Team Sonic Racing – REVIEW (PS4)

Team Sonic Racing – REVIEW (PS4)

Following the release of Team Sonic Racing
has been something of a roller coaster ride. At first, I was excited at the prospect of
a new Sega racing game from Sumo Digital. I adored Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
to the point where I actually prefer it over Mario Kart 8. But then gameplay details started releasing
and nothing clicked for me. The team dynamic seemed like a weird choice
and the game just didn’t look as fast or fun as the previous Sumo Digital games. And yet, now that the game has arrived, the
mechanics I once scoffed at feel right. This is a quality racer in its own right,
full of unique ideas that just work. The main conceit of Team Sonic Racing is just
that. Sonic and his friends are on teams as they
race together across 21 different tracks. And winning is entirely dependent on how well
your team cooperates with one another. While you still want to finish in a top position,
you also need to help your teammates along the way. It’s possible to finish in first but still
lose if the rest of your team straggled behind. And that was the major oddity for me. I want to win. Why should I be punished if the rest of my
team isn’t up to snuff? But Team Sonic Racing has enough incentives
to go along with this idea that the team mechanics became my favorite part of the game. There are multiple ways to support your team
during a race. The first is the skimboost, which is when
a yellow trail appears behind a teammate during the race. By following that trail, it’s possible to
get a slight speed boost. This also ties into the slingshot maneuver
where you can use the skimboost to catch up then leave the trail in order to get a temporary
boost of speed, launching you ahead. And this can then immediately be used by the
teammate that gave the initial boost, potentially allowing the entire team of three to consistently
launch each other ahead. Even better is that if one member of the team
is spun out, another can give them an immediate boost if they pass by close enough. There’s a lot of give and take between a
team. And this is even emphasized with the item
boxes. If you pick one up, you can offer it to another
member of your team. To further reward this teamwork, sometimes
these items will be randomly upgraded to include multiple Wisps, making them even more potent. By performing all of these team actions, a
Team Ultimate meter fills. Once it’s ready, your team can unleash their
Ultimate which not only grants a huge burst of speed but invulnerability as well. And if the team can time this activation together,
it lasts even longer. Unfortunately, this is all but impossible
to do effectively with a team of AI, but they handle the other aspects of teamwork well
enough. And in fact, I found myself not only trying
to get first, but push my teammates ahead in any way possible. The better they did, the better rank I would
get. And it’s that sense of teamwork that really
drew me in to the game’s mechanics. All of a sudden I had to pay attention to
more than just my own position. I needed to be aware of where my teammates
were and help them get ahead as best as I could. Filling up the Team Ultimate and using it
at just the right time is extremely rewarding, especially when managing a come-from behind
win. Working together just naturally feels good,
and it provides the game an identity that’s all it’s own beyond Sonic and friends in
a kart racer. That said, there is more to Team Sonic Racing
than just the team aspect. Characters come in three types: Speed, Technique,
and Power. Speed types obviously have a greater focus
on their speed stat, but they also have the ability to create a Radial Burst around their
car when boosting. This can potentially destroy any items coming
their way though I could never effectively pull it off. Still, it could be potent in the right hands. Next are Technique types that have a lower
top speed but fantastic acceleration and handling in addition to their ability to drive over
any surface without experiencing slowdown. Finally, there’s the Power type which has
poor acceleration, but the best defense and boost potential. They also have the ability to break through
objects in their way which includes opening up new shortcuts on the racetrack. Each one is fun in their own right, but I
found myself drawn to the Technique types due to their great handling. But even if there’s a character you like
that doesn’t handle like you want, there are mods to help with that. After every race, coins are awarded that can
then be spent, gacha-style, for a random mod for one of the characters. This not only changes the look of the character’s
car, but its stats as well. So if you wanted to slow down Sonic in order
to have better handling, it’s possible. Now because of the random rewards, it might
take a while to get the specific mod for the character you want, which can certainly be
annoying. That said, the coins are plentiful and it
didn’t take long for me to build up a surplus. In addition to the car mods, there are different
customization options that can be obtained through these Mod Pods such as paint kits,
horn sounds, and vinyls. Every color and aspect of each car’s appearance
can be changed to make something uniquely yours. While it’s not something that appeals to
me personally, the sheer amount of options are appreciated. Mod Pods can also contain bonus boxes that
grant temporary bonuses during a race such as starting with a specific Wisp, charging
drift boosts faster, or granting immunity to slowdown surfaces. It’s not much, but it’s potentially enough
to give you the edge in a race. Finally, there’s the Wisps, which serve
as the game’s items. Each one fills a familiar roll such as bombs,
speed boosts, traps, and rockets, but there are unique ideas as well. Quake can create rock formations, Laser has
to be focused on a racer in order to wipe them out, and Void can suck up item boxes,
