42 Replies to “Telefrag VR – Gameplay Trailer | PS VR”

  1. I think i might like………… we have espire 1 Vr operative coming soon. But I recommend more shooting games that doesn't require aim controller, because I like you both of my hand to feel more realistic. I can't wait to make a video on thus and espire 1 Vr operative

  2. Bro this game is going to be a HITTTT‼️ can’t go wrong with multiplayer PLAYSTATION! You love to see it from sony

  3. Is everything a shooter now? I bought VR to get away from these games. Bring “Beyond Blue” game to PSVR. Thanks

  4. Keep your expectations in check, the game will not play this well on PSVR simply because of the lack of sticks. Have fun tilt moving or teleporting. Unless you're one of the lucky few with 3Drudder, if it's even supported.

  5. How many maps ? Because all i see in this trailer are two maps
    Devs are so lazy when it comes to vr , they release a 20 minutes demo and sell it for more than 40$
    We need more triple A games for vr , or vr choice for thr triple A games on release , like resident evil 7 did , skyrim , no man's sky….etc

  6. So why is the capture of gameplay 25-30fps? This looks awful! The PSVR logo animates in at 60…you're not selling this well.

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