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  1. still dont call it pve as long as you are compeating vs other people its a pvp, even when there is mobs in it as loong as you play vs other people its pvp not pve (pve-pvp royale still means its pvp)

  2. Некоторые люди говорили, что игра скучная, но я удостоверился, что это не так) Игра достаточно интересная и геймплей разнообразный. Dauntless в разы скучнее. А The Cycle имеет огромный потенциал. Разработчики, вы идете по верному пути. Удачи!

  3. I need to say game is very cool and amazing. I hope it will grow big and strong. The additional pros for the game is the fact that the open global discord is run by devs and with devs who actualyl care and read the suggestions, feedback and just chat with people. I strongly suggest You to try The Cycle.

    A jeżeli jesteś polakiem i szukasz kumpli do gry zostaw komentarz, podeślę nasz mał, polski server Discorda 🙂

  4. yes it's Battle Royale but the Best and deepest one so far. Congrats ive been waiting for people to go deeper than the actual dumbfest that are BR games right now.

  5. eh its still a battle royal only with more things to do… this might would be the first battle royal i might try BUT… i have a feeling if they do well then epic gay store will do a switcheroo and makes it exclusive so meh.

  6. my friend recommended me this game and i thought it was gonna be trash cause i don’t like cartoony games but it’s actually mad fun and it got me playing a ton

  7. Only started playing this game yesterday and even though its in alpha I am really excited to see what happens with this game. Well done YAGER

  8. Это Battle Royale! Это скучная, не интересная игра с гриндом ради ничего.

  9. It’s a bit wierd to say it’s not a battle royal game, when it is. And saying it like it’s a bad thing.. Gamers want to play battle royal games these days. So it’s working against you, saying that it’s not… Like you are apologizing for it…

    Very odd way to make a trailer..

    I think

  10. I love this game, its contract based with rival players thrown in you can kill, even without pvp it would be a great, in fact its the pve I play it for the rival players get in the way lol

  11. The environment reminds me a lot of Firefall. I would play this game if it had a PvE-only mode. I’m not comfortable with PvP.

  12. "And sometime memory leaks"

    Double thumbs up for being honest with your costumers!

    Und natürlich ist man nett zur Landeseigenen Industrie : )

  13. I been looking forward to this game for a long time, but then I realized that it's only on the Epic game launcher.

    Why don't developers understand that more people use Steam.

  14. I usually despise these kinds of games but this one actually got me interested, I'll be trying out my first battle royale-ish game or whatever you want to call it pvevpevepvepvepvepvep 😀

  15. Well "battle royale" games aren't battle royale games. Since there's no searching for loot and survival in normal battle royale. They're hunger games based on a movie based on a book. They started out as pvp zombie survival games, but evolved to reflect more of the hunger game aspect. This is also essentially a hunger game.

  16. Is there any chance you guys could change the ads behavior with toggle-aim enabled so it doesn't automatically re-zoom after reload/switching Weapons/etc.?

    Currently a big source of frustration for me and makes the game feel a lot less responsive than it otherwise would.

  17. If You haven't play the cycle yet, try it out! It's really a great game.
    A jeśli ktoś nie grał jeszcze w gierkę to serdecznie polecam. Naprawdę spoko 😀

  18. You guys are late on the royal waves, it's almost over (thank ancient aliens god for that) and I hope never to return, the royale idiocracy not the ancient aliens 🙂

  19. Top Game, es Fuckt nur ab das diese kack random Duo-Spieler bei einem Feuergefecht mit den Gegnern nur am abhauen sind und keine Hilfe da ist…

  20. AND another one battle royale you got me at this is not battle royale mostly players when you trying to pact with them friendly they just ignore it and continue to shoot you no matter if you are passive and trying to pact you i was fighting monsters from this drone shit just got outside of danger with 50% life killing boss and some fucker poped up shooting me i tried pact him anyway good game but your should remove the pvp thing let just all ppls fight for their resources and have a arena pvp for it … im tired with battle shits like games i wish i was mining peacefully and just killing monsters nothing more nothing less ps there can be raid bosses that both 20 ppls would be need to kill him kind off if they had enough firepower and some mini bosses that you should kill him for loot it would be the perfect moba fps kind off

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