The Cycling Simulator That Recreates Real-Life Conditions | The Tech Race

The Cycling Simulator That Recreates Real-Life Conditions | The Tech Race

Welcome to The Tech Race. How would you like
to bike along your favourite
professional routes, experiencing
real weather conditions, whilst competing with cyclists
all over the world, without actually being there? Some sports,
like cycling and triathlons, require strict training that may not always
be easy to achieve. This tech allows you
to experience what it is
to ride real mountains, with real-life conditions, while pitting your skills
against real-world cyclists on one of over 500,000 routes. Madrid is home
to one of the world’s most advanced
cycling simulators, designed to bring
professional cyclists a real-life experience, offering in-depth analytics
about their performance and development. The system is made up
of a resistance trainer that you connect to your bike, and a simulator that is wirelessly
remote controlled in order to reproduce real-world conditions. The system consists of
two main elements – a resistance trainer
and the simulator. The smart resistance trainer
uses two magnets that modify
the resistance for the cyclist by adjusting their proximity
and electric current that in turn simulates
the incline shown on screen to reflect one of the 500,000
real-world routes, connecting wirelessly
with accessories that allow the user to analyse
heart rate and cadence. Cycling and triathlons
are amongst the toughest Olympic sports for
many reasons. Outdoor races
require being prepared for all weather conditions. In cycling, it’s crucial
to train with others. Being close
to your opponents’ wheels adds an element of competition and helps cyclists
improve their performance. The cycling trainer
and simulator allow you
to do all of this indoor, anywhere in the world. It has made it
as easy as possible to take part
in virtual competitions. All you have to do
is enter the simulator, log into your account, click on “live” and select a route
and start riding. Technology today is everywhere and it’s a must. Indoor training
no longer implies isolation. The simulator
transforms training sessions into a social experience where you can compete
with riders all over the world. The advantages of the possibility of competing
or connecting with others is motivation. The social part
is the best of all because you can ride
with your mates in a simulator, doing the same route together, and even see each other
on the 3D. This is what makes Bkool fun –
different rides and different people
to ride with every day. This allows us to create
an extensive social network where people in Korea can compete with people
in the USA or South Africa in real time,
with local weather conditions. It uses various data sources, including data from NASA. We also have maps
which provide data such as vegetation,
street location and cities, the location of water –
rivers, seas and lakes. With all this information we construct a world
very similar to the real world. The technology
uploads and analyses data recorded
from your training session, such as speed, power,
cadence and heart rate, allowing cyclists
to visualise sessions and improve their performance. When you finish a session, all the information
is sent to the cloud and you can check it
on the website and you get to see
all the graphics and data,
like the speed, power, cadence, heart rate,
and analyse it. In cycling, cadence,
or pedalling rate, is the number of revolutions
of the crank per minute – roughly speaking, the rate at which
a cyclist is pedalling. Pedalling in a circle
is complex, however, mastering it can
save energy. To pedal efficiently
you must control four phases – power, transition,
backstroke and upstroke. What if we told you
that in the near future simulators will allow you
to take part in international competitions without leaving your home? You can have
the real competition and then everyone
around the world could connect and compete
with the real athletes. There’s no longer an excuse not to reach
for new heights every day.

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  2. What are they mentioning the pedal stroke for? It's not like you will be able to track your pedal stroke with this program or whichever smart trainer…

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