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  1. Wow, why being late, rahdo? I've already played this game 7 times since I bought. I have no regret buying this, the strategic rating @ BGG is high enough at 14th. 😀

  2. I know you don't really like this game, but I want you to know how much I appreciate you filming a run-through for it anyway. Others have done them already, but yours are the ones I really lean on when I am making and purchasing decision. Thanks for pushing through so that we can get a better idea of whether this game will work for us.

  3. Is there any player interaction apart from negatively effecting other players with card actions?? Sounds like pretty multi-player playing kind of solitaire to me…

  4. Best game of 2016 imo! And the carebear aspect… I guess you could just remove those few card that are a bit mean? Now as a 2 player game I dunno, just played it with 3,4,5 players and it is just simply awsome as such!

  5. When playing the standard game where everyone starts with a production of 1 across the board, EcoLine would still increase your plant production by 2, so you should have started at 3.

  6. Why does the "Sell patents" project have an icon with an X for the cash you receive? There must be some circumstance under which it gives you more than 1, right?

  7. Woah, your time when playing this awesome Terraforming Mars is the same as mine..!
    Thanks for playthrough-ing this awesome game, Rahdo!

  8. Great stuff as always. Curious…how long does it take you to learn a game so you're comfortable enough to do these awesome runthroughs?

  9. I just played this game for the first time at my game night. My issues with the game so far have to do with the end of game scoring. I had no idea while playing – for example, how plants and cities on the Mars map would be scored. I played with the corporation which helped me become efficient at heating up the planet, and the cards I received were more focused on improving my heat production than anything else. I also did not understand what microbes were and how to use them on the cards until 2/3 of the way through the game. As a result, I was able to get quick, easy points from each time I raised the temperature, but because I was not able to get cards which allowed me to build cities or gardens, I neglected getting anything on the map. Yes, I know that I could have spent 25 to build a city, but that is a lot of money to put something for which you do not know how it could help you – that is, not knowing how many points it would give you. I will have to give the game another try, now that I know what I need to focus on to score even at the end.
    In comparison, I am a Terra Mystica fan. In that game, you know exactly how you can get bonus points during the game – as well as at the end of the game. Analogously, my not knowing how points are scored at the end of the game in Terraforming Mars, would be like if I did not know how points would be distributed from the cult tracks ("Hmm… So if I can get to 5 on this one, maybe I'll end up with 5 more points") or from the final area scoring – if, for example, I were to just continue to expand my one town and make it as big as possible instead of using shipping to go elsewhere – and expand your foothold elsewhere around the map for final area scoring.

  10. Camera-work is too unsteady to watch without getting nauseous! Waving cards around in front of the camera is also disturbing, and we can't pause and read the cards. I ended up listening and glancing at the screen occasionally.

  11. My wife and I played this game for the first time last night and there was very little "Take that" and found a number of opponent actions help the opposition. Found it well balance with different strategies. I had little Mega Credits and high heat and mining. She beat me by 10 VP in the end as she had the money to purchase the awards and milestones.

  12. Interesting, so there is set collection, which is what I watched this video for: to find out what Tags were. Thanks for your help.

  13. The components look really cheap. It would probably sell more if they made them higher quality. The cards look like they were made on printer paper.

  14. I just love your channel. There is simply no better way to learn new game on your own. English isnt even my mother tongue but it doesnt matter because your camera movement, explanations and thought process is so perfectly executed in every video, thank you and please keep going! 🙂

  15. just gonna say, on your first turn you went into that whole explanation about jovian and space cards and explained the strategy with the mining right and why you wanted to put it on a titanium space.

    i was wondering why you put it on the “1 titanium” spot instead of the water space with 2 titaniums on it.

    i’m assuming that you thought you couldn’t do that because it is water.

    I believe you can, because if you look at the board, you will notice that there are a total of 12 ocean spaces but there are only 9 ocean tiles, in addition, there are exactly 3 of those special tiles such as mining rights and the sinkhole that could “potentially “ be placed on ocean tiles,

    this is why they put 12 ocean spaces on the board, it is to facilitate the fact the you HAVE to place all 9 ocean tiles to complete the game, while still allowing for those 3 special tiles to still be placed on the ocean spots.

    I also interpret it such that those blue spaces, technically don’t have any water on them at the start; they merely mark the spots where water will pool when we start melting icecaps and causing weather phenomena. it could be like…earth’s government “zoning” and they only approved certain projects to be allowed to be put there.

    just like that “city” hex, the city isn’t there yet, but the space is preplanned for the eventual city to be placed there, so nothing else can be put there

  16. also, i dunno why so many people dislike this game…i think it’s really smart and fun and i can’t understand why it got passed over by Mensa selects….and then Mensa selects games like Ghoooosts!(which i think is a stupidly dumb game) and Fluxx(which i do like, i just don’t understand why Mensa picked it) instead…

  17. Hi Rahdo, You have the best run through tutorial for this game by far. We had a hard time figuring out the game until we found your vids. Now we watch your vids for reference for our new games all the time. We just watched Roll Player, Near and Far and many others that we recently purchased, all of them are very easy to follow and entertaining to watch. Keep up the great work!

  18. Good runthrough. I never suggest Rahdo's video as the first tutorial. I always look elsewhere for a more steady and in depth explanation and then watch his as a refresher right before we play. One mistake I saw was him using his green cubes to mark his plants. This is not accurate. The regular gold, silver, and bronze cubes should be used.

  19. Has anyone ever considered Distributing an ultra fine Ultra black powder ( vantablack ultra fine powder ) ( kind of like that ink powder stuff that black stuff that you get on you when you're fooling around with old printers ) on the Mars polls so more heat will accumulate due to the blackness. Have you ever seen dirt on top of snow and the dirt stays on top as the snow melts and it rides the surface all the way down until the snow is gone. Maybe we can launch some colossal size tanks of black black ink powder dust and explode them high over the poles and let the wind distribute the powder.

       Just kicking that idea around in my head. 

           Jimmy Piaz.

    I'd love for someone to critique this consept, So that I can adjust my proposal. There's got to be a best idea for warming mars. I'm just trying to get close. I'm 50+ and I'd love to see any type of significant progress before I die. 

    [email protected]

  20. Hi. I am pretty sure that you can play Search for Life as long as Oxygen is below 6%. However, once you play it, you can use it every generation, even when the oxygen level is higher than 6%. It talks about it on page 6 of the instruction manual, about how the requirement needs to be met when you play the card not when you use it later. Regardless, thank you for the tutorial, it was super helpful for getting started with the game.

  21. Use alot of big air mattress to suck the gas out of mars atmosphere and put oxygen making factors at the poles while also planting plants or algae.😂😂😂

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