The Crew 2: Blazing Shots | Launch Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

The Crew 2: Blazing Shots | Launch Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]


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  1. ????? mais uma atualização de decepção, apenas Neons salvam essa atualização, ISSO MOSTRA QUE ESSE JOGO NAO FOI FEITO PARA OS CONSUMIDORES! Nao Colocaram Suspensão, Vender carros, mais Motos, mais roupas,

  2. And still no ability to customize your suspension to lower car, no wheel or other customizations for the motorcycles, etc. Smh, still disappointing for some of us who preordered this game when it came out. The potential for this game and your lack of doing something worthwhile with it is disheartening.

  3. What's with all the bullshot sounds and gameplay action? Geez. Just present your game as how it truly plays.
    The sense of speed and the thrill/action in The Crew 2 is at a very low when compared to other titles like Need For Speed.

  4. fix your game first my game still gets lag and crashes like ever 5 minats also who ever made that race with the alpha romeo where you drive against track cars should be fired

  5. If only they would fix the driving physics so that guardrail riders weren't the fastest around most tracks. You seem to get penalized for great driving in this game.

  6. I’m still waiting for the McLaren series Where is the 650 S, 675LT, 720s. So many Ferrari Porsche and Lamborghini but only 4 Mclaren

  7. Weather, traffic time on race, kick servers, kick out game, glitch , chronus max power additional. Bucks, cars all this on this game!?????

  8. Look I just want a full remastered watch dogs like how it looked in the e3 2012 trailer and watch dogs legion already
    I’d pay $60 dollars for the remaster btw

  9. Please tell me that this will include American cars at some point, and not just Euro Supercars. 1.5 years in and still not a single new one. When I bought this game, I expected a successor to The Crew, not Asphalt. As a diehard fan of the first game, nothing in this video appeals to me outside of the RX-8 and underglow.

  10. Is there a proper multiplayer yet? or is matchmaking still horrible and we still can't even talk to others? If not, not going to bother even reinstalling sorry. No interest in just single player in a racing game. A launch you spent significantly more time finding a match then playing and most of time when you joined a match everyone left and had to que again and you aren't allowed to do anything while waiting other then stare at the screen. Publishers piss me off so much with their horrible decision making on this game.

  11. The new "improved" flight physics are absolute garbage, the Spitfire feels sluggish and stiff now, that's a big nono for me… Apart from that the new summit is nice though, those mixed races are fun.

  12. I'm gonna guess there's still ridiculous rubberbanding, framerate still dictates your speed, and that the GPS is still broken. (gg asobo?)

  13. You can only buy only of those neon underglow lights for your car that's bullshit….I wanted Blue but now only red is available really!!???

  14. Seriously, which ever dev thought those hideous weird blue tires should be included needs to be drug tested immediately.

  15. Nope. Not enough for me. Still playing the same events and content since launch. When you add more actual stuff to do…I'll start playing again.

  16. Not gud enough to save this horrible game ???? thay added all this stuff to buy but fixed nothing so sad 75k cc for the blue prisim neon? bacame a cash grab crew 2 is no where near as gud as crew 1 the only tire i like is the off road one as it is needed !! The cars are nice i dnt get why theres 5 buguties now tho its kinda over kill

  17. They should have added the Veyron SS instead of that one, this Game needs better cars, like the ones in Forza Horizon 4 :'( some new bikes also hehehe

  18. Hey Ubisoft, can you guys add the 2020 Ford Shelby GT500. That way we have all the big three's most recent high-powered muscle cars in the game. That would be awesome of you guys.

  19. It would be nice if at some point you add in the other versions of the Hub One, being the Dirt spec (Rallycross) and Perf spec (possibly put it in Hypercars)

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