Team America: World Police (6/10) Movie CLIP – I’m So Ronery (2004) HD

Team America: World Police (6/10) Movie CLIP – I’m So Ronery (2004) HD

Why aren’t more people
interrigent? Rike me? I’m so ronery ♪ So ronery ♪ So ronery and sadry arone ♪ There’s no one
just me onry ♪ Sitting on my rittle throne ♪ I work rearry hard
and make up great prans ♪ But nobody ristens
no one understands ♪ Seems rike no one
takes me seriousry ♪ And so ♪ I’m ronery ♪ ( sniffles ):
A rittle ronery ♪ Poor rittle me ♪ There’s nobody I can rerate to ♪ Feel rike a bird in a cage ♪ It’s kind of sirry
but not rearry ♪ Because it’s firring my body
with rage ♪ I’m the smartest, most crever
most physicarry fit ♪ But nobody else
seems to rearize it ♪ When I change the world
maybe they’ll notice me ♪ And until then ♪ I’ll just be ronery ♪ ( sighs ):
Yeah, a rittle ronery ♪ Poor rittle me ♪ I’m so ronery ♪ ( people chatting,
pinball machine dinging )

100 Replies to “Team America: World Police (6/10) Movie CLIP – I’m So Ronery (2004) HD”

  1. I know it frikkin nearly destroyed Trey and Matt doing this movies but goddamn it was worth it. One of the best bloody things they’ve ever done!

  2. Poritical correctness would have made him more ronery in 2020. He’s rucky he got out when he did. How bout a sequel?

  3. This song and satan’s “up there” from the South Park movies are my two favorite Trey songs. Wewww. And owgazmo’s theme.

  4. Say what you will about Matt and Trey, and everyone has at one point in time, but two things those guys always hit thier mark on is music and working those feelings.

  5. My teacher used to sing this song in class, but he changed the lyrics into “I’m so sorry”,p and that thought no one knew about the song

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