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  1. Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed is criminally underrated. Great game on both Vita and PS4. I'm definitely going to get this one for sure. The car mods seem overly complex though. I really felt like they were already too much in Transformed. I think maybe they should have just gone the Mario Kart 8 route or just stuck with the decorative stuff.

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  3. I think this game will be better than crash team racing:
    1)It's faster and the team mechanics looks very fun
    2) vehicles customization
    3) better graphics at 60 fps which are important for a racing game.

  4. Sega, you need to push this game much harder, it has nearly NO presence at all in the market and can EASILY be overshadowed by Crash Team Racing if you just let it.

  5. So this is gonna replace Nfs' car customization. I'm ok with that cuz EA lost in that department after Nfs Carbon

  6. Man, I'd love to play this game but CTR Nitro Fuelled is coming out and my inner child has my heart held hostage until I do a 3 lap boost chain around Sewer Speedway and Hot Air Skyway. I love the concept of bringing teamwork into the cart racing genre.

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    Team Sonic Racing – Customization Spotlight | PS4 ??


  8. I really wanna be play this game as much as I love to do so , unfortunately I don't own a console and has a crappy computer .. ;_;

  9. I don't like this game because I don't play racing games anymore, and I'm not happy with the team roasters for Team Rose and Vector. How dare they replace Cream, Espio, and Charmy with Silver Blaze, and a bunch of stupid chao's! I've lost all faith in you SEGA and SONIC TEAM.

  10. Customization is a neat inclusion for Team Sonic Racing. I love the option to change the color of my ride in-game.

    I have tinkered around with the paint kits a bit. Namely, I gave Amy a primarily pink car, made Big's ride purple, and outfitted Rouge with a deep metallic magenta racer. I may modify other characters' cars after unlocking more paint kits in the future.

    I would love something like this in Mario Kart.

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