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yes yes y’all just see my Miami Dolphins
we got a new coach and I’m predicting a bold prediction we are gonna make the
playoff this year but in order for you to see whatever team you love you’ve got
to have a great service to provide it for you that’s not gonna kill you on
price you’ve got DIRECTV you’ve got sling you’ve got YouTube TV
but I’m going to talk to you about a service that offers a whole lot not that
pricey and I’m talking you can get NFL ticket pay-per-views y’all know we’re
getting ready to have power come back on you get all that for one price that’s
like 20 bucks we’re gonna jump into it now but first y’all know on this channel
we put on our plus seven glasses of sexy ass Hale because I’m working on skill in
my craft bringing you a more influence you to experience something better to
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today we’re talking vibe TV vibe TV or one connection you pay $20 you get NFL
ticket you get paper views you also get stars Cinemax you get everything you
could possibly want probably one of the best services out there but one thing
that they have on their app is the multi screen and we’re gonna take a look at
that right now so this is what the app would look like
you give it a click and every time you launch the app it automatically uploads
the VOD the TV Guide it automatically uploads everything it’s very very user
friendly so from here I’m just gonna go to this little box that says favorites
because I keep favorites in there then you see they’re multi screen
you can have four screens running which we all know for us football guys cuz
some of y’all be out there betting on Vegas you need to see what’s going on so
let’s start with this one and I’ve got my favorite so you can easily go through
your favorites and Adam into the multiscreen
I’m just go ahead and drop – I’m gonna go to NFL red zone and you know they’re
not playing anything right now and if you want to navigate it you just clip
them I’m using the fire stick just clipping the button
bring it over it’s on mute for the volume then you will come over here and
let’s find something else let me click ESPN so there you have a SPM and I
remember I do have the volume down and then you come down here take a plus
let’s just say you wanna watch fs1 there it is talking about them punk ass
Steelers and let’s just say it was NFL season you come down here and you could
simply go over here if you don’t have it saved into your favorites right there
where you see in the field ticket you will click it and come over here and
pick whichever game you’re on so I’m just gonna pick let’s see back up number
five it would be there the only issue is there are no games there right now so
just to show y’all that there is something you could put in there
I’m gonna come up here and I’m just gonna pick Cinemax for example and there
you have Cinemax so ladies and gentlemen this is a complete all-around system and
let me escape out of here because I don’t want no trouble and just show you
a little more so this would be your live TV section right here this is your
favorite so you would click on favorites and let’s just say you want something
out of us a channel so just click USA channels everything you want to find is
in here Star Cinemax you name it it’s all in here and you would just scroll
down or your fire stick now let’s just say you want CBS sports you just lightly
click it and when you see that star is saved in your favorite so that you don’t
got to go through the list all over again
they’ve got channels for everybody you can
latina local news and they’ve got local news for every area the NFL Sunday
Ticket that’s what you’re all looking for matter of fact this week is the NFL
Hall of Fame gay and I know I got Eagles from y’all Falcon fans out there getting
ready and you can scroll down here and got to be more careful down there they
got fields they make nasty people and when I say is filthy it’s real filthy
keep the kids away speaking of keeping the kids away you can go to settings and
you can come over here and you can put in a parental password if that’s what
you want to do to protect the children because y’all know we do love the kids
from this channel and then you can come in here and tweak any of the other
settings say you want to tweak your player you do it there say you want to
tweak the video size for the screen you do it there this one offers everything
that anyone could want you just got to give it a try and I’m gonna go ahead and
show you guys how to download it right now using a fire stick all right so my
people that’s been using fire stick this is going to be easy for you you’re just
going to come through the search feature and you’re gonna get an app called
downloader so you will come here and there it is it pops up number one for me
and there it is I’ve already got it I want you to go ahead and download it in
a meet you at the home screen alright once you get here this is where it’s
going to put you but I first want you to come over here to settings and make sure
your javascript is enabled because you’re going to a website to get their
file link alright and then from there you go back to your home it’s going to
take you on your browser and the code you’re going to want to input to get
file link is going to be bi t dot ly for its last the number two capital S
because it is case sensitive the number zero lowercase V the number five
lowercase n and nine its scrolling across the screen just in case you
missed it go ahead select Nick and once you’re selected you’re going to come
here you’re gonna download file linked takes
just a brief second to get it all right from here you were clipped down to where
it says install you would install it I’ve already got it so I’m not gonna go
through that again but once you installed it here just back out of there
right here delete it cuz you don’t need the extra space on your fire stick now
go open it and I’m gonna meet you at that home screen okay once you’ve got
file link you’re going to come to this screen you’re going to want to input
this number the number is six seven five four one five zero five then you drop
down click continue they’ve got to add versions in here the one I was using was
their v5 they’ve got this one their v4 which is some have said is a better
version for the multiscreen I’ve already got used to the v5 and I
love it for multi-screen but whichever one you select the multi-screen is very
user friendly so just pick the one that you like if you like the one I did in
the video you will just select this one give it a second to download let it do
its thing once the will is there just click on that wheel and then from here
you would drop down and install I’ve already got mine so I’m not going to do
it again but once you get it you’re going to need a password username and
all that so let me take you guys on the website so you can see how to get
everything this is the vibe TV website and if you want to use this is probably
the best streaming service out there going right now for everything you can
get you can also get ladies and gentlemen for twenty dollars a month one
connection you get everything you just saw let’s say you want to do two
connections 25 three connections 30 and so forth and so forth but what they have
that is really really good is their customer service you can contact them at
their discord communication browser and any time you need something they’ll help
you out with that and in order to buy the product you just go over here and
quick into the car get it they’re gonna send you a welcome email it’s gonna have
your username and password and everything in it and then you’re off to
the races well ladies and gentlemen that is it I
hope this is gonna help you guys save a lot of money get a lot of entertainment
and anytime you’re running these services you wanted loaded up with a VPN
the one that I use and recommend is ipvanish
I will leave a link for that in the video description along with their
website along with the file link along with their all the information you need
to get up with them and get taken advantage of a great great service
that’s gonna do it for this video don’t forget to like my video please comment
subscribe go get yourself a bob TV and until that next sex is hell video thank
you guys for watching and I’ll see you you

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