The Big Interview: Le’Veon Bell

The Big Interview: Le’Veon Bell

How close were you to signing a long-term deal with the Steelers this past summer? like you were in town or where were you Like how like I almost did it They’ve got nice smile Thanks for having me yeah So you just filmed your SI cover? Shoot? Yes, life’s a gamble same title as your rap album Just signed a four-year contract with the New York Jets. How do you feel? I feel amazing got to be honest, I feel like the decision I made and all the layover and the wrong Sitting out all paid off in the long run and I’m happy where I am today. Yeah. I mean, let’s dive into that What was your goal sitting out of football for a year? I’m you know, ultimately I wanted to get a long-term contract and I’ll be happy, you know, there was a world where I’m happy and where I feel fit and feel value You know where I won’t get, you know guaranteed security. I’m over the course of my contract playing football So ultimately, you know, I got that How did the Jets make you feel that way that I was a place you wanted to be? Um, you know, honestly I’m just growing up being a little biased because uh, I was a fan growing up others. Jessica’s one of my favorite football players was running back Curtis Barden in it I grew up idolizing him and loving him lady the way he ran the ball and things like that so I love the jet so when I the opportunity had free agency and then you know Everybody kind of talked about me wants of the Jets and things like that I just feel like the stars kind of learned, you know, when? everything worked out for a reason so And they made me feel you know, welcome don’t always run alone and guys will quote me in You know, is this the whole process we know was just gonna fans recruit me. It was just everything about it I had no choice but to go there Jamal Adams. It’s like GM a little bit anyone else Um, you know, Sam Donald you had you know gravy’s a huge Jets fan, but he’s a guy who you know I I’m a huge fan of I was always YouTube videos and things like that, but he’s a huge fan He was you know, recruiting me and things like that. It was just No, not even just the know On the team, you know what the fans and people love the Jets who may be played in the organization you know talking to Curtis Martin and things like that is just a lot of things drew me towards that and You know, I’ve gotta made the decision, you know, did you talk about what your role would be in the offense? And what did they tell you? Anything when I got to the Jets in New York, I felt loved instantly. I thought you know coach case I feel like he talked to me like me him on the same level he’s not talking to me like I’m under him, you know, he’d the head coach, but he’s talking to me like we’re on the same level Not know talk to know the deal He talked to me We’re on the same level initially, you know, there’s a guy who you know was hired I mean don’t get me wrong cause he’s a genome but it’s like we’re talking like We’re talking Like you respect me. I respect you. Mm-hmm. Yeah, you felt like you didn’t necessarily feel that in Pittsburgh Yeah, when I first got to Pittsburgh, I didn’t get that feeling I’m saying I’m not saying They greeted me wrong or indifferent, but it’s like when I got to New York with the judge and things like that Just talking like even had the teammates. It’s like I felt right welcome. I felt it You can do that sense when people genuinely want you around when they gently want you here. Hey, Jenny wants you to be good hey, Jenny want you to be you know, we want you to be good here and like the vibe I got you know, but When I first got what I first got drafted the Pittsburgh. I didn’t I wasn’t thinking like art is the best part No, I was thinking I was happy. I got the other person. I was happy. I’m thinking this is how it supposed to be I’m thinking this is how supposed to be I didn’t know I was no 20 year old got drafted. He came here so I’m thinking like when they were talking to me I’m thinking is I supposed to be Oh, yeah, you’re opposed to talk to me like that You pose dogs birthday. So when I’m seeing guys walking around it car. That’s how they treat Ben. Oh, yeah, Ben is like that There’s a baby. He’s like that penalty’s like that like at that time. That’s all I knew it Larry didn’t hit me and change until I was a free agent and then I’m talking to Adam GaSe on the phone that went in late. He literally hit me when I’m talking to him. I’m talking like like normal I’m talking to like I would talk to my friends. It’s like, you know, I’m like I feel like we’re on the same level you Get on saying like Ben. Hey lady shit with you know, I’m the gym and head coach ABAC of the gym and head coach but the relationship would be different than anybody else relationship does want to say Okay, so you felt like you were treated differently than a certain group of no, eventually I got there so eventually I got to the point where I was like, I’ll lay me on it’s like how a B is now I’m saying but It’s like it was like Ben And then like Jim He’s like, it’s like they all like it’s in my Darrell in the same level than everybody else like Okay, so it’s been the GM and then all the rest of the players it in a sense Well, that’s the vibe. I got I’m saying when I got to the the debt I feel like I can talk to you and you talk to me we we got week is even everything’s even right? Okay Well, yeah but you felt and Pittsburgh that the quarterback I didn’t feel I didn’t feel in Pittsburgh and that were even I don’t feel like we’re even I never felt that and At that time, that’s all. I knew I just think that’s how supposed to be. Yeah Yeah, you weren’t there not whenever in a different situation. I was never nowhere else Yeah. Yeah, I just feel like if we’re teammates were teammates all the same. We’re all the same. Mm-hmm And you felt like you weren’t even with that Been His you know been has been he’s the quarterback at the time. I’m thinking