The Badminton Player who doubles as a Fashion Entrepreneur | Day Jobs

The Badminton Player who doubles as a Fashion Entrepreneur | Day Jobs

more nervous going into my second Olympic Games
because now I’ve done it once, I should be able
to do it again. Then they called my name
and I walked out and the whole stadium
just went totally insane. It was something
really special. I’m Scott Evans. I’m a three-time
Olympian in badminton and an owner of a ladies’
fashion brand with my partner. I came to Denmark
when I was 14 to train. And after that,
I remember telling my parents if I’m ever going to do
anything in badminton, I need to leave Ireland. I need to be training
with people that are at a better level
than me all the time. Copenhagen is quite a
special place. People here are extremely nice, the culture, the kind of café
lifestyle, it suits me, I think. Of course, I had to learn it
when I first moved because it’s different
than being in Dublin. Down here, silk shirt, 649. Me and my girlfriend, Camilla, we started a company three
years ago called Hosbjerg, it’s a ladies’ fashion brand. We wanted to have
something together. I have been building it up,
but with Scott on the sideline. He has now more
responsibilities than before because we are also growing. My main roles in the company
would be social media and the economic side of
things. Because the company
is getting bigger all the time, we need to upgrade our systems to keep following the…
kind of the orders. I think the company is
obviously very personal to us. I think the qualities that we
use says a lot about Camilla. Silk, leather, cashmere. In the beginning
when we started it, I was a little bit in
doubt about me doing it, but Scott pushed me
actually to doing it because he was, like,
“I know you can do it “and I want to help
all the way.” Now there’s a bigger need
for me to get involved and help out and it’s
something I want to do, it’s obviously our company, so I want to do what I can to
help. She puts a lot of work in, sometimes she does my
kind of jobs as well, so that she gives me
the opportunity so that I can still train
twice a day. My dad has two
sports shops in Dublin. One of them is
in a badminton hall and, from a very early age, me and my brother used to go
with my dad to work and any kind of chance we got
to go on the court when other people stopped for a
break or they were changing courts, me and my brother
used to run on and just play, and I think it just started
from there. I first met Scott at the
Italian Open when he was 15 and he had that energy and that
fire in a badminton player that I really liked and
I think he found someone who understood
how he was on court. What did you do with your
racket when you lost? I put it back in my bag
in one piece. He’s come from a restless boy to being a serious man now and trying to achieve
things in his life. So, who’s the most famous
Irish badminton player? Scott Evans. (RIO 2016) I think it all
came together in Rio. Everything that I did
in the lead-up to it, I did things differently than I
had done in previous Olympics. Something just came in my mind and I said that this is my
time. And then the game
starts terribly for me. I end up losing
the first set 21-7. I remember turning around to my
coach at that point and saying, “I’m just going to make sure
that this game goes on “as long as possible and
it hurts as much as possible, “so that I know I’ve got
something out of it.” And from that moment, obviously
something changed for me. I think I won 11 points
in a row at that stage. I think I felt confident
and believed that everything that
I’ve worked for over the last number of years and the experience
that I’ve gained that I was going to be
able to take this one home. Out! All I remember
is ripping my shirt off and turning around to my
parents and just looking up and just thinking that
everything was worthwhile. (SCOTT MADE HISTORY BECOMING
THE OLYMPICS) That’s much better now.
That’s much better now. Scott has been in the game
for a long time, so there’s some injuries
and old stuff we have to take care of
and work around and that’s what we’re
doing down here in the gym. More like this way here. Badminton here in Denmark would be ranked probably
the top three sports, behind probably
football and handball. They have a huge history here
in Denmark of unbelievable badminton
players, Olympic medallists, world medallists. I understand that I’m coming
towards the end of my career, there’s no doubt about it. I have this company
on the side I’m obviously
very grateful for, but it’s very difficult for
any athlete, I think, to stop. To sit here in 15 years
and think back and say, “I should have done
one more year” or, “I should have done
one more Olympics,” that, for me, would be
so difficult to accept because I still feel
I have something incredible to produce.

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  1. Great to see them including Irish athletes as we are such a small country but we can produce amazing sportspeople ??????

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