Team Hogan vs. Team Flair revealed for WWE Crown Jewel: Raw, Sept. 30, 2019

Team Hogan vs. Team Flair revealed for WWE Crown Jewel: Raw, Sept. 30, 2019

You may be recognized as the greatest draw in the history of
this company, you and Austin and Taker, but as far a being in this
damn ring, nobody touches me brother.>>[NOISE]
>>You got that?>>[NOISE]
>>Wait a minute, [INAUDIBLE]>>Yeah, sorry.>>Brother, it sounds to me,
like you just wanna take one more run after 24
inch pythons brother.>>Oh-oh. [APPLAUSE]
Wait a minute guys look at this are you kidding me?>>You want a shot?>>No way.>>You are the liberty right jack find
can stuill One mnore time you do? [APPLAUSE]
>>My God look to out.>>Woah you!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Look brother, brother, brother, no, no, no, no. Brother we are not, I know am fine but you gotta admit, we’re definitely
not spring chickens anymore brother. But that doesn’t mean brother,
that we can’t add one more page, on our legacy Brother,
if you know what I’m saying?>>I’m in.
>>On October 31st at Crown Jewel, there will be a historic match, featuring Team Hogan versus team Flair.>>Yeah how about that?>>A five on five tag team match with
you two standing in as the coaches and having five of WWE’s best
on each of your teams. May the best Team win.>>Love it.>>Well I guess, I only got one
more question for you Rick Flair. What you gonna do when Hulkamania and my team captain run wild on you brother?>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>Wait a minute. [MUSIC] Who’s this?>>It’s the team captain!>>Did Hogan get first pick or something? [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE]
>>What you gonna do brother, when team Hogan mops
the floor with team Flair?>>Oh-oh.>>Easy.
>>And we burn it down!>>My turn! My turn! I want the- [MUSIC]>>Team Flair just got lit.>>Wow.>>You’re the captain of Team Hogan,
right? I’m the captain of Team Flare. Flare can I get a woo?>>Woo.>>Over the next few weeks Seth, you and
I we are gonna pick our respective teammates, but I think we should
have ourselves a captain’s match, what do you say, you me,
right here, right now.>>You know what, Randy, I was looking for
somebody to step up, you me, right here, right now, let’s do it baby.>>Are you kidding me? We’re going to hit this guys [MUSIC] What’s the meaning of this? [CROSSTALK] What a cheap
shot by Randy Orton. There comes Seth Rollins,
universal champion fighting back.>>Wait, wait, wait,
wait, look out, look out. [CROSSTALK] King Corbin laying
waste now to the universal champion and
joining in on the fun is Randy Orton.>>Guy’s do you think, I don’t know, do you think that Randy Orton
had something up his sleeve?>>Hold on Rusev Machka.>>Here comes Rusev.>>We go from a real
American to a new American. Rusev taking on Orton. Watch out and now picking up speed.>>Rusev looks awesome look at him. He is digging into King.>>Listen to the WWE Orton, look at that.>>No, no, no that didn’t work.>>He’s just trying to block.>>Boom, what a tick. Orton laid down. Another super kick to King Corbin. [NOISE] Rollins on Orton.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Come on.>>Well the King.>>[LAUGH] Just got dethroned. What a statement made by Seth Rollins.>>[APPLAUSE]

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  1. I know this match is going to be awful!! Why not use old wrestlers as managers and not make them look like losers that get blown out within 2 mins.

  2. i didnt watch wwe for long time im happy hogan/flair still around – damn i can see orton still on steroid – everytime i see him , his arms are bigger and bigger

  3. I’m actually super happy to see Rusev like this
    Btw if he’s been this much of a face for a while I didn’t know just because I haven’t watched WWE in quite a while lol

  4. Hogan really camt touch Flair. Yea he was bigger kids loved him yada yada. Bit if u know wrestling u know Flairs the best ALL time!!

  5. This was too cartoonish and lame.who cares what team wins, pro wrestling is about individuals, not teams, you like teams go watch nhl or football

  6. It's a shame they have so little talent in wwe they have to get these guys out of the retirement home. Hogan is wearing a diaper.

  7. Hulk Hogan VS Ric Flair, a great rivalry independently if they are retired today. They worked as actors in the Baywatch series 25 years ago aproximately

  8. This right here tells you WWE has no future. These guys are legends yes but their time in the ring or even in the spotlight (except for Reunions or in Hogans case wrestlemania) is well past them. WWE would be better off focusing on younger stars.

  9. I do not like hogan at all but it's gotta be cool for everyone on team Hogan especially Seth. To be the captain of team Hogan has got to be awesome for Seth

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