The Chaos Before South Korea’s Last Olympics | NowThis World

The Chaos Before South Korea’s Last Olympics | NowThis World

South Korea is holding its second Olympic
games ever and there’s been A LOT of conversation going on about just how much North Korea will
be involved in the games. Given the North’s recent nuclear tests,
and just the overall rising tension on the Korean Peninsula, things surprisingly seem
to be going fairly well. Not only have the North Korean’s decided
NOT to boycott the games, they’ve also let their athletes march under a UNIFIED flag
with South Korea. So at this moment, it seems like diplomacy
might be working. BUT what would you say if I told you the last
time South Korea hosted the Olympics, things were NOT this calm. Hey guys, I’m Judah, this is NowThis World
and in this episode I want to tell the story of the last time South Korea hosted the Olympics
— and more importantly the chaos that surrounded it. It all started in 1981 when the International
Olympic Committee, or I.O.C, unexpectedly chose South Korea to host the 1988 Summer
games. It was big deal because at the time the country
was dealing with severe political and economic instability. Military generals ruled the country and frankly,
it was still reeling in the aftermath of its separation with the North, following the Korean
war. And neither of the Korea’s were even MEMBERS
of the United Nations at this point. The announcement was seen by many as South
Korea’s coming out party to the international stage — and the North was’t happy. They complained to the I.O.C., demanding to
have the right to co-host the Summer games, –but the South wasn’t having that.– Over the next few years, multiples attempts
at negotiation would take place and then break down. The I.O.C. wound up eventually offering the
North the chance to host 6 sporting events as a concession. –But because the offer didn’t include any
other of North Korea’s demands, they ultimately decided to boycott the entire event.– But those negotiations weren’t the only
point of tension between the two nations during this time period. Far from it actually. Though there had been rising tensions since
the announcement that South Korea would host the event, things took a violent turn in 1983. This brings us to the bombing in Rangoon,
Burma in 1983. South Korea’s president and nearly half
of his entire cabinet were in Burma on a state visit. The officials were taking part in a wreath-laying
ceremony at a monument dedicated to the countries founder. As the ceremony began, three explosive devices
detonated. The attack killed at least 19 people including
6 high-ranking South Korean officials. According to now declassified C.I.A. reports,
the attack was allegedly meant to assassinate the South Korean president. And although North Korea denied the attack,
the CIA gathered information that they claimed implicated North Korea. There were even other governments that believe
the former North Korean leader, Kim Jong -il, was the mastermind behind the attack. But this wasn’t even the most SHOCKING or
DEADLIEST attack reportedly committed by North Korea. Which brings us to 1987, just 10 months before
the games were set to take place in Seoul. On November 29th, 1987 Seoul-bound Korean
Airlines flight 858 blew up near Burma, killing all 115 people on board. The incident shocked the world. –But what was even MORE shocking, was that
it wasn’t an accident.– The culprits were two highly trained North
Korean spies, one man and one woman. According to one of the captured perpetrators,
they boarded the plane in Baghdad, Iraq, pretending to be Japanese citizens, with a timebomb disguised
as a small clock. They then got off the plane during a layover
in Abu Dhabi, but left the bomb on board. The device detonated while the plane was over
the Andaman Sea near Burma. BUT THEN, after the explosion, the two spies
were caught and detained in Bahrain. They both attempted to ingest cyanide to kill
themselves but only the male spy died from the chemical. The woman, Kim Hyon-hui (KIM HYON-HE), failed
in her attempt and later confessed to being a North Korean spy. She said the mission was to make Seoul “seem
unsafe for tourists during the upcoming olympics.” She was charged with murder and sentenced
to die for her crime but was later pardoned in South Korea for being brainwashed into
committing the crime for North Korean leadership. After her pardon, she’s become an outspoken
advocate against the North Korean regime. Kim Hyon-hui (KIM HYON-HE) still lives to
this day in an undisclosed location in South Korea, because she fears she’ll be killed
if North Korea finds out where she is. This all brings us back to today, and the
current Olympics. EVEN though North Korea makes the headlines
nearly every day and war seems all but inevitable, it’s important to realize that things have
been and could be much worse. Yes, tensions are high, but diplomacy also
seems to be working in certain cases. Things that once seemed unimaginable, are
now happening. Just look at the recent visit to South Korea
by Kim Jong-Un’s sister. Not only did she attend the Games, but she
even met with the South Korean president. That’s a huge deal because she’s the first
immediate member of North Korea’s ruling family to visit the South. So even though these two countries are still
technically at war, they’ve managed to come together. At least for these games. So what do you guys think? Could the latest Olympic games be a starting
point for reunification of the Koreas? Let me know what you think in the comments
below! And as always thanks for watching NowThis
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  1. Besides the conflict/tensions between the two Koreas, the period before the Olympics saw great change in South Korea and its transition to a democracy. Especially as relates to the June Movement of 1987. For an idea of that see the movie "1987: When the Day Comes" which just came out.

  2. So many mechanical politics and corresponding relationships in the Korean Peninsular are interwoven all together based on the power game from US, Russia, China, Japan, and Koreas.

    Simply they just don't want two Koreas as ONE because it means that another big dog is in the village with hundred million population and nuke capability, and military power, and competitive markets and economy in the North East Asia.

    Plus, US military no longer stays in the Korean Peninsular, and united Korea will take a neutral political stance between China and US.

    That's why NK keep urging SK to play the major character in the domestic business without letting US involved for the unification matter.

