The Best FIFA 2018 | Especial Season Two

The Best FIFA 2018 | Especial Season Two

MADRID – 10AM No, wait… REAL MADRID CITY -Hugo! Here’s Hugo!
-Hugo! -Hugo…
-Damn… He’s gonna live in Miami. We need to swap cars. A smaller one… -Have you seen Lili’s shoes?
-Yeah. No? Damn, man… No… I like it. Are you taking your backpack? -Of course.
-Yes. Everybody knows who I am. Take it. C’mon, Lili. C’mon. Wait, wait, Lili.
You have to wait. Up, up, up… Wow! Just chilling… Thank God we’re here again. Nice.
I’m really happy. I’m really happy.
Soon I’ll be like this… GOING TO LONDON SCHEDULE – MARCELO Luka will win and be remembered
for the rest of his life for beating the ETs. Hey… Look, the beach! Come and see the beach! -Look.
-Look! Which beach is this one? It’s the beach! So, we’re going to… To the gala event.
The Best FIFA Football. Here it is. I was nominated
among 55 players, to be one of the 11. Let’s see if I’ll win. I’m ready. If I don’t win, that’s okay.
But if I do, it’ll be awesome. This is my fifth time here. I’m super happy. As you can see, this person
is really happy, too. I’m trying not to sleep. -He’s sleepy.
-I thought you were serious. He drank some coffee,
but it didn’t help. He’s basically dead. You’ll hold the award.
Then you’ll say: “Thank you, Mom and Dad,
I’m so happy.” Say it. Say: “They give me Ninja Turtles,
they give me toys… This award goes to them. Kisses to Mom and Dad. Without them
I wouldn’t have a ball pool. And a coat to wear
during winter.” Is it too short? ARRIVING IN LONDON Yes, because of our friendship.
And I’ve been saying all these years
he’s one of the best. I’d love to see him
as the captain of my team. -Thank you, Marcelo.
-You’re welcome. -Ready?
-Yeah, pictures. Pictures. Yeah, man! Yeah, man. Twenty thousand players
voted for you. Almost everybody. Can you talk about…? Thank you everyone
who voted for me. I’m glad to be part for the fifth time
of this great award. Just need to do the math. Six… Six…
No, 5h50. Are you staying together? -You help him getting ready?
-C’mon! -Don’t wear this necklace on the gala.
-I will. -No, you’ll break it.
-I won’t. I mean it, son. -It’s the same…
-We have a lot of time. -Well…
-Six minutes. No, Caio.
You have to be there at 5h50 PM. -At 6h35.
-Yeah, 6h35. 6h35 PM? -There.
-No, wait… -Marcelo, help me out here.
-With what? Try taking this off… Wait, wait… I’m coming with you. Marcelo put it here. No.
It’ll be out. -Done.
-Liam… Yeah. Let me see your hand. -Potato chips…
-I want to eat more. Honey, how’s my tie? No, go with your mom. -Dad, give me your hand.
-Okay. Look who’s there. Jay-Z and Beyoncé.
Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Hey…
West and Kardashian. -No…
-Jay-Z is cooler. So handsome! The one Caio pressed? You’re ugly. You look ugly. You’re handsome. No you’re not. Hey!
How are you? -Let’s take a picture?
-Sure! Can we go now? Everything’s great. We’re here again. Looking good. -Are you happy?
-Really happy! -Are we winning?
-Yes. -Really?
-Are we winning today? Do you look handsome? -My dad is the best!
-Look over there! What’s up, Lili? I’m really excited. I’m anxious. It’s my fifth time here. But I always get anxious about being close to great football players
who have made history. I feel really important
being close to them. I hope I can continue
making history as well. And that’s it. So now let’s celebrate together. Marcelo, good evening! I was saying you’re a defender. You also like playing
as an attacker. Which goal would you have liked
to score? I think I did score
the goal I wanted. The one against Bayern. Thank you. Here is FIFA FIFPro World 11. Marcelo keeps standing
to his side. I can’t find words to describe
this amazing moment. You’re far from Luka… -Always…
-Congratulations. God bless you. -You deserve that.
-So do you. Thank you.
Take care. Now here. -Congratulations.
-Leaving already? It’s my cousin. Just call me, man! These shoes are awesome or what? Look. That’s Marcelo. Post it now. My friend, you’re kidding me. Four people in one year? Damn! I’ll smash this on your head. -He said “okay”.
-Okay? GOING BACK TO MADRID This is for cleaning Lili’s face. It’s for cleaning. To keep it shiny. I was going to the interview,
and he came with Rodrigo… -Liam needs to leave?
-Yeah. -Liam…
-Liam can’t get in, right? All right. You have to leave. -Say it right.
-“Tatafano”. “Tatatafano”. -Elephant…
-Now say “anemone”. How much would a woodchuck chuck
if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Don’t drop the trophy. Okay? Let me see.
Is it heavy? It’s heavy.
Can you lift it? You can. -Heavy…
-Is it heavy? It’s really heavy. I want to shoot a video tomorrow. About what? Of me getting in my room… -Which one?
-The trophy room. That’s right.
At the trophy room. I’ll open the door and say: I don’t know how to say it. What do you want to say, Dad? Say it right. Let me carry it. -Let me…
-Lift it. -Lili…
-It’s heavy, Enzo.

