Tetris Effect – PS VR Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

Tetris Effect – PS VR Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

SID: This is cool.
I’m into this. JUSTIN: Yeah.
This is fun. SID: This is more Sid-style. JUSTIN: Is it? SID: Like, I can’t
compete with like — JUSTIN: You think you
can hang in the mystery mode? SID: See what I mean?
This is awesome. JUSTIN: What is this? [LAUGHTER] What do I do with this? KRISTEN: You got
to figure it out. [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] SID: Hey, folks, Sid,
Kristen, and Justin here. We are checking
out Tetris Effect. It’s coming to PS4 and PSVR.
We are playing on a PS4 Pro. Justin, you are a
Tetris expert, if I may. JUSTIN: Don’t oversell me.
I just got started here. Let’s see.
Let me try to prove myself here. KRISTEN: I’ve seen you
play this game before, one of the demos, and you
are a master at Tetris. I can play Tetris pretty,
pretty well, but Justin — JUSTIN: The more you say that, the more likely it is
I make a dumb mistake. SID: You can even see. Look what he’s doing right now.
He clearly knows his stuff. JUSTIN: I already got
myself into a bad situation. SID: I’m gonna tell you a
little Tetris fact about Justin. When this game — when he
first played this game, he went berserk for
it at E3 this year. And it’s coming out
November 9th for PlayStation VR. You don’t need VR. You can play it on PS4 Pro, but it’s really,
really cool in VR. He literally said, “I have a
little confession to make. I’m a Tetris god.” Then he denied
that he ever said it. And he did though. JUSTIN: I wouldn’t do that. SID: Oh, you did. JUSTIN: Sid, you’re
putting words in my mouth. Anyway.
Tetris Effect is fantastic. I love this game. I’m already making really silly
mistakes because I’m trying to defend myself from
your accusations here. SID: You didn’t want to
put it on expert mode, so I’m making it a
little tougher for you. KRISTEN: The cool thing is
it’s not just a Tetris game. It’s sort of this
sensory experience. You have the visuals;
you have the music. How does it feel
in the VR headset? JUSTIN: I mean, this is — as someone who
grew up playing Tetris — Tetris has been a
part of my life through every generation of game console — and this feels like kind
of the ultimate culmination. Giving the Tetris license to
Tetsuya Mizuguchi was just a brilliant idea because look what him and
his team have done with this. SID: Don’t look too closely. I love how he’s like, “I’m
screwing up,” and in five seconds completely
annihilates 15 lines of blocks. JUSTIN: That’s all
basic Tetris stuff. SID: I suck at
Tetris apparently. I thought I was
getting better too. But, luckily, Tetris
Effect coming out. I can practice. JUSTIN: You just got
to play for 30 years, and you’ll be as good as me. SID: You played every
version, haven’t you? JUSTIN: Yeah,
ever since day one, the original ones way
back in the late 80s. SID: Is this your
favorite version, would you say, at this point? JUSTIN: I think it’s
definitely a contender. I haven’t played it enough to make a judgment
call that binding, but I am very, very happy
with how this has turned out. KRISTEN: One cool thing
with this version of Tetris, it adds a new zone mechanic, which I think you
just maxed out. JUSTIN: We’ll see
that very shortly. I’m gonna just build up a
well to work with here. KRISTEN: Basically, what that
mechanic allows you to do is it slows down time,
slows down the blocks, and sort of gives you a
chance if you messed up — which I probably would have — gives you a chance
to sort of fix things. But if you’re doing
well like Justin, it gives you a
chance to rack up points. JUSTIN: I made a bit
of a mistake there. I ended that level, and if I had
used the zone mechanic — so the brilliant thing about the
zone mechanic is that you no longer
rack up lines when your — like, your line count doesn’t
increase while zone is active. So if you use it wisely, you can
stretch a level out and keep it going longer than
it would otherwise, and you can rack up more points. SID: So that’s the real trick. And this is, like, the first
new mechanic I think you said in Tetris kind of ever, right? JUSTIN: I mean, it
depends on how loosely you want to define that term. But they’ve really done
something interesting with kind of the idea. It’s a new strategic layer that
I think is really interesting. Man, I need some lines real bad.
Come on. KRISTEN: Look at
that bonus though. JUSTIN: Yeah.
I’ll take it. SID: Yeesh. I don’t know how you
got yourself into that. JUSTIN: I got myself
into a bad situation here. Let’s see if I can recover. SID: I love watching
how fast he plays. That’s when you know somebody
