100 Replies to “The 10 Most Dangerous Jobs In The World”

  1. My father was a "steelworker" which is more properly called an ironworker. Steelworker refers to workers at steel furnaces where iron is alloyed to steel by addition of chromium and other elements at high temperatures An ironworker is a craftsman who either assembles steel and concrete to construct structures or assembles reinforcing rod (re bar) to create pre-stressed concrete structures. The craftsman who you see high in the air on the beams are called "connectors" and those who "tie" re bar are called "rodmen". My dad was a connector. Both specialties ARE very dangerous. They are also VERY highly skilled.

  2. all the men do the honorable , dangerous jobs to save humanity but the most dangerous job women do is … prostitution ….

  3. Dam 16 hour shifts the emplyer thinks he has machines working for him that really sucks when im tired i make more mistakes

  4. I did some construction work when in college and worked as a roofer. I watched a man fall to his death about 300 feet in the air. That day I quit, I'm surprised roofing, and construction isn't on the list.

  5. Hey lets become an underwater welder 30 deaths on 200 workers annually is not that bad! It’s only a 15% death chance. Each year!

  6. Prostitutes should not be a dangerous job. In my opinion kill them all. Cause obviously they can't get a real job

  7. wtf is this B's where the fuck is the concrete carpenter we build the sky scrapers parking structure funny thing is we build America but you mf don't know the half … carpenter or nothing were the elite worker union carpenter concrete

  8. Ironworkers!!! NOT steel workers! They're the ones who produce the steel in steel plants! Who researched (didn't!) this?? If you're going to go to the trouble of producing a video, at least get the names right, you idiots.

  9. I had a steel beam fall on my leg today. I sandblast. It shaddered my shin bone so im going under surgery tomorrow. 😢

  10. I love how prostitutes make a list and First Responders dont let alone the military. Seriously what the fuck. STDs and getting arrested are dangerous? What about fire fighters,ems,police

  11. thank god i live off the american tax payers working for a living is very dangerous and cuasess health problems take care tax payers im going to teh supermarket to buy a steak with my food stamps

  12. “Your difficult job is a dream of every unemployed……Your annoying child is a dream of every infertile………Your small home n simple food is a dream of every homeless……Your small money is a dream of every debtor…..Know the value of parents from an orphan….Your health is a dream of every ill person……Allah concealing your sins is a dream of every exposed….You glorifying Allah n repenting is a dream of every deceased…..You gifted with la ilaha ilAllah Muhammadur rasul Allah salallahu alaihi wasallam is something a disbeliever can never imagine”
    So, let gratitude and contentment be your methodology of life…..”Say Alhamdulillah every moment in life”.

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