that’s how supposed to be he’s supposed to be like they like I’m quite a bunch of leaders and It’s still you still a teammate than a day, you know I’m saying you know, I’m coming over Yeah, yeah, I enjoy teammates yeah, I mean certainly several players, you know Antonio Josh Harris also said Some things in recent weeks about offense leadership abilities. So what was your relationship like with him? And was that a factor why you didn’t want to stay in? It’s Berg. I mean That was part of it that’s part of it it wasn’t the factor. That was a factor Yes your relationship with that and you wanted it to be different in a way Yes, how would you like this to be different? I’d like to be more open more genuine more real Like we’re friends I mean teammates And you did not feel that way It’s interesting because you know the killer bees looking back Would you have ever thought a few years ago that you guys wouldn’t be together right now? You wouldn’t have no your 2014 Career release frame. Yeah Yeah and with Antonio also kind of you know you each obviously took different paths but to High caliber players that did not want to be in Pittsburgh anymore has raised a lot of questions, you know, what’s going on? There’s what’s what’s happening under the surface. What would you say? His burgers are you know saying they’d great organization Now say they got a great owner head coach. There’s Been the kind of treats like or if you like it Right don’t hit like a human what I mean by that it’s like I’m yeah, I’m an athlete but it still I’m a human being you know saying so I still play video games I’ll still make music. It’s like they don’t want to like Allow you to be yourself real it’s like they want you to be if you’re a Steeler like you lady probably playing football 24/7 you’re not supposed to be Playing video games and right making music playing basketball, you’re not allowed to be doing that suppose to be working out You say it’s like it’s like is this not realistic right things like it’s not realistic Souls So if I do some say something from doing some on social media or whatever That’s different than football’s like not accepted You know like it’s not a bad place to be you get me saying just I wasn’t happy He’s not my place. Some say it’s not a bad place is just one for me What were some of the things that made you unhappy in Pittsburgh? it’s a lot of things happening on the field, you know what guys involved, you know in the locker room and Obviously the things I went publicly, you know, people know the public stuff about, you know guys calling me on things like that you know and uh and I feel like for me to get my full potential and be the player that I can be and I know that I can be I gotta go play with different players are not gonna play with People who wants to see me CC they got a who wants to like me to be, you know a great player, you know I mean, I feel like I’m getting a fresh start I’d be the best thing for me, you know If I’m already playing in a locker room where the guys already feel a certain way about me, you know They’re you know, what? I am. They know what I’m Type of talent I have and what I can bring to a football team, you know, not even just on the field But even off the field like in the locker room, I’m a I’m a great teammate, you know So I think you’re even referring to after week one some of the your teammates said publicly You know that you were being selfish or they questioned your decision I think that’s what you’re referring to at that point You know you would we’re still considering the idea that you would report at some point that season. Yeah, I mean originally, I had I Was thinking like I was I was just not gonna come week long That’s my original go original plan in my head, but it’s just like having like Certain things leave and leading up to week one serve Jesus like I would you know, I to happen like why would you say that? You know cuz it’s like you know what I’m trying to do I’m saying you know When I was home doing so it was like you’re if you want teammate if you’re a brother, you know You probably almost heart. So your Initial plan was to report after week one I’m sitting out one week would what sort of reduced the workload or show the team that they missed you or um yeah first I was just first I was literally just thinking like Yeah, Armada why this show you know? because I Want to play camp it’s camp in OTAs Ivan camera OTA. So I’m just like it’s over my body mind my plan my plan I’m just thinking like, you know When we go on come I’m gonna come home but things kind of lay it up the weak ones. I play with one Things I believe weak one I’m saying it just it’s just kind of like slowly build up So she’s making me it’s not making me feel comfortable like over the course of time. That’s what I was getting that It’s like I can’t remember like little details or little things that was happening But just leading up to week one or when they was in camp and I was in house training Just leading up today. It’s kind of like Okay Then we took em. Oh, I’m cool. Then he got to a point where it’s like regardless what they say How much is I’m like is gonna come back after the bye week? I’m gonna just I’m gonna bite the bullet I’m gonna come back after the bye week. I got to that point and then you know new information that came out there for like That was I was real important to me else. I heard that I even have to play to get it credited I Mean I credit season my name had to play and I wouldn’t have to get they had to give me music another franchise tag on me So that’s when I got to the point it’s like oh, yeah if I gotta come back I’m not gonna come back unless I do I was literally feeling welcomed and then I took some time off mom Figured I won’t come back. I took time off. I stopped. I didn’t play basketball didn’t run jump nothing I was literally chillin. I was just focused on music For about two months and then around like mid-december I Start my