rings, and even slow down other racers. There are even Wisps that are exclusive to
certain racer types that can then be passed between a team. Together, they create a ton of variety that
keeps things chaotic but never felt unfair. There’s nothing equivalent to the Blue Shell,
yet I never had an issue catching up to first place. It all feels more skill-based, much like the
items in All-Star Racing Transformed. All of this is built on top of a racing engine
that feels good. Each kart is responsive and the different
stats of that kart can be felt immediately when switching from one to another. Drift boosts are simple to pull off and responsive
while tricks can be performed in the air for another boost when landing. Even the initial speed burst at the beginning
of a race feels good as its based on the timing of the countdown. The races themselves can certainly be intense,
especially on higher difficulties where the speed is increased, but it feels good to get
a handle on your favorite racer, the tracks, and the best strategies as you try to win. That just leaves the different modes in Team
Sonic Racing. On the single player side, the main attraction
is the new story mode. A mysterious Tanuki named Dodon Pa invites
Sonic and his friends to race, which they do under heavy suspicion. Nobody really trusts Dodon Pa, but Sonic really
wants to race and, hey, they’ve got nothing better to do. It’s completely silly, but in all the right
ways. The characters only appear as cutouts, but
every line of dialog is spoken which helps sell the interactions. The characters also talk and react throughout
each race which would elicit the occasional chuckle. But if it ever becomes annoying, they can
be turned off in the options. In the same way, the cutscenes are completely
optional and can be skipped without a second thought, allowing players to focus on the
actual challenges. These range from single races and grand prixs
to more individual challenges that help improve your racing skills. Daredevil has you driving as close to Star
Posts as possible to maximize points, Ring Challenges have you collecting as many rings
as possible in a time limit, Eggpawn Assault has you destroying as many Eggpawns as possible,
and there’s many more, all akin to All-Stars Racing Transformed. But like that game, these challenges can also
be extremely brutal. You’ll get better, but the frustration I
felt sometimes killed a lot of the fun. In addition, the only real reward is more
cosmetic options for your cars. So if you don’t care about that, there’s
not huge point in completing them. That said, it is a meaty mode that will take
several hours to finish, let alone complete entirely if you so choose. Otherwise, single player consists of the typical
grand prixs, single races, and time attacks. While the story mode has set teams, these
modes allow characters to be mixed and matched in any way. Not only that, but there’s the option to
race without the team mechanics in a more traditional racer. But without the teamwork aspect, the game
just didn’t feel as fun and getting hit by Wisps felt way more brutal than before. The game doesn’t quite click in the same
way without the team mechanics. There’s also online races to to enjoy which
come in both casual and ranked as well as teams and solo. While my first few races were a little spotty
as the person I played with kept disconnecting, eventually I had no issues playing online. The connection seemed solid with no hints
of slowdown or the odd quirks of slow connections and the gameplay was rock solid. There are unique modes as well such as a king
of the hill mode, dodging lightning, or limiting items to a single Wisp type. While this sounds like it would change up
the races significantly, the goals and the way you raced pretty much stayed the same. Even King of the Hill, where teams competed
over who could stay in first the longest didn’t change much. They’re still a good time, but mainly because
the main teamwork is fun If there’s one big takeaway from Team Sonic
Racing, it’s that it is absolutely gorgeous. The amount of detail put into every single
track is fantastic. There are plenty of callbacks to the Sonic
series and the tracks all contain shortcuts to find as well as different route options
to take which alternately feature boost pads, rings, or items, making it more of a choice
of what you need at the time. Not only that, but the tracks aren’t afraid
to get wacky with their designs as some have the racers go upside-down or along the side
of a wall. It’s never made as big of a deal as in Mario
Kart 8, but I appreciated how each track felt unique. Despite this polish, there were times where
graphical glitches would occur, most notably during the car customization. It’s nothing terrible, more of a distraction
than anything else, and the races were always smooth. But then there’s the music. My god, it is absolutely brilliant. Every single track pops and is filled with
that fun Sonic vibe. The remixes are all near perfect with some
that shouldn’t work, but absolutely do. Sonic games are almost always praised for
their soundtracks and this might be one of the best in the entire series. Team Sonic Racing is a surprise of a game
for me. I didn’t expect much of it, yet the systems
at play all work well. It never excited me to the same degree as
All-Star Racing Transformed, but the team dynamic keeps it unique, especially when directly
compared with Mario Kart 8. I don’t think it surpasses that game either
although there’s more single player content to enjoy. Meanwhile, the multiplayer is different enough
to check it out, but the multiple mode don’t really change the races in a truly significant
way. It’s not something as different as a battle
mode for example. Still, I liked it a lot and feel that those
looking for a solid Sonic racer will find plenty to enjoy in the game. Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe
to GameXplain for more on Sonic and other things gaming.

