Teambuilding activity: Traffic Jam

Teambuilding activity: Traffic Jam

Well, this a teambuilding activity which will create mega growth within a team and how you will see all sorts of things happening for example: frustration, blaming, etc. But let’s not fill it in too much Let’s just do it! It’s called the traffic jam! The goal is: you guys, with your nose in that direction will have to move to the other side and you guys, will move to the right. 4 rules: The first rule is: You can only go forward So when you have a new spot you are not allowed to step back. The second rule: You can never overtake your teammate. For example: Marco should never pass Marting. The third rule is: You can never have two people moving at the same time. And the fouth rule is: You cannot have two people in the same hula hoop. – they are discussing the strategy – – Now they discover that they are stuck and should start again – – Now they found a new strategy, let’s see if it works…! – – O no! They are stuck again!! – – Let’s look at it from a different angle… – Would you like a tip??? (asks the facilitator) Yeah!!!! OK, listen… (counting) 1, 2, 3 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 (someone aks) And the tip is…? Is that the tip?? Well, that helps… 🙁 I have an AHA erlebnis!! My tip wasn’t helpful for you or was it? Would you like the solution? Yes!!! Listen… I gave you hula hoop 1 till 9. So that means even and odd numbers… so one is odd two is even three is odd, etc… If one of you starts to move you always move eithe to an even or to an odd hula hoop. So for example, Martin is in number four and moves to number five. So he moves to an odd number. this means…, and this is the solution: that this team will always step to an odd hula hoop. And you (the other team) will always step to an even hula hoop. And then you will succeed! – Let’s see if they make it in one go…! – Listen…. no talking…! Wow, they did it without speaking!! AND THEY ARE SO HAPPY!!

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  2. Thanks for this video… I just did it in my leadership game session… The students enjoy so much…. Of 14 groups consisting of 10 students, there were only 3 or 4 groups made it true… Overall, they love it! Thanks tho

  3. For those of you who don't understand Dutch, here's an English explanation: The objective is to switch teams, so left has to go right and vice versa. But, there are 4 rules to be followed (I'd add a 5th one to exclude another imo easier solution). 1) You may only go forward. 2) you may not overtake your team member. 3) only one person at a time may do a move. 4) you cannot have more than 1 person in a hoop. (as a 5th I'd add: you may not overtake more than 1 person at a time, otherwise all women could move forward one hoop, the first man takes the last, all women move forward another one, the second man walks towards the last but one hoop, etc). According to this team builder (coach), it may cause quite a lot of frustration at first but should encourage working together to come to the solution. Halfway the trials, the coach gives a tip by merely counting the hoops from 1-9. The solution happens to be that the teams are considered odd and even. The first man steps into the open hoop, this is hoop 5 and hence odd, which means that all men can only use odd hoops and all women use the even hoops. I hope this explanation has helped you out.

  4. This looks really good experience.
    It seems more fun and enjoyable to play.
    It does have to go steps with hula hoops on the ground.

  5. YES, I FINALLY MADE SOME TIME TO CREATE THE SUBTITLES FOR YOU so everyone who can read english will understand the game and will have to solution! Have fun!

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