The CANCELLED WWE WrestleMania X-Seven Storyline! | WWE Backstage Expose

The CANCELLED WWE WrestleMania X-Seven Storyline! | WWE Backstage Expose

2001’s WrestleMania X-7 is thought by many
to be the best WrestleMania of all-time. It came at a pivotal point in wrestling history,
and featured the controversial Steve Austin heel turn. But there’s one storyline that was originally
planned for the show, but was eventually cancelled. I am Luke Owen and this is WrestleMania X-7’s
Cancelled Storyline. WrestleMania X-7 had several big marquee matches
including Steve Austin vs. The Rock, Triple H vs. The Undertaker, TLC2 and Shane McMahon
taking on his father Vince McMahon in a street fight with Mick Foley as the special guest
referee. The storyline had been building since the
start of the year, with Vince announcing he was going to divorce his wife Linda, keeping
her in a state of psychosis, and dating Trish Stratus who was the same age as his daughter
Stephanie. Shane McMahon returned to WWF after a few
months off, and the two were set to clash at WrestleMania. However a new wrinkle to the story was added,
as just one week before the biggest show of the year Vince McMahon purchased rival promotion
WCW, and the Monday Night War had come to an end. Shane showed up on the final WCW Nitro to
announce that he had in fact purchased WCW from under Vince’s nose – which would come
into play in the summer when WWF held their Invasion PPV. The first shot fired in that angle came on
May 28th, when Lance Storm interfered during a Raw match, but there was also discussions
of having them involved April’s WrestleMania. In the end this angle didn’t happen. Instead Shane McMahon came to the ring and
gave a shout-out to the young talent from WCW, and the camera panned to the skybox where
people like Lance Storm, Hugh Morris, Stacey Kiebler, Mike Sanders and Shawn Stasiak could
be seen. Shane McMahon won the match by hitting the
Coast to Coast into a garbage can, and the WCW Wrestlers applauded politely. However Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling
Observer Newsletter, “The wrestlers were told to bring their gear and their championship
belts (in the case of Palumbo & O’Haire), so unless they were shooting publicity photos,
they may have had a different idea originally what they were going to do and put them in
a luxury box.” As it turns out, there was another reason
for the WCW Wrestlers to bring their gear. Lance Storm revealed in 2011 blog post that
the original plan was for the WCW guys to run in and help Shane win – but something
happened just a few days before. Storm wrote, “Unfortunately all these effort
to keep our Mania [appearance] secret were for not because Shawn Stasiak did a radio
or Internet interview the day before and stooged off the whole thing. The office was furious and many of us speculated
that it might cost him his job.” Stasiak had previously worked for the WWF
in the late 90s as Meat, the toy boy for Pretty Mean Sisters. However he was suspended and fired in December
1999 for recording a conversation between Davey Boy Smith and Steve Blackman without
their permission. Although in an interview with Canoe, he argues
that he did it as a joke and meant no harm. “I wasn’t working for Hard Copy. I wasn’t working for WCW. I wasn’t blackmailing anybody. I had no prerogative, no motive whatsoever
to do anyone harm…I lost my job, I lost my dream, which was to be in the WWF. I think it was a bit extreme for them to do
what they did.” The day before WrestleMania X-7, Stasiak appeared
on No Holds Barred radio show and revealed that the WCW crew were going to be involved
in the Shane and Vince match, and even bragged about getting a WWF deal – which wasn’t
true – and said they had plans to bring in Bobby “The Brain” Heenan in for the
new Nitro show, which also wasn’t true. Former NXT trainer and WCW Wrestler Bill DeMott
– who wrestled at this time as Hugh Morris – added in a 2015 interview on Talk Is Jericho
in reference to Stasiak’s interview and WWF’s reaction to it, “Kevin Dunn had
called [John] Laurinaitis and said, “Fire them all. We don’t even have them here and this s***’s
already started.” Lance Storm adds in his blog post, “Vince
was so mad word had leaked that he killed the angle and almost sent us all home. Thankfully we at least got to stay and watch
the show.” Demott explains this is why everyone looked
so disinterested during the Vince and Shane match during the broadcast, telling Chris
Jericho, “I went from being in the ring with Shane McMahon at WrestleMania — that’s
going to be my debut in the WWE — to a silhouette of me and Lance sitting with Mike Sanders
and someone else. The whole time, and you can imagine, Lance
is just miserable… The Invasion came after, but we were supposed
to be in the ring in Houston.” We’ve got other WWE Backstage Expose videos
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  1. Who's excited for Backlash tonight? I'm not really excited for this PPV tbh. I mean, the last few PPVs sucked.

  2. I wish the Shane and Vince storyline was the one canceled. No more women barking like dogs pls

  3. Shane McMahon is an underrated legend who takes high risk.
    I will like to see him wrestle in elimination chamber may be in future cuz he has not wrestle in that match

  4. I think that would’ve been great with WCW wrestlers hijacking WrestleMania. Invading the biggest WWE show of the year would’ve been a great start to the whole Invasion storyline.

  5. If all those WCW guys were fired on the spot for the leak, they would have straight up murdered Shawn Stasiak. That dumb jabroni ruined everything

  6. Wanna hear more to the story? Pledge 25 Dollars or more on Patreon to listen to WrestleRamble Extra where Oli and Luke go full detail.

    …..I was spoiled by WrestleRamble Extra ?

  7. I do remember reading this many moons ago.

    So, I guess that's why, during the Invasion angle, Shawn Stasiak was made to look like a joke against someone like The Rock and others (i.e. The Rock hilariously ducking Shawn's attacks backstage at Summerslam 2001).

    Had he not opened his trap, the match (and maybe the upcoming angle) would've been a little more better.

  8. Never knew this. Thanks Luke Owen, I don’t even miss your hat and tucked-under ears anymore! Keep em coming!

  9. I also heard on Something to Wrestle With podcast they asked Hogan to vs Triple H at mania x7 and to lose to the Pedigree… Hogan refused.

  10. It's a shame that they used the purchase of WCW just to Simply further along the McMahon versus McMahon Feud I understand they didn't get the contracts to a lot of WCW top guys but still just think about if the invasion had been done properly I mean what did they expect when they had a WCW title match on Raw that was a Pure Pro WWF crowd who had spent the past couple years being anti WCW so of course there's going to be boos not to mention the fact that the match wasn't that great cuz both competitors had ring rust but based on that reaction they decided to alter The Invasion angle

  11. Will we ever get to c the cancellation of all wwe programming on tv and online…that would be 2 sweet.

  12. Anyone else notice that it said “Pulicity Photos” in that paragraph they put up on the screen about wrestlers from WCW wearing their gear and all that?

  13. Shawn Stasiak is a fucking moron who should have kept his damn mouth the whole WCW ECW Invasion angle would have maybe been a little bit better then it was glad they fired him

  14. Shawn Stasiak proved that he was worth little more than than meat gimmick, cuz that was some meathead stuff right there.

  15. So Stasiak ruined what would've been a proper and more wholesome buildup to the most epic storyline in years, and yet he has the sheer nerve to play the victim.

  16. I wondered if something more was supposed to happen that night. Stasiak was a goof. I was surprised they even picked up his contract after canning his ass a couple years earlier for secretly recording people. POS jabroni that ruined a potential big moment for everyone with his big mouth.

  17. Dude, it was a radio show in the early 2000's, not the internet or television. Vince and Dunn put ice water on this fire before it even sparked on some petty bullshit.

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