100 Replies to “Team Sonic Racing – REVIEW (PS4)”

  1. Sonic doing Kart racing better than Nintendo yet again. Maybe this will make Nintendo actually make a new Mario Kart instead of a basically a port, but hey, the Switch is the old game port system.

  2. Sonic Team Racing related to Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed like Sonic Generations related to Sonic Forces. In both cases the second game is cheaper, less extensive, less challenging, less fun, less original. It's a pity. because Sonic Team Racing doesn't seem to be a bad game.

  3. This game looks very promising! Maybe it will even get DLC like more Modes, Characters, and Tracks.

  4. This fucking voice cast is still a disgrace, and how dare they use the Sonic R logo, this game is not worthy

  5. 0:33 It's not quite here, you're talking like you've had weeks of playing, yet it's not even released, I understand you might have an early key from the Devs, but definitely not for so long.

    And, for anyone wanting to know – It'll be £30 / $35-$40 (I don't use Dollars sorry for indecisiveness.)

  6. Been playing today. Frustratingly hard. Embarrassing voice acting. Annoying physics. Crap weapons and items.
    Hope I enjoy it more after a few more days, not impressed.

  7. While the game looks gorgeous, it seems like speed has been greatly sacrificed for great visuals. The overall pace just seems slower than the other two games to me.

  8. This game looks really good and the Team Mechanic seems fun. I love GameXplain's reviews! They don't use numbers to rate a game and just say if they like it or not. That's the most important thing!

  9. They slowed the game play and it's look like they rushed the game transformed and all star racing was addicting well rounded characters the drifting looks lacking just looks like its missing alot of elements and they removed the Sega characters thats what made the game great ctr nitro fueled is about to wreck this game

  10. My only problem with this game right now is that going by the gameplay, it doesn't look all that fast compared to Sega All-Stars Racing, I WANNA GO FAST!! >:((

  11. 15 chars.
    21 tracks.

    Meh, I wanted this so bad to be good like Transformed.
    But nope, my hopes got shut down 🙁

  12. My only complain is i wish we were able to see the characters more while driving, looks like you are drving a car with no character in it imo.

  13. only 15 characters and only 21 tracks?
    My god this game lacks content, Mario Kart without counting DLC have 32 tracks and a shit ton of characters and karts

  14. Yha that's what i feel like. I feel like Cars are to slow for Sonic and he's friend i felt like they could have brought back the sonic riders series at least the boards made them feel like they are going just a little bit faster. But remember each bad game always comes with a good game at the end.

  15. Am glad that crush 40 finally wrote home cause tbh recent ost for sonic games didn't feel right outside of one here and one there…. also wasn't last game they did ost for sonic and the black knight?

  16. have been super interested in this since it was announced plus i loved the previous sonic all stars racers, but ur review completely sold this one man

    sega need to write u a check

  17. I feel like you would've enjoyed the game a lot more if you actually played with people irl like you're supposed. I don't understand how people can write reviews for a game while playing it wrong.

  18. Yeah, those extra challenges are brutal and just downright unfair at times. This game would've gotten 8 from me if it wasn't for that..
    Now I can't give the game higher than a 7

  19. I'm still hesitating to take it. I am the only Sonic enthusiast in my friend circle so I fear that with the team mechanic, the single player experience isn't fulfilling…

  20. The skimboost is when you skim the side of a car, not when you sit in the yellow trail coming from behind a car as that's where you build up your slingshot.

  21. I’m legitimately glad that a good sonic game has come around. Nice job, SEGA, you’ve earned your keep finally.

  22. Are we able to customize our cars in this game or is it always those cars? I'm still debating if I want to buy it or not. I havent seen this full video yet

  23. This better not be like that Sonic Forces Mobile reward system cause that mobile version is not fair. I came in first and had gotten less points than the person in second. I uninstalled that game after that bs.