training You know getting back right and things like that So you said you took a little time off training their worth obviously reported out there that you were 260 at one point just were you ever that many pounds and I don’t know he walking around to me to 20 young around and be 200 and I came home around be 240 and know by when everybody’s a difference you look the same like the same ones on so when that report came out, it was just funny cuz I’m thinking like Nobody ever see me step on the scale You know like things like that is like I don’t ever entertain it because it’s funny What was the highest you weighed and not break from working out? To 40, you know, I feel like if I just a normal guy I’m not playing football not working out. I’ll be easily walking around 240 250, you know, I mean, that’s a bigger guy, you know When I’m playing football, I’m training and working out And I play around with to 15 through 20, you know to 25. I mean somewhere between that range it’s like I It’s easy for me to just lose weight and get there It’s easiest walk around 240 and it’s easy for me and just play at some point. You know, how much surgery right now Le’Veon Bell is coming to the Big Apple of course sat out the entire 2018 season his year-long holdout worth it. So your decision has been dissected I mean, I don’t know if you’ve been reading every article has opinions on the money They’ll say there’s less money through two years, right? There’s less money through three years 26 through 2 versus the Steelers offer had 33 32 so You know do you worry that the end result that the earnings will be last that you won’t make up the 14.5 you don’t seem concerned with that know This in life isn’t going game, you know so everybody worried about that one year four fourteen five, but let’s say if I play I Played that way for fourteen five. I got there week seven You know, I mean, I just don’t want to say the rule name But you get my point if I’d be hurt and I can’t play for 101. Yeah, I got 14 power, right? You get 45 he’s like you happy what are you probably good, but I can’t play no more or maybe I might gonna get a long-term contract cuz I Can’t believe no more you’re getting saying like football I buy the game I don’t I seen one of my teammates get hurt, you know, say it’s up in the air about if he gonna play you know saying you literally seen this was like Yeah, 45 I could’ve got that that first year yeah, but I’m not worried about losing it because at the end days along so if I know for a fact that I’m Like the password I get to the Jetson on Sanne I can guarantee contract a real guaranteed contract over 30 35. I know I’m getting that no matter what so I’m gonna put my name on his paper. I’m getting that Oh, yeah, I’m happy You know there yeah, I know I’m getting that and then that’s like long-term secure yes, I’m secure in Pittsburgh it was just one the year one only you’re one is guarantee. So all the other studies I’m all the year over year two year three. I understand it. I completely understand it like some people like I said but what it took that I completely understand it, but When you’re one if something happened and I can’t play the more I might it’s how to do that, right? God taught it to that first year. That’s it The shazier injury really impact your view on of course How so of course it’s like cuz it’s football I can just happen any given play And I’m saying that’s like my brother – it’s like you hate to see it happen But it’s reality that and you playing this game of football can happen, you know And then when it’s like when I’m sitting now you see guys who who is playing who trying her? Long-term contracts like old timers and things like that. Alex me just got baby He got hurt, but he you see the difference between he had long term security He’s like like, you know what everyone’s don’t like you heard of No, obviously you don’t was like he got hurt but he’s still he good Sniff, right? You he sound like he got guaranteed money right so even if you’re not the same player no more ever again if you never able to perform again, you’re still Sustained you’re still good. You played the dangerous game that you put your body on the line. You’re not may not build a beaut play with your kids, you know, you’re really taking that risk, you know, but If you do is I want to be compensated for it So there’s two different buckets, right? You don’t sign this deal or second offer a part of its because you don’t want to be there long term. The other part is It’s really the guarantees that was lacking and I feel right I guarantee like the money the money part where the series do is really the first like the first Time to get the contract him around that’s what I was really big on the money part. I Was like I’m saying I wasn’t yes I was a little bit on the money part the first time around but the second time around it was like Kind of like a wave of everything Something like if I’m gonna stay here it gotta be it can be 80/20 They can’t be be said so a 20% mile way with the contract and I’m out and I’m not really happy year like No, I’m not to do that. What would have made you happy enough to sign? Like numbers English. Yeah, I feel like if they were just guarantee so I thought the contract was perfect if they just said You you’re soon as you saw your sound sign his paper you get thirty five million guaranteed Perfect. Okay, perfect. Perfect So basically the deal they gave you just the second year guaranteed you wanted this they don’t their policy is not safe future guarantees, right but what I’m saying is the First one it was like I was more money But I’m saying the second one the second one the second one was like that but the first one I was bigger way bigger money I was bigger on money in the first one first time around say the time it was like I’m not happy. I need at least another and I was still like Bought this awesome. That wasn’t gonna be happy and I was like, I just can’t How close