Thank You Notes: Triple H Body Slams Jimmy Through His Desk

Thank You Notes: Triple H Body Slams Jimmy Through His Desk

-Running a bit behind today. So I thought,
if you guys wouldn´t mind, I´d just like to write out
my weekly thank-you notes right now.
Is that cool with you? [Cheering]
[ Mumbling ] Cool beans. Thank you guys so much. James, can I get some thank-you-note-writing
theme music, please? [ Playing tranquil tune ]
[ Laughter ] Mm, wow. Very weird.
Very odd, very odd man. -Look how flamboyant. -Hm.
-Flamboyant pocket square. -He´s one of the animatronic
musicians at Chuck E. Cheese. -Is he really?
-Yeah. [ Laughter ]
-Wow! -We just got ´im
from Chuck E. Cheese. [ Laughter ] [ Chuckle ] ♫♫ Thank you, President Trump, for firing Steve Bannon. Wow, I did Nazi that coming.
[ “not see” ] [ Laughter and applause ] Nazi. [ “not see” ] [ Both laughing ]
-Oh, God. -I did Nazi that coming.
[ “not see” ] [ Laughter ] ♫♫
[ Fresh laughter ] Thank you,
opening a tab at a bar, for being the prequel to forgetting your card
at a bar. [ Laughter and applause ] [changes accent] Man,
what time you guys open, man? I think I left it there. It´s under the name Seth Meyers. [ Laughter ] [Laughing]
-[Bangs metal, pops cheek] ♫♫
[ Laughter ] Thank you,
squeeze ketchup bottles, for giving me two options:
no ketchup at all or a blinding laser of ketchup!
[ Laughter and applause ] Ohh, gosh! -Ripped my hamburger in half! ♫♫
[ Laughter ] Thank you,
supermarket gumball machine, for letting me taste 1987. [ Laughter and applause ]
-Whoo! [ Drumbeats,
cymbals crashing ] [ Cheering and applause ] -Those are Joe Cola.
-Stale gumballs. ♫♫
[ Laughter ] Thank you, waterfalls,
or, as I like to call you: fish roller coasters. [ Laughter and applause ]
Yeah. They have fun. [ Applause concludes ] ♫♫ Thank you, insulation, for being cotton candy
with a job. [ Laughter and applause ] [ Laughing ] [ Applause concludes ] [ Light laughter ] ♫♫
[ Laughter ] Thank you, Triple H, for sounding less like
a WWE Superstar and more like an extra-strength
hemorrhoid cream. [ Heavy metal plays ]
[ Laughter and applause ] [ Cheering and applause ] -♫ Time to play the game! ♫ [ Cheering ] [ “The Game” plays ] ♫♫ [ Laughter ] ♫♫ [ Crash! ]
-♫ It´s all about the game ♫ ♫ And how you play it ♫ ♫ All about control ♫ ♫ if you can take it ♫ ♫ All about your debt,
and if you can pay it ♫ -“SummerSlam” airs live
this Sunday, August 20th, on the WWE Network. We´ll be right back with Jon Hamm. -♫ No way you can change me ♫
[ Cheering and applause ] ♫ I am heavy debts;
no way you can pay me ♫

100 Replies to “Thank You Notes: Triple H Body Slams Jimmy Through His Desk”

  1. Isnt Triple h just look exactly like Kratos from God of War…if this was made in movie he should act in that…

  2. Jimmy: sees triple H

    Triple H: omae wa moe shindeiru

    Jimmy: NANI?

    2:39 . How could this happen to me, i made my mistakes!

    END ??

  3. Triple H slamming Jimmy on his table to break it was surprising yet funny at the same time and triple looks mighty strong??????

  4. yup! wwe fake no matter where you go! this what they try and sell you guys! nothing but bullshit!! what a waste of time and money you idiots waste on these phonies! your a child looking up to these clowns as if they where heroes or something! when all these so called "heroes" do all day is sell you nothing but fake crap! and fill your minds with more crap! buy this buy that! and take your money while there at it! have fun sucking on that fucking losers! jimmy couldn't even take a little fall! what a fucking joke! now that's the punch line!

  5. Hey person who stopped at my comment to read,. Don't go away here's what you want

    2:34 thank you and don't think it's free

    Oh OK you just took it


  6. Triple H looks like me after 30 years of going to the gym on and off followed by a drastic receding hairline that can only be solved by shaving my head completely and a beard which took 3 years to grow.

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