knows what they’re doing. KRISTEN: It’s very methodical. JUSTIN: So the trick with Tetris
is to watch the top right there, what the next line — what
the next block is going to be because then your mind can start
thinking about where you want to put that piece. KRISTEN: I saw that
there’s two different blocks. Does it let you sort of
switch out one or hold one? JUSTIN: On the left is just
the one that you have held. So you can hold a
block if you hit R1. I think L1 does it too,
but I don’t want to test it. KRISTEN: The
music is really good. SID: These are the folks that
made Rez — Rez Infinite which is a port of the
classic game for VR. And, I mean, Mizuguchi just
known for this sort of lush, you know, experiences that
he creates in his games, sort of a blend of
visuals and music. The idea of kind of
merging that with Tetris is, like you pointed out — KRISTEN: It’s a great
marriage of visuals. Oh, there you go. SID: Now we’re talking turkey. JUSTIN: Give me another line. ALL: Oh. JUSTIN: Okay. KRISTEN: Hey. You did way
better than I ever would. JUSTIN: Oh, man.
That’s disappointing. SID: Careful, Justin.
I’m scared. JUSTIN: This is
not looking good. SID: This has turned into
a survival horror game. Buys a little breathing room. KRISTEN: This just
got very high-stress. SID: I’m freaking out. I mean, Tetris is
like anxiety-inducing. KRISTEN: I never would
have recovered from that. SID: No. JUSTIN: Here we go. KRISTEN: There you go.
Deep breaths, deep breaths. JUSTIN: I can take a breath. That was bad. SID: Now, we’ve been playing
sort of earlier builds of this, Justin, and it’s been available
to the press and fans at various shows and things like that. JUSTIN: Here we go. Got a dodecatris
going on here I think. SID: Very nice.
I don’t know how he does it. JUSTIN: That was
a 12-line clear. That’s a dodecatris. If I get 16 lines cleared at
once, that’s a decahexatris. I think eight lines
at once is an octoris. KRISTEN: What’s the most amount
of lines you can possibly get? JUSTIN: I don’t know. I tried really hard to clear all
20 lines at once to see if that counts for something, but I
haven’t been able to do it. I mean, you need so much — a
combination of skill and luck to be able to pull
something like that off. KRISTEN: It’s just
honestly mesmerizing watching him play Tetris. JUSTIN: I love these
transitions between stages especially in the headset. It’s just mind-blowing,
you guys. If you ever played
Tetris and enjoyed it, you have got to
get Tetris Effect. This game is just mind-blowing. SID: Now I understand
there is a demo coming. I don’t have full details, but
I know there’s a demo coming to PlayStation Store, so
keep an eye out for that. Game comes out November 9th. In VR, really, really awesome. This is like a world
you can lose yourself in. But you can also play it on
PS4 if you’re so inclined, so it’s not a requirement,
but highly recommended. JUSTIN: Yeah.
I played it both ways. And, I mean, it’s great to
play on a giant TV with the flat screen-thing going on there. But putting on the headset is just a completely
different experience. And especially like — this
isn’t a great example of it — but it allows you to, if play
with a nice set of headphones, you can just zone out and focus
on the game in a way that you’ve never really been
able to before. KRISTEN: I just
love these visuals. Are you able to zoom
in and out at all? JUSTIN: Yep. You just use the
left stick to zoom in and out. SID: So if you want, you can
get really close in there. JUSTIN: And actually I’m going
to zoom out a little bit to make it so my eyes don’t have
to dart around as much to keep track of things. SID: So interesting. A game like Tetris is
just such a classic. And it’s fun to see different
developers — I just love the idea of bringing
this stylistic flourish to it, from Enhance here. KRISTEN: Here’s that
zone mechanic again. Oh, will he get 20? SID: I don’t know. JUSTIN: That spin’s
not going to work. SID: Justin’s all about
gaming the spins on this. What’s that called again? JUSTIN: There are
T-spins and L-spins. I’m not very good at them. SID: You’re way
better than I am. KRISTEN: He says as he slides it
right into that little corner. JUSTIN: That wasn’t a
spin; that was a slide. [LAUGHTER] SID: I think he
might be a Tetris guy. JUSTIN: They’re actually like — different Tetris games focus on
T-spin like a core mechanic. I think this one you get big
bonuses for doing T-spins. They just — you have to kind
of set them up intentionally, and I’m not very good
at setting up T-spins. SID: If you’re not a Tetris god,
you’re at least some sort of deity; minor deity maybe. JUSTIN: Maybe a demigod. SID: A demigod, a
