascots, and I have very high expectations for the look and feel of the games. Honestly, back when I first saw it, I liked Kenjiro Sano's design… but it just couldn't keep up with all of the controversy, and I'm so glad that the decision to take it down gave way to a greater design!

  7. I though the London 2012 war bad (It's Lisa Simpson blowing Bart), but Sochi 2014 with only the URL of the official website is horrendous and a very lazy design.

  8. 文句言いながらちゃっかり動画乱造してるけど、これがヨーロッパ流の歓迎なのか?

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