Testimonial Greer Would you recommend Sport Clips 1 03

Testimonial Greer   Would you recommend Sport Clips   1 03

– I would highly recommend
Sport Clips as a franchise to military veterans
and honestly to anybody, but especially military. The fact that we were
founded by a veteran, he brings a lot of the
structure and support that you received when
you were in the military to the franchise world. So you can work on perfecting your job, which is operations, and all
the other support elements from marketing to suggestions
on pay to everything else, they have teams that
vet that very, very well and take care of it for you. And so the structure that
you saw in the military allows you to succeed in Sport Clips and, more importantly, gives
you the flexibility of time because they’re thinking of all the things that as a standalone business owner you do not have to think of, which allows you to be
flexible with your time and your family and
enjoy your life, as well.

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