were you to signing a long-term deal with the sealers is passed on like you’re in town or where were you I Was in the town we was like one of the phone I was like, yeah. Thanks. No router just signed like Sam is like it was closing I was like and I was just thinking about it and just came down to like the wire At the time it’s like that time. I think he liked that deadline too. So it’s like When I made the decision, I got his just stick to it. I was like nah Did you ever tell them you were going to sign it had it gotten that far that you’ve told them? Oh, no I didn’t tell them I didn’t tell my was my sign. I think I might’ve told my agent somewhere I think we’ll do it. Come on. So my agent my mom or something, but I told him I Was just in my head. I’m thinking right The holes are I’m just taking man I’m not gonna be happy signing this contract, but I’m just thinking to make everybody else happy I’m just thinking like that’s literally well I remember thinking it was like I’m not happy with this contract, but I know this is where but I want me to do That’s how I literally was thinking they’re like, I know everybody want me to do this yeah, I think that sheds some light for people cuz I think there was a missing piece of the equation and I think the missing piece was that you weren’t happy and that’s basically Things that have probably built up from negotiations and then also your usage on the field. Would that be an accurate assessment? That’s a part of it but like I said, it’s When you like it somewhere for like five years you can’t really painful. It was not making you happy. It’s just like You know I’m saying just like a collective thing is just kind of building up I literally cannot pinpoint it I just know it’s like a collective a collective for things I just didn’t like I just didn’t like my was putting up with this cuz Everybody’s looking at me I’m a jolly person, you know, nothing. I mean you from coming talk to you. I’m not gonna come to you dry You’re not gonna get the vibe that I’m just not happy. I’m against comes you like I’m a happy person I’m saying guys the person I you know, but I Wasn’t like literally just for myself like knowing I’m really happy here. How come you’ll be sure you’ll be happy in New York because it was like when I first like I said when I first got the Pittsburgh I Didn’t think it was a bad place. I thought it was good. I was happy right when I first got there And then over the course of time I’m just thinking things supposed to be the way it is or they’re supposed to be that way But also of course you hear something you are that’s how it goes, right? I hate the New York First day I get there it feels like We’re on the same level right? Yep. We you know, we right here right here right here, right? So I’m just kind of thinking like Soon as I got the New York, it’s like Oh, In Pittsburgh, that’s not that’s is hotter than Pittsburgh But here in New York, maybe this is how supposed to be like I’m thinking All right. This is how I was surprised what I’m saying. Like, I mean you’re gonna like all Right. This is how close to be like we both are you talking like this? Yeah, I’m saying it’s like I’m totally there it goes like I was talking to like their eyes on my level Okay to be yeah, dude. Um Adam GaSe give you an idea of hafla use you on the field Yeah, I mean, I mean he’s excited. I’m excited We Even talked to me about plays I like and designs and know what routes and things like to run and how comfortable my playing different positions And that’s why I’m so excited just doesn’t fed it like a full complement up there you talk to him like that Just like you really took Run this like I think is our I would never go to coast. I’m like I remember like my Rookie year I when I was coming into camp like it was like I remember it’s like a playoffs like oh I like this play We start our is play He’s like my Ricky year because I’m like because I’m like I said a bell Bell you just run the ball He’s it set up hell you just run the ball So like that’s my rookie year. So I’m just thinking husband-to-be. He’s like, all right and Sam No over course no And it’s like you’re you know sounding I don’t so I’m making plays like you’re you’re saying you’re two three and stuff like that it started a little bit like Kelly coming around asking like maybe like suggestions but never to a point where it’s like I Will pay you what play you like it wasn’t like. Okay I could Even comfortable no exam. I can I want to come to another go like I want to run this play we should put this in you see the play – uh Right. You should go run this I put this in. Yeah, I mean you say you’re happy When’s the last time you felt this happy? I can’t remember a lot of you know, I literally can’t remember the last time you know, I felt this good like my goal, you know, I remember in I’m just thinking like Made December which wasn’t you know, 18, I’m thinking, you know, 29 between 19 that’s gonna be like year right? We’ve come to year I’m going I’m gonna strive for greatness and I’m gonna do everything right and make sure I meet moving to the right people I take care of my family I make you know, the right constant decision is, you know, stay out of troubles You got a fresh little start, you know when I put that into the air and I you know I filled it and I really believe that it’s like everything’s been going right, you know, I mean everything I’ve really been won and you know kind of just dreaming about what’s been happening, you know, and it’s kind of scary but it’s scary in a good way, you know, just cuz the fact that like I am so happy and it’s like I Haven’t been I haven’t felt this way before, you know, I can’t remember Literally phone as happy and me in such a good spot and and filling this phone in his way about myself Thanks so much for doing the cover. Shoot with us. Congratulations on your contract in New York, and we’ll see you again soon I’m sure thank you so much for having me