Tetris demigod. That’s pretty good. I’m like a Tetris wood elf
or wood sprite or something. JUSTIN: I have a
friend back home. We used to play
versus matches a lot, and he always destroyed me. So until I can beat him — SID: I see. JUSTIN: Shout out
to Eric back home. SID: Beautiful. KRISTEN: Look at this background
just filling in more and more. JUSTIN: So I think — KRISTEN: Are we about
to transition again? JUSTIN: I think
that’s it for this. That’s not a great score.
I’ve gotten an S. SID: Disappointing. JUSTIN: I’ve gotten
an S ranking before, but I didn’t use the zone
mechanic as much as I could have. SID: So is this like experience
points your ranking up here? JUSTIN: Yeah. And I think as
you level up more, you unlock more avatars that you
can use in the kind of — well, here I’ll snow you. SID: We’re in this journey mode
here, this consolation of — KRISTEN: I would say, this is sort of the
main story game mode. But there are a bunch
of other modes that we can sort of highlight. JUSTIN: Let’s go
check out Effect ones. Even — wow, this title screen.
This is really cool. SID: Jeez. JUSTIN: All right.
Effect modes. SID: So they’ve
really focused on — JUSTIN: See. There’s
Sid Shuman right over there. SID: That’s me. I’m gonna get all
the credit for this. I’m a Tetris demigod. KRISTEN: You are the apprentice. SID: That’s right. They focused a lot on replay
value and really keeping people engaged with this game. KRISTEN: I know there’s gonna be
a community mode that’s built in so you can play
with other players. There’s gonna be weekly
challenges that people can take part in so that
they can work to purify the dark matter blocks together. SID: And you can see here,
they’re grouped almost as playlists by the
mood you want to feel. JUSTIN: So you have classic if
you want to play a more classic Tetris game if
you’re more of a purist; you want to play Marathon, you
want to play a game of Ultra, Sprint, so on and so forth. If you just want to
kick back and chill, they have Chill Marathon
where you can’t get a game over, you know, just kill some blocks. KRISTEN: I love
the “Focus. Relax.” JUSTIN: I think the Focus
ones are the really intense, like, try and just
sprint for a high score. And then they have Adventurous, which I think is the
more interesting modes. KRISTEN: Mystery, ooh. JUSTIN: Let’s try this
Mystery one. I want to see — KRISTEN: “Survive random effects
(some good, some bad).” JUSTIN: Let’s give it a
shot and see what happens. I have three levels unlocked. Which level did you
guys like the most? First, second, or third? SID: I liked Pharaoh’s. KRISTEN: Yeah.
Let’s do Pharaoh’s Code. SID: Let’s see if
you can unravel the Tetris mystery, Justin. JUSTIN: So you
can then — gotcha. You can change the settings.
Cool. We’ll just keep the
speed level at one. SID: It will get
fast plenty quick. JUSTIN: Probably. “Survive the random
effects and clear 150 lines.” Okay.
I can do that. I can clear 150 lines.
I can try to. KRISTEN: This music. JUSTIN: The music is fantastic. I hope they
release the soundtrack. I want it. KRISTEN: Although I feel like
you have to experience it in the VR headset in the game. JUSTIN: That’s true. That’s really the best
way to experience this. SID: Certainly
the preferred way. This is the most Justin game
that has ever been released I think. JUSTIN: What just happened? SID: We’re in a mystery.
“Fractured.” JUSTIN: We got some
weird, different — SID: Ooh,
deformed blocks. JUSTIN: That’s interesting. SID: That’s cool.
“Fractured” it says up top. JUSTIN: So you
have to figure out — KRISTEN: Where to place
it even though it’s missing. SID: Adding innovations here.
I like this. JUSTIN: Can I do, like,
a baby T-spin on this? Would that work? It did. It worked!
Nice. SID: Wow. KRISTEN: Little baby T-spin. JUSTIN: It’s more like
a lower case L-spin. SID: Yeah. Creepy. JUSTIN: Creepy? SID: It’s weird seeing
the deformed blocks. JUSTIN: Yeah.
It’s kind of unsettling almost. SID: It’s like a Creepypasta
Tetris game, you know. JUSTIN: You know. KRISTEN: No hold.
So you cant — JUSTIN: I can’t hold pieces. Thanks for calling that out
because I didn’t see that. I was like, “Where’s the effect?
What am I seeing?” SID: Oh, yeah.
It’s up top if you ever wonder. This is cool.
I’m into this. JUSTIN: Yeah.
This is fun. SID: This is more Sid-style. JUSTIN: Is it? SID: I can’t compete with — JUSTIN: You think you can
hang in the Mystery mode? SID: See what I mean?
This is awesome. JUSTIN: What is this?
What do I do with this? KRISTEN: You got
to figure it out. SID: It’s a mystery, Justin. JUSTIN: Well, they just throw
