The biggest gymnastics stage ahead of Tokyo 2020 | All Around Episode 4

The biggest gymnastics stage ahead of Tokyo 2020 | All Around Episode 4

Let’s stand against
the champions’ board. Four of our team’s athletes
have been successfully selected for the Chinese gymnastics
women’s team, participating in the 49th World
Championships in Stuttgart. Liu Tingting. Li Sijia. Lin Sisi. Chen Yile. When I heard I was selected,
I just thought how much I wanted to perform well
in competition. You have to bear that weight,
right? If you want to be a champion, you have to bear
the pressure, right? Come on! Ok, go! It’s 6:52am and we’re
leaving for Stuttgart. Representing my country
is always a huge responsibility for me. I’ve missed the feeling
of competing. When the time comes,
I’ll be nervous. I’m not worried about
my ability, but it all depends on how
I feel mentally. Attention! We must be prepared
to fight a tough battle. From what we’ve heard, Russia and the United States
will be our main competitors. Believe in all of the blood
and sweat we’ve spent this year. -Do you have confidence?
-Yes! I wish Lele luck and success
in the team final of the World Championships. I can do uneven bars as well! Was it fun, Fei Fei? -Look, it’s your sister.
-Hello Lele! -Come on, sister!
-Come on! My uneven bars were okay today, but overall
I was a bit nervous. Trouble. Trouble. Gymnastics is so cruel.
But Coach Qiao always says that this is its charm. I felt okay for my
balance beam today. Stand. Nice! -Are they praising her?
-Of course they are! I’m so happy that I performed
much better on beam today. Our second silver medal
is like a gold to us because we can’t compete
with the USA team yet. I haven’t performed in a year, and I’m happy
to be back on the stage. I feel like I’ve enjoyed
competing more than ever. In Doha, I finished in
fifth place in all-around. Of course I would really like
to perform better here. I definitely have a chance. External pressure doesn’t
really impact me, I don’t really notice it. I only have myself and it’s
just me in my little shell. If gymnasts before me
fall down, I can think,
“Wow, will I fall as well?” At that moment, I try to
concentrate as much as possible because if others fall,
then it can happen to me too. My handstrap
wasn’t fixed properly and I thought my hand
was going to be ripped off. In the end,
I hit my leg on the low bar. I thought I’d fall
on my dismount but I somewhat managed
to stand up! I am standing there,
standing there, and I keep thinking, “When will
they finally call me?” So my nerves disappear,
and it’s replaced by anger because they’re not calling me. That made me want
to perform better. It might be the highest score
on beam I’ve ever received
in my career. I was over the moon
when I got it. And doing the floor, I just tried
to stay as focused as possible. You’ve done so well! I’m so happy, because I’ve been working
for so long for this. I’ve been to two
World Championships, where I wasn’t successful. I never won
an individual medal, and now I’ve finally got one. I woke up happy. I didn’t get enough sleep!
I was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t fall asleep
for a while. I can’t figure out
where we are. I think taking photos
of animals is the coolest thing ever. Hi there! Just sitting there like this. They’re hilarious. This is definitely me
after competitions! Everyone’s running around
and I’m just lying there. It’s an elephant! It’s great when you win medals. Then you start enjoying
the competition. You don’t feel empty inside
and you don’t lose hope because you’re not achieving
anything. It’s quite the opposite, you’re inspired
and emotionally uplifted. I’m very happy that
I could show that I can fight. I remember I always used to ask
my grandma to thread the needle because her eyesight
was better! Should I do it here? Okay, I’ll do it here. I remember the boys
used to ask us girls to sew a crest on their kit. I hope I’m not sewing
on anything I shouldn’t. Okay, I’m ready. I wanted to be in the finals. Come on! It made me a bit upset, having to watch
from the stands. I can’t compete,
but watching my teammates, I support them
with all my heart. I feel like I was giving
them strength! This has been one of the
best competitions ever for me. and I’m grateful
for everyone who has helped me. It’s amazing,
I’ll definitely have good memories
of these Championships. This is not my limit,
I can do more. After being out
of competitions for so long, I really enjoyed the atmosphere of being with
my teammates again. The reason why
I’m laughing more than before is because I didn’t know if I could compete,
so I was really worried. Now that I’ve made it back into
the group, I feel so happy.

