Teemu Pukki Reacts to His FIFA 20 Player Rating | Premier League Player of the Month

Teemu Pukki Reacts to His FIFA 20 Player Rating | Premier League Player of the Month

Hey guys! I’m at Norwich City Colney training centre with Teemu Pukki. I had the honor the give Teemu the Player of the Month award. You might be wondering what I’m doing here. Let me tell you the story. Let’s start from yesterday morning. This video is sponsored by EA SPORTS Finland. It was Wednesday morning and I got a phone call. I answered the phone and was told that I have a chance to travel to Norwich next morning to give Teemu the Premier League Player of the Month award. Of course, I was more than happy to do that. On Wednesday I had this other filming session and while filming there, I was told that I’d need to be at the airport in two hours, because Thursday’s award ceremony was rescheduled to 9am. That meant I’d need to be in Norwich tonight. I finished filming, went home, packed my stuff and left to the airport. Yeah, to the airport. The Autumn in Finland is very rainy, so I was very happy to travel to England where it never rains. On the plane I was able to calm down a bit a actually think about where I’m even going to. I was looking forward to the next day. In London I met Jason from EA SPORTS and we left to our final destination, Norwich. The local time is 2am. It’d be 4am in Finland. Tomorrow.. well, today is a big day. I get to give the Player of the Month award to Pukki. That’s cool. See you tomorrow, good night! Right after waking up, we went to the Norwich City’s Colney training centre. Everyone was super friendly there, and they let us take a look around the centre while waiting for Pukki. It’s been quite hectic couple of days, and I’ve struggled not to post any photos or videos from here. This is an amazing opportunity to be able to give a Finnish player the Player of the Month award. His rating is 84. The pace seems to be 84 too. Well see what he thinks about that. Seems good to me. Pukki arrived at the centre, and it was time to give him the prize. Big congratulations. -Thank you. Player of the Month. Who would have guessed this a couple of years ago? Maybe I wouldn’t even need to ask, but how does this feel like? Well, it’s a great honor for me. Yeah, I wouldn’t have guessed this a couple of years ago either. Feels really good. Now it’s time to get more points. Definitely. Huge congratulations. The whole Finland is proud of you. The man who wouldn’t need introduction, Teemu Pukki. Great to see you win the award. It’s well-earned. It’s an honor for me too to be here today. I’m pretty sure I can say this on behalf of almost every person in Finland that everyone is very proud of you. It’s been great to watch you play in the Premier League and people are always waiting for the next match and also the Finland’s national team matches. What does peoples’ support mean to you and would you like to send your greetings to Finland. Of course the support is important to me. I’ve had some difficult times and it’s great that things are going well right now. I know there’s big hype over football and my career in Finland. It’s cool and also when when playing from the national team I’ve noticed the hype. It’s awesome to see football being a big thing in Finland at the moment. Thank you to everyone. Keep supporting me and Finnish football, so we can make it a even bigger thing. Here’s your FIFA 20 card. Have you seen this before? No, just a minute ago. What do you have to say about this? Pace 84? The pace should’ve been 84 originally. The original pace was a disappointment. Well, defending is 36. Can’t say you’re a defender, if you look at this rating. Is it a bit too low? I consider myself a pretty good defender nowadays. You’re running all over the pitch. -Yeah, it’s a bit disappointing too. But hey, you got the Player of the Month card. It’s still a good card, right? -Yeah, I’m satisfied with it. Will it be placed on the fireplace? -My wife will decide the place. I think it looks good anywhere you put it in the house. -I think so too. It was time to thank Pukki, leave the Colney training centre behind and head to the Carrow Road, which is the Norwich City FC’s home stadium. The atmosphere at the training centre was excited, because the team had a match against Manchester City coming up on Saturday. But what happened? Norwich City FC won the match 3-2, and Pukki scored once and assisted another one. This is the place where Teemu scores the goals. I’m guessing he feels himself comfortable in Norwich, because in the centre of the city there’s the Upper goat lane, and next to it the Lower goat lane. The team’s fan store was full of Pukki themed stuff, and I was able to watch some match highlights from the big screen and celebrate Pukki’s incredible goals. Once again, big congratulations to Teemu and huge thanks to EA SPORTS Finland for this unforgettable experience. See you next time, bye.

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  1. Jos Snipux tekis vielä Fifa videoita ois EA varmaan pyytänyt sitä (Usein palkintoa jakamassa on ollut Fifatubettaja Bateson87, Matthdgamer, ZwebackHD jne).
    Mutta hieno tilaisuus sulle.

  2. I have lived in Norwich my whole life and I'm glad others are finally seeing how nice it is here. Pukki loves it here bringing his family up in one of the best cities in the UK. Can't wait to see Finland at Euro 2020 and see the ? win it single handed.

  3. * No nyt kyllä FIFA rules. * Arto Lauri Youtube on se keskeinen ilmeisen totuuden lähde, jonka sinun ja kaveriesi tosiaan pitää nyt tästä tilata.

  4. Lol, luulin et tää on video Teemu Pukista, mutta joudun kattoon jotain tubettajaa ja Pukkia pidetään ihan sivuroolissa

  5. Muutama vuosi sitten näytti siltä, että Pukin ura alkaa olla jo taputeltu siltä osalta että sinne huipulle ei enää asiaa ole. Nyt valioliigan maalipörssin kärkinimiä. Huikee kehitys

  6. Seriously EA, 84 for a player of the month. Even Pukki was surprised his pace and defending are so low. This could be his normal card.

  7. Pukin normi kortti pitäs olla parempi kun toi. Mutta niin Ei tule tapahtumaan sillä tuo erikoiskorttihan on parempi kuin normaali.

  8. Mistähän tuo puolustusarvo muuten arvotaan… Jostain taklauksista, syötönkatkoista vai mistä, nykyinen Horned Pukkihan paiskoo töitä alaspäin kuin Bobby Firmino itse.

  9. Title in english, but they don't speak english in this video.. That's a lame attempt for hits. Upvote Teemu Pukki, Dislike stupid clickbait titles

  10. Let' see him consistently for the remaining games of premier league, then we will know if he's just lucky for the goals he have scored so far, or he actually is good and can consistently score.

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