one giant block at you to mess you up. KRISTEN: That’s amazing. JUSTIN: That’s ridiculous. KRISTEN: Sid’s eyes light up. SID: That’s what I’m
talking — that’s Tetris. JUSTIN: Okay. KRISTEN: That’s
the Tetris Effect. SID: Yeah.
That’s the Tetris Effect. JUSTIN: Now I can blame that
for my poor performance here. So are those gonna blow up and
destroy any blocks in their path I guess? SID: This is awesome.
You just sold me on this game. I was super sold already,
but you double sold me on it. JUSTIN: You’re
gonna buy it twice. SID: I’m gonna buy it twice. KRISTEN: Uh-oh. Uh-oh. JUSTIN: Help me out, guys. SID: One more. You got one more
at the top there, the tiptop. See, on the left, the purple? JUSTIN: Oh, I defused it. You have to just clear
some lines to do it. Well, I thought I was
going to blow up those lines, so now I have a bunch of stuff. KRISTEN: Horizontal flip. Maybe it’s that you
have to fill in the bomb. SID: I think you have
to fill in this things, right, the purple. It’s all part of
the Tetris mystery. KRISTEN: He
might not be able to. There’s that one
block that he has open. JUSTIN: This is stressful. SID: It’s gonna blow up. JUSTIN: This is a
different kind of Tetris. SID: I like this. JUSTIN: What?
Okay. SID: That’s weird. KRISTEN: I’m gonna be
really bad at this. SID: I love this though.
This is freak show Tetris. JUSTIN: Oh no! Okay. I held that.
I held it. I’ll bring that back when
it’s a little more useful. KRISTEN: I wonder what
happens if no hold is next. Does it just release
it without warning? JUSTIN: It probably just stays
in there until it goes away. I don’t know. SID: Don’t be so sure. JUSTIN: Please remind me not
to hold any pieces right now. I don’t want that
big boy coming back. No! [LAUGHTER] SID: This is awesome. JUSTIN: What is happening. SID: Experience
the Tetris mystery, Justin. I love this. JUSTIN: How am I
gonna clear that? SID: That’s hilarious. You’re gonna have to
bring out the big boy. JUSTIN: Let’s get
that down there. KRISTEN: Seven in a row. SID: Boy, they really
screwed you with that. KRISTEN: I think that means
you get the same type — that’s nice. JUSTIN: Oh, seven
lines in a row. That would have been nice
at a time that’s not this. That’s not useful
to me right now. KRISTEN: Still
holding that big boy. JUSTIN: Still
holding the big boy. So I’m basically
doing a self-enforced no-hold mode right now. Oh no!
I messed that up. SID: Careful, Justin. JUSTIN: I dropped that in
the complete wrong place. SID: You’re
walking on egg shells. JUSTIN: Oh goodness gracious. KRISTEN: What does
“No Ghost” mean? JUSTIN: It means that the
ghost that — the ghost piece at the bottom doesn’t appear, so I
can’t see where it’s gonna drop. KRISTEN: I see. SID: You could work with that. JUSTIN: I played Tetris
before Ghost mode existed. KRISTEN: You have saved
yourself so many times. SID: He’s used up eight
of his nine lives I think. JUSTIN: That’s what
I was saying before: Tetris is a game about getting
yourself out of bad situations. KRISTEN: Can he do it?
I’m in awe. SID: I’m freaking out right now. JUSTIN: Come on. Come on.
We can do this. Those mess-ups earlier were
just for entertainment value, to add some tension
to the recording. SID: Oh.
Tetris Effect. My goodness. Can you survive the Tetris
mysteries in Tetris Effect? Justin couldn’t, maybe you can. Coming out November
9th on PS4, PSVR. Justin, all told, I am
still very impressed. Thank you so much
for your skills. JUSTIN: Thank you.
I’m gonna keep playing. SID: All right. Stay tuned
for more Tetris Effect. [OUTRO MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. Not gonna lie, that mystery mode at the end looks like so much fun! I really want this game to come out already, it’s so beautiful!!

  2. I mean, it looks neat and all that, but ultimately it's a Tetris game, so I can't imagine I'd personally play it any more than any other Tetris game I played.

  3. Am I the only one upset that "I'm Yours Forever" stopped playing in the background, after the game transitioned from one form to other?

  4. You totally missed the point Tetris VR supposed to be great VR experience it's nothing VR about this game you just made regular game that can be play in VR mode very poor job very disappointed

  5. after watching you play i ordered it from best buy with my $15.00 points i got it for $18.18 thanks you sold me when you said i could play with vr and with out vr you three rocked it. bobby

  6. Just bought tetris effect today. I can honestly say this has become a permanent part of my PSVR library. The music and visuals in VR are a super sensory experience. Two thumbs up

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