100 Replies to “Team Sonic Racing – E3 2018 Gameplay Trailer | PS4”

  1. I would love to play it, although I really like the sonic transformer of ps3. Being able to fly and navigate in the water is great in the game

  2. isnt this kind of a step down from all star racing transformed? which had characters from outside of sonic so people would be less embarassed to be seen playing it?

  3. Massive sonic fan I love this new sonic racing and plus playing online amazing I'm definitely getting this yesssss I have xbox one please make it on Xbox

  4. Is this multiplayer meaning as 4+ people in my house can play it on each controller? Kinda like split screen 2 players but more people on one screen. I guess something like mario karts?

  5. I always loved all sonic racing games. They provided extra amazing flow to the franchise. This is game is also great.

  6. I like that theres a game where you can play all sonic characters instead of only sonic or a small part of them these days.
    And i have no problem with sonic driving a car because it shows equality to the others in this game.

  7. Game looks alright. Little bit disappointed they discontinued all the Sega cast to make just a Sonic solo game. They could have made a Sonic Riders game like everyone has been asking for which is one of the best games in the franchise. But yet they instead made a game that's similar to S&SAR, CTR and Mario Kart.

  8. Kinda disappointed this isn't a sega all-stars entry. Was hoping there'd be another that included some representation from SEGA's other IP's like Yakuza and Streets of Rage instead of some Total War and Company of Heroes nobodies.
    I definitely wanna play as Kiryu and Majima.

  9. Is trailer is 10 months old?? I just saw it as a ad. Is gameplay already shown of that racetrack thats in the sky, shown in this trailer ?? It looks amazing

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