  24. 10:03
    I played this on PS4 and it was anything but smooth; the frame rate would constantly drop below 30, powerups I SWEAR I launched directly at an opponent just disappeared, certain screen promps stopped showing up after a while ("Rival Takedown" for example) and sound effects for rings and items would frequently be out of sync or not play at all.

    7:19 & 7:41 – These clips here have been my entire experience with Team Sonic Racing.

  25. I'm glad most reviews for this game are good. Some people will always hate on Sonic because it's Sonic but I'm glad the unbiased generally agree this game is good.

  26. i do love the interactions during races " Omega, you are a mean robot" by eggman or " who is yoru daddy now, shadow" by tails… when did he become sassy????? all teh little hodden references are amazing, teh back of shadows car reselbles black doom's eyes. or the fact that some partnames ref other things, there is a rascal part for amys car hitting way back to sonic cd. i would wish for a song gallery option. to listen to all the music. hell when was teh last time you got pumped by music in a car customization menu? im also mostly playing technique types, silver or rouge.

  27. I picked up my pre-ordered copy on the 21st when it released. (Xbox one version)

    I will say I have been enjoying it ever since I got home and started playing. As someone who owns every Mario Kart installment and has played a good healthy amount of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on my Nintendo switch I will say that this game was a nice breath of fresh air and it's cool that there's a Sonic series based racing game that has smooth fluent gameplay.

    I know some people say some things about the visuals but I honestly have no issue with it I think the game actually looks rather nice. ( but then again that is probably because own the Xbox One X of the game and it is an "X enhanced" title as well. Anyhow I have not noticed any drops in frame rate so far)

    I love how the Games soundtrack is a combination of different Sonic games with each song having its own remixed version which adds a nice spice to tracks as you race. When it comes to the character roster though it may be small I will say that I am very satisfied because it just so happens by coincidence my three favorite Sonic characters are all on the same team: Siver, Blaze & Vector.

    The vehicle customization is rather simplistic and straightforward but still has a good amount of depth to it. And while I actually ended up enjoying the team Race function much more than I thought I would it's still nice to know that there is a standard race option for all modes too. Obviously this game was on a lower budget but I will say I am more than happy and I'm glad I pre-ordered and was able to play that one. This game might not go down as the greatest racing game in history or maybe not even the top 20 but I don't care lol. This game is very fun in my account and at the end of the day I believe that's what's most important when it comes to gaming: F-U-N.

  28. Wait you can’t pick your own teams though right. I thought when they were intermixed that it was just random.


  30. I love this game! Tons of fun! Just worried about non-full lobbies at the games launch… Not a good sign.

  31. This looks pretty good, maybe not as crash team racing but the teamwork thing sounds pretty cool. Team Dark was always my favourite from Sonic Heroes back on ps2

  32. Game really needs more characters. That's my biggest gripe with it so far. I wish they added the air and sea vehicles like in transformed but that doesn't make the game any worse.

  33. Good review…but im still on the fence with this and the upcoming ctr nitro? Have you played that? Which would you recommend?

  34. Not many people know this but you can play story mode with friends so if some reason your stuck at a challenge because of a AI grab your friends and see if that helps

  35. I think they should have made a Transformed follow up. Something about being able to ride boats and fly planes and drive karts all in 1 was so cool. I really miss that. This game is allright I guess but nowhere near transformed.

  36. "Who's your daddy Shadow" xD lol
    Agree on this, I absolutely love this racing game, and normally I don't like racing games cause I wasn't good at them. But this one was alot of fun to play, right now the Chaos and Vector are my main go to characters. Every now and then I'll pick the others and custmoize their cars, I'm not experiencing any glitches during that or the gameplay maybe they fixed it before I could experience it??? Not sure, either way I give it a 9.5 out of 10.

  37. Now that Sumo Digital has made 3 good racing games they now need to make a good fighting game with Sonic characters.

  38. Sonic Team racing feels like a mix between Sonic Riders, without the air refill station, and diddy kong racing.

  39. I have this game now. Honestly, it's just as fun as I expected.

    The team mechanic was my biggest concern about the game, but after playing it for a bit, I like it. It's exhilarating to work together and collectively get top position in a race. That said, I prefer the standard racing mode.

    I am happy with the characters. There could be more, but the fact that my top six Sonic characters are in is A-OK. ?

    Later on, I will delve into the story mode.

  40. "There's the option to race without the team mechanics in a more traditional racer" – oh Thank You God. I just want to race in this world and enjoy these incredible visuals
    in something more like an old-school SEGA racing game.

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