Team Raw tricks Batista: SmackDown, Nov. 11, 2005

Team Raw tricks Batista: SmackDown, Nov. 11, 2005

Come on.>>Well, Batista still wants Edge and
I wanna see Batista finish Edge.>>Well now,
I really wanna see Batista finish Edge.>>Come on out.>>What the hell?
>>What the hell is this?>>My god, wait a minute. It can’t be. My God, it’s Kane. It’s Kane from Raw. My word.>>What the hell’s going on?>>Kane is marching down the aisle way. In a SmackDown arena.>>I’m telling you,
this son of a [BLEEP] said it himself. We’ve been set up.>>Look at Edge laughing about it. You’re right, it was a damn set up. My Lord. And Batista is not backing down. [MUSIC]
>>Well, wait a minute. My.
What the hell?>>If you saw the look on Batista’s face. I believe Batista realized
that he just got set up. [MUSIC] Wait a minute. Where the hell is he? My God. Big Show coming through the crowd. What the, my God. Damn setup.>>The world tag team champions from
Raw are here, and Batista is all alone.>>Batista’s trapped.>>Somebody’s got to
do something out here. Security, somebody. Batista’s cornered. The animals cornered.>>What the hell is going on Edge?>>What?>>And look at this,
a World Tag Team Champion->>Just start swinging, champ, just start swinging.>>Two of the [INAUDIBLE] athletes in
sports entertainment in the world today. And Batista trying to hold his own. And now the numbers game.>>My God.>>[INAUDIBLE] the champ back to his feet. Our champion being dismantled in our ring.>>[INAUDIBLE], Mysterio,
Matt Hardy, all gone. All went after that.>>And Kane. Last week-
>>No, no, no.>>500 pounds.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>My god.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>God, he need help. It’s Funaki.>>It’s Funaki from
the SmackDown locker room.>>Man. Chokeslam!>>Hardy out here as well.>>Oof!
With a boot by Kane.>>We need help we need
everybody out here!>>Brian Kendrick!>>Geez.
>>From the announce tables, here comes Paul London! The SmackDown locker room emptying. But these two monsters.>>Here comes [CROSSTALK]
>>Come on, Holly.>>Spear. A spear by the Big Show.>>God.
>>[INAUDIBLE]>>Come on [INAUDIBLE]. Watch out.>>Cane and Big Show are dismantling
the SmackDown locker room.>>[INAUDIBLE] Animal. This is unbelievable. In our ring, in our damn ring,
[INAUDIBLE] a set up. Never expected this,
they caught us big time.>>No, the champion,
Batista is already down, already the victim of a brutal assault.>>This whole damn thing was a setup by
Bischoff, with Edge this past Monday. And the champ
>>No, double chokeslam A double choke slam.>>My God.>>Hey [INAUDIBLE].>>My God,I’m speechless.>>Not this. [NOISE] Talk about rubbing it in our face.>>They could have quite possibly
taken the heart out of our SmackDown leader Cole.

100 Replies to “Team Raw tricks Batista: SmackDown, Nov. 11, 2005”

  1. These were the days we used to have awesome storylines…..
    SD/Raw invasions in the last years have just been plain and ordinary..
    Except Becky invading RAW;???

  2. Dave bautista hall of famer class of 2018
    Kane and big show hall of famers class of 2015
    Edge hall of famer class of 2012
    Lita hall of famer class of 2014
    Funaki hall of famer class of 2010
    Scotty 2 hotty hall of famer class of 2016
    Londrick hall of famers class of 2017
    Hardcore Holly Hall of famer class of 2011
    Heidenreich hall of famer class of 2015

  3. Back when Raw vs Smackdown invasions felt so organic and enthralling as opposed to now where the superstars from Raw and Smackdown suddenly fighting each other to promote Survivor Series.

  4. Its hard to comprehend how big the big show is till you see him go through that crowd. Fuking large human being

  5. very clever by raw.

    But i would love to see kane & big show against Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman , Let's see how unstoppable Kane and big show really are up against The beast & the monster among men

  6. Team raw invades smack down and big show and Kane attack Batista for no peculiar reason like my god

  7. I think WWE needs to Acquire Batista and make him a Superstar again with the Evolution as a fan favorite

  8. Really liked this war that was going on. Been a Smackdown fan over Raw ever since 2002-2004, by this time here Smackdown was in serious decline though, having a much weaker roster in general with their only big guns being Batista who was no match for Big Show and Kane, Lashley who was still a rookie, and Undertaker who wouldn't get involved in the war. Raw was clearly superior at this stage, but I still rooted for Smackdown at this point in time and fully got into the underdog story. However, this episode here would be the last time I did because two days after this show, Eddie Guerrero died and the whole angle became dull and meaningless in the grand scheme of things, I do not even remember who won that feud.

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