The Benefits Of Competitive Sports For Kids – Natalie Hawkins

The Benefits Of Competitive Sports For Kids – Natalie Hawkins

I think there are multiple advantages to children
participating in highly competitive sports. From soccer to tennis from gymnastics to swimming,
the higher the level the more responsibility the athlete has. It really helped Gabrielle
become a more mature individual. I watched her blossom before my eyes. I watched my other
children, my other three children blossom. They were all involved in sports in varying
degrees, but it taught them extreme self-discipline. It taught them how to work as a team. They
learned about teamwork and how important it is to work with others to achieve a common
goal. They learned about time management. They had to figure out how to do their schoolwork,
how to also maintain their grades, how to still focus on their sports, and go to practices,
and be on time. And so, it taught them so many skills that they’re going to use in their
adult lives. It was a beautiful thing to watch. They actually keep me accountable for time.
They’re my timekeepers. “Mom, we’re running late.” And if you’re on time at your appointment
at 11 o’clock you’re already late because you should’ve been there 15 minutes before.
So, they have learned some beautiful lessons and I think those lessons could’ve only been
learned in the arena of sports because there’s so much that goes into the mindset of an athlete
and that helps them to compete and that helps them to recognize the importance of their
contribution to the team. And so, I just really feel that elite sports has many positive aspects
to it.

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