    I think unification of Korea is hopeless and impossible in the future if those political environment is not drastically changed.

  3. Just another trick to keep the Kim family in control of their decrepit kingdom. What we really need is Nuremberg style trials to convict them in absentia!

  4. The harmony Korea is trying to create is beautiful. The conflict American organic counting machine zombie leadership is ugly. It takes a heart that loves to create harmony. Absence of heart (American Zombie leadership) makes conflict.

  5. I have a feeling this is a first overture of peace in Korea. Why? Because as I've said in the past I truly do not believe North Korea has the ability to strike the United States. I base this on the fact that if you look at a night time overhead map of the Koreas the north is completely dark. If they cannot even get electricity right – then where is the all the necessary equipment and mass for nuclear weapons coming from?

  6. Both North Korea and China are taking advantage of the current status of the US in global politics to improve their image around the world.

  7. As a south korean, I don't really like the idea of marching under "unified flag" with north.
    But if S.korea didn't do this NK would have done something fishy again so I think it was necessary move on our part.
    Still I despise NK government for all their atrocities tho.

  8. People keep making the mistake of thinking the U.S. or Japan or SEATO or some other big power can stop a nuke launched by North Korea from devastating a portion of Japan or the U.S.. If they could, they had ample opportunity to demonstrate that capability with the recent tests. Bottom line, negotiate with an irrational regime or commit to an overwhelming first strike. Good luck with either of those options.

  9. North and South Korea possesses a vehement desire for reconciliation. However, outside influences are constantly impeding any form of steps towards reunification. What could be the possibility if the two Koreas were left alone and bestow the opportunity to solve their problems sans external influence.

  10. This video is misleading beyond belief. It's not the first time that both North and South have a joint showing at the Olympic games. Contrasting that only to the 1980s but not to recent history is borderline propaganda.

  11. "…war seems all but inevitable."

    It does? To who? I highly doubt that Li'l Kim is willing to die for his cause. Everyone else in his Country might think he's a God but he knows the truth. He knows he's just a sad, little king of a sad, little land.

  12. Do you guys want to put a negative connotation to the games in Korea? It sure does seem like it bringing up the past and how negative it was. Give the two countries a chance and stop taking advantage of the how the world perceives the two Koreas.

  13. The North only want to come together because of the pressure of the sanctions, have the South for get that the North killed hundreds of their people.

  14. the only way for the two koreas to unify is either to kill or hope that Kim Jong Un’s son will reform that north, create a sorta democracy or smt

  15. I am korean. I think that this is disaster about sounth korea foreign policy. It is fake of NorthKorea. North korea want to break USA-SouthKor militery alliance through PyeongChangOlympic.

  16. If the two Coreas are serious about reunification they must first and foremost kick out all 3rd parties from the negotiating table. That's the rub, the 3rd parties will never give up their stake in the Peninsula.

  17. Hey would you look at that, SOUTH KOREA IS A FIRST WORLD COUNTRY! IDK why anybody expected otherwise, I guess misinformation spreads easily…

  18. South Korea used to be so arrogant , though m not supporting North Korea by any means but the truth is if north Korea haven't made the atom bomb south Korea would have never invited her in Olympics , US would have attacked it years ago & now it will be suffering like Syria.

  19. people say diplomacy is solving issues in the north, the only issue that has been solved is the fact that north Koreans will play in the winter Olympics. who cares if they play, I care more about the oppressive communism government and nuclear missile tests

  20. I think the north wants to unify, but the south would be fools to believe the north would change their political system. The North wants a unified Korea under Un, and considering how absent in foreign affair American has been, the North holds the leverage politically.

  21. South Koreans are making North Koreans look good with their terrible attitudes. Now the world can really see what type of people south Korea produces, took me almost 10 years to figure it out.

  22. I think the two countries at war are the US Abd Korea. America is illegally occupying the south and is meddling in their elections.

  23. Sorry but NK is just messin with SK’s heads. That regime can’t be trusted no matter how many times they do the happy face routine with their neighbors. Sadly now that they have a nuke the only way to get rid of them is to wipe them off the planet and that opens up a frightening can of worms.

  24. Why don't they just do what Bosnia and Herzegovina did? Unite the country but have two administrative districts (North and South)

  25. A new side of North Korea what? They show this same side every time they want something and will 'cooperate' only as long as they see fit.

  26. I honestly wish Diplomacy will bring peace to Korea… however, lets face it… Kim is just trying to buy some time to continue the nuke research…

  27. Kim jung un has a huge fear over US air force's bombing on their territory that's why they making an action of the reconcilatory gesture which is false and will be withdrawn, when they are out of a threat from US bombings. In other words, South Korea's stupid president is again being deceived by the north!

  28. Reunification will and should never happen, North Korea should denuclearize and the US and South Korea should just leave it alone

  29. Can someone please tell me how she survived cyanide ? In my mind a female should be less likely to survive because of a small body with less mass. Death occurs about 3 minutes after ingesting so I find it hard to believe.

  30. Can two sovereign nations reunite? Would that even be possible with the Koreas? If they reunite, wouldn't it be more like two states, a kind of "United States of Korea"?

  31. Christ, the fact that the North Korean government sends down their minister of propaganda to the Olympics has people thinking that this is a sign of goodwill and unification blows my freaking mind. It is surprising how gullible people can really be.

  32. You forgot to mention that in 1988 when Korea hosted the Olympics for the first time, they grilled a bunch of doves on live TV lmao.

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