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  1. World Championships ar like Yearly Olympics …winning this will make the players tge best in the world for the year…Thr biggest tournament of the year likr Olympiv is in its year

  2. Angelina's wolf turns were beautiful. When Russia won silver and she said it was like a gold medal, I was confused. I don't understand why she said Russia can't compete against USA yet.

    It was so cute watching Chen's little sister cheering for her and also her mom praying for her. I really wanted all the teams to medal but Chen looked like she had a tough day. I'm happy she kept her spirits up and realized she is coming back from an injury and hasn't competed since. I wish all of the ladies well.

  3. China should be banned from the Olympics until they rejoin the human race and stop Han ethnic supremacism, genocide concentration camps, organ harvesting and murder of uyghur, hong kong, tibet, falun gong and political dissidents.

  4. A way China can win gold:

    Biles Buffer gets injured
    Kara doesn't make because she has proved many times she doesn't thrive under pressure.
    Leanne makes the team because she would have nialed her amanarduring trials, but falls during TF
    Sunisa and Jade have peaked
    Riley struggles with her coach

    so the team might be:
    Leanne Wong AA
    Morgan Hurd UB VT
    Faith Torrez BB FX
    Grace McCallum AA

  5. I love the series. However, the Russian gymnast constantly being photographed and in front of the mirror 24/7 makes her appear vain. I'm not trying to insult this young woman's dream of making it in the fashion industry, but it really bothers me that she doesn't have a Plan B which is realistically based! Please show these girls going to school, applying to college and having a life outside of gymnastics. We've already seen Morgan get a wake up call! Fashion is so difficult to break into! If all these gymnasts win an Olympic medal, they can write their own ticket, but if they don't, then viewers, especially young gymnasts, need to see what the next step is!

  6. Морган Хурд должна выступать на соревнованиях в Токио 20 !!!

  7. I highly suggest they review the use of that machine the second girl used for her self massage. Those can cause tissue damage with the amount of force they use.

  8. Hey Morgan you are gold ! You won gold allaround at a world championship one can take that from you …now its only up to you whats next .i wish you to be the best whatever your choice is .i love your determination and your fire.!! 😉

  9. Gymnastics is such a funny sport… we tend to only look at the podium winners… but every single one of those ladies are champions, even those who did not make the team! Blessings to you all!

  10. Morgan has fallen off, I don’t know if it’s her nerves or she’s just tired but something isn’t right with her. I’m worried that if she makes the USA Olympic gymnastics team she won’t perform at her best when it counts.

  11. I love simone. Her contributions to this sport are insane while 99% of me doesn't want her to retire….that tiny 1% of me kind of misses the battle for GOLD! lol. But not yet simone….dont retire yet

  12. So wheres all you Mustafina fans, who always attributed her as 'carrying' the Russian girls to medals. Welp how did that work out this worlds? Yeah. Thought so! Silver for Russians with no Mustafina! Melnikova says HI!

  13. I really miss Chinese women's team at the B 08 SOG..but anyway I will cheer for the China at the Olympics and wish they can win gold in the gymnastics at the 2020

  14. 19:11 Simone offers Angelina an invitation to her "afterparty", but Angelina refuses; she has to train. She has a strong mindset and will hopefully be Russia's top gymnast. Keep up the good work! <3

  15. I’m not even gonna pretend I want biles on the team cos I don’t but quite clearly she will be so no point discussing that. The rest of the team i would love to be. Lee, skinner and mcCusker

  16. I feel sad for china and MDJDS?
    At least she didn't messed up both beam and bars

  17. The US gymnastics team has so much depth that a few great gymnasts will be left in the US. I'm predicting Hurd will be one of them. The only way to make the team is to have the difficulty and consistency to hit every routine when it counts. Consistency will be more important than the difficulty.

  18. Simone: [are you going to the] after party?
    Angelina: no
    Simone: you’re guys aren’t going?
    Angelina: no
    Simone: I wanna go to bed
    Angelina: I don’t want this. I’m so tired.

  19. While some are missing the whose gonna win gold parity , I’m over head excited about what new skill is gonna be thrown. This new era of gymnastics is exhilarating. We have seen skills we never thought would be performed just only in our dreams.

  20. Morgan this and Morgan that…….her fans are in denial…….she's reached her peak……nice you know so much about her potential and capability and the future ……..why don't you play the stock market…..if ever there was a comeback kid……it's Morgan Hurd

  21. Angelina owes Yile a REAL gift ?! Yile gave her such a beautiful and thoughtful gift. Now I want to buy Yile a gift ?!

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