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  1. No matter what that fucking cunt Santiago Solari thinks of himself, Marcelo, you are the best left back in the world and you are a bloody legend in everyone's eyes. The passion you have for Real Madrid is crazy. Your passion for football is divine. You are the best left back I have ever witnessed. Skilful, calm, attacking, precise and more than anything, loyal. Thank you for everything you've done for Real Madrid. You make all of us proud. Let's hope Solari gets sacked soon and you are back where you belong. #sacksolari #M12 #halamadrid

  2. Te admiro demais,jogo de lateral e toda vez que vou dar um cruzamento pra area penso :vai ser inguAl o marcelo e gosto muito de atarcar jogo de lateral ponta mas defendo e ataco jogo na arena vip camocim-ce

  3. Marcelo melhor lateral do mundo vá para Juventus , Cristiano Ronaldo e toda torcida te espera. ?✌???

  4. eres un chingón Marcelo te mereces estar en un equipo que te valore por todo lo que aportas al futbol Dios te bendiga y pone las cosas en su lugar así es que tú estarás en un equipo donde te valore y brilles como hasta ahora lo has hecho

  5. Que Deus te abençoe e que te dê muita saúde e força para você jogar essa perna esquerda de bons toques que você jogue muito futebol dentro de casa com o seu filho boa sorte no Real Madrid não escute os que falam mal de você com muita força seu vô ia gostar disso que você está fazendo

  6. Boa noite tudo bem com você acabei de assistir o seu vídeo eu vim do Twitter estou adorando o canal

  7. Marcelo meu pai é colecionador de camisas e o sonho dele é ganhar uma tua e o aniversario dele ta chegando se tiver interesse vai la no instagra do pai eduardo daleffe

  8. oi Marcelo meu nome e egan eu também jogo futebol minha posição e no centro e atrás e direita atrás , u meu sonho e ser um jogador de futebol como voce , eu sempre quis jogar com voce , jogar no mesmo time ou jogar com voce na seleção, eu tenho 17 anos prestes a completar 18 anos.
    eu jogo futebol na escola e no clube e eu quero ser um profissional e ajudar meus pais, eu tenho um video no YouTube eu jogando alguns jogos. espero que voce goste .

  9. Marcelo Eu Gosto de Você E Meu Jogador Preferido Você Mora No Fundo No meu Coração E O Melhor Lateral Do mundo

  10. Congratulation Marcelo! You and your family deserve it, but I expect a much better 19/20 season from you my friend.

  11. é impressionante como o Marcelo é a mesma pessoa em todas as entrevistas e vídeos que aparece. simplesmente uma grande pessoa. um dos melhores do mundo.

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