THE BEST FIFA 18 FREE PACK EVER?! – FIFA 18 PACK OPENING FIFA 18 FUT CHAMPS REWARDS Get my hands all nice and lubed up. You know my daily sessions offer weekend, League, haha Bet you for I was gonna say washing up you filthy boys and girls can’t forget about the ladies No, no no no I’d prefer the feminists not to burn down my flat guys to be honest I’m not really sure if I believe this either, but this is me chip uploading again But this is me ship loading Perfect now do I include the bit about me needing money from uploading stock having an absolute huge blowout party full of illegal substances and naked women Amen, I meant no sexism on this channel. Nope definitely no sexism here No G is that fucking sandwich ready or what to be honest guys I think I’m just really excited to give you the best content that I possibly can You literally just told them you need the money for a big blowout party That’s a bit unnecessary and anyway you threw me bloody intro now sorry mate Wow what belen right Nothing nothing nothing So it’s no secret that foot champions is finally here virgins around the world and guess that includes myself I know when I mentioned virgin you were thinking god that can’t be chipper, but yes that includes me I’ve been wasting actual weekend’s of our life over virtual cards impressive right ladies here Just saying I was a elite one once got promoted a couple times No, big deal more importantly though I’ve got a friend called Neil then if he thinks he’s in the fucking matrix or something and I mean you know it’s not like I can even talk I Just hopped out the oven I’ll get straight to the point this friend I’ve got called Neil finished in the top 100 So he’s got like two 100 K packs The entire team of the we pack all that stuff blah blah blah And basically he’s been kind enough to let me open a pack which is a very nice gesture So if we could all go and subscribe to him his channel link is gonna be in the description He’s only just started YouTube, and he’s not got many subscribers, so if you’re gonna do one nice thing today Let’s subscribe to this guy because without him this video would it be possible please subscribe you might not let me open anymore Otherwise today. We’re going for $11. We’re going for our extreme bit, sweetie. Yeah We’re going for Levin. Dusky are actually guys leave a like or you want. I’m good padlock this week That is a guarantee. I have to like the video subscribe if you’re new and on to lip X No do that again open impact it’s stressful, that’s energy I’m alright. Thanks Darren. I’ll stick to impressing girls with my very small penis each to their own alright So guys of course the pack is about to go down But you know wouldn’t be a real pack opening without the help of some management Sorry any inquiries pieces contact my staff any complaints for the trained. You well John management you are management anyway You’re here for one reason only Joel have brought you in to show you PMSing probably Erickson 11 dusky I’ll be honest in one of these hundred K. Boxes, MO definitely a player 86 here are missing Yeah, Rome se 86 or above here on mercy you’re pushing it. No mister boundaries You know what guys if you leave a like in this video right now we get 20,000 likes you will not only a good pet look for the rest of the week I will pack someone good right now bless me because I’m about to go straight in for the jugular straight in for the crotch But a cock and balls way because I’m not saying I think I heard on TV hmm Maybe it was one of the dodgy channels. You know like chow 81 so boom here. We go come on ah I’m not even worried. I’m not even worried That’s more art. Ah That’s alright. That’s not bad. That’s just it could have been better No, I pay my staff on for ass cuz my management death is what you deserve for back your son. I’m back I don’t go. Hey. Yes, I’m da man And Sanchez is he selling mushara me anymore than anyone Hey look a coup Murata and son. That’s okay That’s a sign that we’re gonna get an Ericsson I’m telling you right this guy on the khakis gotta go and you’ve got Murata. So that’s a sign. You’re gonna get an F Dorsky don’t think it works like that. No because I’m he’s a striker. Yeah, yeah Now I shall pack It’s okay it’s okay somebody’s got packing bombs And I’m happy to take that hey he even looks okay season he’ll sell for at least 12 K petrol petrol Yeah, this one’s a pawn and that’s proof now that you’re gonna pack Eriksson again, okay? Petro and Alexander both cards on people Jemaine buddy’s French haha Okay never mind moving on and that was probably the worst 100k PAC. I’ve seen in my entire life I would rather you want 84. I’d rather eat veg yeah, and you know he doesn’t eat us better look. I call this leftover veg Sweetheart grace look. I’m not trying to go some. It’s crazy. Don’t wait from me I’m not trying to go to the toilet and have a lot of sweet corn sticking out on my schnitzel ah schnitzel Look look you trying to tell me you know I’ve had some quality images. They’ve got a lot of up votes on rate my poo calm So I’m just gonna go in with it you ready Joel. Yeah Maybe that’s not what I wanted to hear yes opened it. I’m gonna pack oh I can feel it. That’s eleven dos key isn’t it ah? I told you never doubt the man with a dodgy head I Smell great at the moment is it Gina yeah, Bella, but endoscopy is My thing oh, I’m actually bothered. I’m actually buzzing I know it’s not in my pack doesn’t say she’s got something. That’s gonna look What’s on him is a guy who give it his pack? It’s called Neal. He’s gonna beep Yes, Gus bring the roof. No sir. She doesn’t good quads animals. I’m cheese That’s why his leg doing hmm and bloody no no Sawyer, Please Please Please Please Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please Please be an accent in there oh Wait oh wow that is a pack and a half so she’s just one pack got like a dusty bait Oh, what’s he selling for it must be I quite. Uh. Oh my 700 K. I’m dying hacking out That’s gotta be like that’s a million at least isn’t it that’s a millionaire Unbelievable, I uh I had used quite believed well guys It’s been done. I said don’t doubt me did my look my Pat load this year has been unreal I’ve got one of the best pack openings on YouTube. What are you doing guys? Thank you so much for watching. We have packed the best team of the week player like if something was gonna happen Please go and subscribe to Neal he’s gonna be absolutely buzzing it and of course He is good enough to get top 100. So you should probably what are you doing? Huh? You can subscribe to Joel if you are Bob. We should really subscribe to me. I’ll because he’s a small youtuber We want to help him out, and he let me open his packs today very nice gesture of him And why am I getting so serious and unemotional Jesus Christ just sup to the guy guys. I love you. Thank you so much I’m gonna supporting me on this journey am I gonna bring him down again Breathe guys leave a like. Thanks for watching goodbye


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