100 Replies to “Team Sonic Racing – Customization Spotlight”

  1. Idk if it's just me, but I think all stars and transformed were extremely underated. If this game delivers, I hope it gets the love it deserves

  2. I don't like this game because my favorite character was left out. It's like she doesn't exist anymore! Plus, I don't like racing games anymore.

  3. I hope Mario Kart can do that other than swapping wheels and gliders and body's and
    Not coloring the body and wheels

  4. Secret Horns:

    10 consecutive wins – "Beep-Boop lol!"

    50 consecutive wins – " drift me outside how 'bout dat?"


    250 consecutive wins – "YEET!"

    Pre-order bonus – * TRIGGERED NIOSE*

  5. I'm excited for you eggman theme, but I can't hear you without seeing this now. https://youtu.be/m3dMLHQsRvs?t=276

  6. Wow this has more customization then actually racing games TALKING TO YOU NEED FOR SPEED. I'm getting this game easy when it comes out

  7. Графен как будто сделан в каком-то дешёвом мейкере. Всё блестит и мерцает

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