That… This thing’s been in development for a while okay?! It’s a racing simulator But it’s unprecedented Is it crazy? Yeah! Maybe! So am I… I love these OLED displays, call up LG I said “Guys!” “Why send me one when you can send me three?!” Power ’em up, juice ’em up GTX Titans times 3 System from main gear But the moment is now! The truth is here. Lemme break it down for ya. So, the displays. Obviously very big These are 65 inch TVs And the difficult part was figuring out just how to rig them up in such a fashion that would work I found these mounts here from a company called RC It allows for you to essentially manoeuvre displays of various sizes Now OLED, why OLED? What you end up with is incredibly vibrant colours Lots of saturation, it’s a really nice viewing experience. If you want more information on that, go watch the original video. So once I got those things set up it was like alright, gotta drive these pixels. Well lucky enough I had the system from main gear also featured in a previous video It had a GTX Titan but it wasn’t enough still for all these pixels so I had to go out then put a few more in there, beef it up a little bit The racing specific stuff – I looked around, I did a little bit of research I wanted something… I don’t know just to be on the same calibre as the other components I looked beyond those logitech wheels and I moved up to a company called fanatic So whether you’re playing Project Cars or you’re playing Dirt When you’re… At a high speed and trying to… It’s fighting back against you like an actual steering wheel would Now this part on the front is called the rim This one is a replica from the Porsche 918 Metal pedals Brake, clutch And those are even adjustable if you wanna get crazy with it Now everything attaches to this seat. The seat makes it easy They make these in a couple of different configurations and colours, and this one is an asseto corsa special edition which is red and black Lemme jump in the seat and show you how it all operates Lets do a little… What do I look like, do I look like… Michael Schumacher, huh? So this game I’m playing right here, this is called Project Cars Kinda like a video game controller it allows you to navigate around I’m in practise mode right now there’s so many different tracks to choose from including, of course The Nürburgring When it comes to cars I told you there’s a lot to pick from street cars all the way up to F1 cars Le Mans style cars What you guys are noticing right here is the guideline on the track Green means you’re OK at the speed you’re travelling at Yellow is you better start to slow down a bit And red is you’re coming in way too high So that’s just a little explanation there I’ll try and get it up to red. Lets see here so you see it starts to turn red? You need to brake, downshift… Anyway, it’s essentially- here I’m crashing a million… multi-million dollar car you see you can do it in a simulator you can’t do that in real life! It’s a way of becoming more comfortable with the various tracks of course going into it you don’t know what the approach looks like or the next turn looks like so as you’re kinda becoming familiar with the track it’s nice to have those indicators eventually you can turn that off on tracks that you’re familiar with So there you have it! A peek at this thing that I built! I want to give a shoutout to LG for making this setup possible It’s an open invite All you’ve gotta do is bring the pizza Bring the beer And you can have free reign Come over and drive a virtual version of a two million dollar car Sound like a deal? [English Subtitles by iVexusHD]

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  1. You can literally buy a brand new Ginetta race car, with entry fee to their beginner's championship for the same price. What a waste of time lol

  2. $35K for a racing simulator that takes up too much room is just TOTALLY A WASTE. I would rather just have the VR, even though there can be motion sickness but the tech has improved.

  3. Why the heck does it look better than project cars 2 on maximum settings? Is there a better graphics mod I missed?

  4. 35k but does it have a working dash with revs, speed fuel level and engine temp, does it have a 7.1 surround sound system, a double din head unit, cup holder, usb charging point, a real full sized wheel taken from a real life car?? well does it?…..mine does and it cost 1/35th of the price of that, and you have one of the best gear shifters on the market but you ran flappy paddle, I guess it's true what they say about Americans not being able to drive stick shit, lol only pulling your leg dude, nice setup but seriously over price even for 2016, and I could see a ton of input delay

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  6. 35k, lil bit of an over estimate and Maybe a bit too big. I mean it matches your attitude and delivery, but i don't like that either.

  7. Just get a nice VR headset. Your fov will be more accurate. A good headset is 600 maximum. Use the rest of the money to buy a motion rig. That's all you need. This is a huge waste of money

  8. Lets do this, what pizza topping you want and how many cases of beer should I take…love the set up man.

  9. I totally envy him. I have a T80 and a used wheelstand. My tv is my living room tv. If i had the money id get a fanatec csl elite with the f1 rim and a playsport seat. Id love to save up for that but its unlikely i could as by the time ive saved up ill have given up

  10. Sorry if I’m doing this wrong but I’ve been standing with an empty pizza box at the front door… it’s been two years idk if I’m at the right house anymore.

  11. Wasted money, for 35K you can get so much better. FOV is wrong. No direct drive wheel. Sim rig is limited. Seems to me u spent more on the TV's than anything else. The sim setup itself is definitely not as pricy as 35K

  12. Looks like most of the budget went for the OLED screens. The wheels and everything else wouldn't cost more than 3k.

  13. A very simple addition would be to build a box around it with blackout curtains. The immersion is way better if your eyes see nothing but the screens. If your watch says 4 and you dont know if its AM or PM you have succeeded.

  14. why an simulator with 3 screen and on each screen got the black bar of screen and i dislike it dont give an good view for eyes or mind eye (mindhead) , when we can do with an VR for PC (oculus rift HTC)

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