Thai Prison Fights

Thai Prison Fights

all these buildings of contents 870 regional inmates here now stare and upstair closely must be the general general kids like modern steel stolen sex Pennsylvania the habitable virtual cornucopia to a Yaga I hold item Oliver – tank top more person frania talk by pioneer cordial a lot or a lot or die Tommy to see an immediate I which is Ian rotten apple Bulow die Naruto top boy boy and I not all soon man the present Ronnie and me accepted leather Megan report Neha believe me Hadji toponymy the karate near the coupe male offer me the classic bigamy for most inmates crammed into Thailand’s prisons fame fortune and freedom are just pipe dreams but for around 200 inmates training at this Bangkok prison those dreams could come true if they can win a place on the country’s national boxing team some are my banner I’m not who you won’t hang you man what does on every baby wanna me which hire me with some weight which I’m with hi to the park you are talking to a boy you’re naming your car hey oh hey no hey no man you’re marking up in bidding fight we have my sentence like 50 years to life yes manufacturing for sales the the track the colored ice ice so a manufacturing I thought actually I’ve got day and I confit so my case was dropped to 50 and I’ve got Emily still Yardley now my sentence is putting something for it if two people have an argument yes the officers were very girl yes let them fight in the ring smashing boy toy is in our blood it’s tight in type evil blood we love more time repeat repeat repeat on 21 only time I am on time and Genaro my buddy Jay McMahon Mankato Frankie indeed mhmm Demonte the can time winner Tandy somber music romantic Montana conformed lappam commentary controi whenever new year which I am deworming with heavenly eyes are popping me Oh God he died my talk repair hey putting off Haru holding my name okay yeah he was it let me me me Academy and I keep jamming Bobby break hi boys no I just wanted to defeat and fight fight fight whose and I can make me popular because when people listen fight inside prison damn think oh it’s crazy you know never do and people like good concern for me this is like a really exciting opportunity to get a glimpse inside chrome frame prison because there aren’t really any under circumstances under which an insider could just walk in here could talk to the inmates so just real excited just to see like an element of life that you would never never normally get a chance to see I think it’s real maybe it’s not a good chance for my skivvies always five eyebrows so feet maybe when you know if you cannot email or do very eyes this is a winner but right now I know it’s fun charger is really annoyed and to annoy the corner whoo it’s a good experience is Grayson inside with prison and not too many people of being cyclin creme voluntarily certainly not too many Westerners so it’s a good experience in you I’d love to do it again you

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  1. I was in jail in Egypt because I am gay. They gave me 18 months, but I was there for 15 "only". The men was always fighting because they wanted me. I told them that most could have me without any problem, but it was just a matter of showing who was more macho. In my cell we were 21, but in the shower or during the "free" time (2 hours a day), we were 148. Gosh! When I left I was sad. To be put in jail because you are gay and there you get more men than you will ever do in the streets is a contradiction, but I like it. Even the guards fucked me. 😀 Of course no condoms because gay sex and sex outside marriage is forbidden by islam 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. Sacanage das autoridades desse país aí de botar essas pessoas atrás das grades por 50.anos de vida por causa de venda de drogas e eles mesmos estão aí livres o opulentes consumindo o dinheiro do povo.

  3. effing funny…sentenced reduced?? for what ?? just to spread the filth of being a hardcore fighting criminal is cool???

  4. I have been to Thailand a few times. I learned a lot . And they do produce real fighters! I am a big dude from America and that don't mean anything to them. and it shouldn't. I give a lot of respect to the people of Thailand for many reasons.

  5. After watching A Prayer Before Dawn I do not want to end up in any Thai prison…i have been to Thailand couple times and I am always scared something will happen or someone put drugs in my bag…i double check always

  6. Everyone watch the movie “a prayer before dawn” it will change how you view this topic.

  7. Just imagine in US prisons they offered those who are on life sentence early release if they obtained their PHD!?. Instead of having inmates on killing spree they'd be in their books educating themselves!.

    They would need to study for year's anyways so it's a win win situation!.

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