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  24. Equality means less-skilled people, like this 12-year old girl sitting across from Bell, getting and blowing big interviews. Congratulations, America.

  25. It's not hard to understand LB's or AB's pov. They were trapped in a system that didn't know how to effectively manage multiple, high level, attention demanding, expensive and accomplished athletes. It will take an especially talented coaching team to maintain integrity of many star athletes on one side of the ball…and a lot of dough to pay out to them. Pittsburgh had a few years to figure it out, but ultimately, either couldn't foot the bill or didn't think the chance for a SB run was worth the risk of failing to get there again. Sacrifices have to be made, whether in the wallets or on the fields, for a star-studded team to have the best chance – a hard balance to maintain (same for coaches) but it can be done.

  26. dude sitting in a black and yellow chair go figure ….lol boo hoo I'm not equal that's life grow up see how his attitude is when he dont do shit in NY. EGOS are the problems who cares if were not equal as long as the pay is on par.him and A.B aren't gonna do half of what they did in Pittsburgh. And you should be all football as much as they paying you try working a factory job again Egos what a shame

  27. Holy shit this guy is delusional. Complete stereotypical millennial nonsense… newsflash the coach and GM are not on YOUR level. They are above you and should act as such. Another newsflash if your an NFL player and they are paying you millions, you ARE expected to workout 24/7. Nobody BUT you cares about your shitty music or video game addiction. I feel bad for this guy, he may have alot of money at the moment but he is not intelligent it's very apparent… "you know what im sayin?"

  28. Poor guy. He's a clinical moron. So let me get this straight, Le'Veon. The joke team that was trying to recruit you to their Organization, so that they could be a little less of a joke, or at least a different kind of joke, kissed your ass, and made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Meanwhile, the second most winning Franchise of the last two decades, and one of the top 3 Franchises of the last half a century, made you work for everything you got, and turned you into a superstar? Shocking. Well, enjoy feeling equal to a bunch of losers. Or being a big fish in a mud puddle, or whatever. You can all hug and kiss each other after you get eliminated from the Playoffs in Week 9.

  29. Granted she isn't steering the interview in any direction & just asking very vague general questions but at least she's letting him talk & expressing himself. I've seen other interviewers who constantly talk & interrupt their guest, I'd rather have a boring direction-less interviewer who lets their guest speak their mind than one who directs the conversation all over the place & doesn't let the guest talk!! (IMHO).

  30. I don't even understand because he got the EXACT same contract but with a little bit less guaranteed. He actually lost money. He lost a years wroth.

    The Steelers offered 5 years at 14 million

    He sat a year out and got 4 years at 14 million

  31. Tell us Le'veon, how much respect does someone deserve who misses games because of their own selfish drug habits? Guaranteed security??? How much security did your team mates get from you, for the same reason? Bell is a chump.

  32. You felt welcomed by the jets wow … And you are surprised let's see how welcomed you feel when you miss the playoffs.

  33. Ben won 2 SB he won non so he won be same level as ben within the Steelers organization. Just like Tom Brandy is above most players in NE. I’m glad steelers didn’t re-sign him.

  34. He’s right about some stuff, but I feel like he is wrong about other things. As a rookie coming out of college, he is not gonna be treated like being the best running back in the league like New York was treating him.

  35. I personally don't like everyone I work with… But we get the job done together. I get the guaranteed money issue, but you have to be able to weigh that scale. Which he says he was about to sign but he still would have been unhappy. (scale) Stay in Pittsburgh, get your money and win? Or go to NY get your money and lose.. I know one thing for certain.. A competitive person does not like to lose AT ALL!! We'll see unhappy he REALLY is after week 8… Knowing they're not gonna make the playoffs in that division…smh

  36. levon the jets suck go back to the steelers they need you your the best running back in the world you dont deserve to on a bad team like the jets

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