Tapestry – Gameplay Runthrough

Tapestry – Gameplay Runthrough

[Music] hello welcome to voting and sweetener on us I’m Joseph and I’m here today wait to rek oh it’s over there hugging the box of tapestry Niall so likes to play around with these really cool little buildings and how we’re going to play a two-player game we’re going to do it without the shadow Empire that’s a variant you can play with sort of an AI a third player but we’re just gonna play use you know standard to play a game to show you how the game arounds how it feels and why it’s fun basically because it’s really fun like and you know spoiler say that already and out here on the board we all have well we have a bunch of things to talk about we have some technology code over there some tapestry cards some tiles that we will be building the world out here with as we go and of course we have four different tracks now to indicate these we have those little markers or drafts putting his green markers out here you forgot that in the beginning so what you’re doing the setup you put them out here now and we will climb these tracks as we go to get different kinds of benefits and advancements which in that you know will trigger other things and you know it’s it’s it’s all of those they go keep going with all that fun stuff as we keep a play trackable also store out here on the one slot because it has the mountain terrain and you get a random terrain sort of tile for your capitals it here at the beginning and I’m starting over here and to indicate that we have two of our little towers out here which means we control this place now we also at the beginning after two these civilizations each and we get to choose one and raqqa wanted to be the inventors so he has a special ability down here that it’s you know unique for his civilization and that will trigger every time he does an income around basically and I’m going to show you driver support is going to be right here it was a bit tricky to set this up to be honest it’s just take quite a bit of table space to put it out there so drag will have his bit you know civilization board like this and he will put four green cubes on it to indicate that four times he can sort of either you know you saw like take over one of my technology or he can bump up his own technology as well in order to operate them faster because yeah the technologies will come in here as we invent them then they will be pushed up and we will get benefits from that now let’s talk a bit about the player board so the play board raku is starting here with zero of each worker gold food and culture resource and he’s touring out just knowing how to maybe you know make fire he has this all of this kind of buildings out here that he will build and as he build them he will uncover things under which means he will have more workers in this case and so on and also more ways to score points over here he has his mountain his capital city is in a mountain there’s some spaces here the red dots indicate that you can’t build there it’s already built but on the other spaces Drucker will try to put out his little buildings out here as well as these really really cool sort of landmarks as they’re called that takes up a bunch of space like this one here takes up six squares and there’s two reasons you want to do this one is four points because for each row and column that you have covered completely with the buildings or or landmarks every time you do income you will get points for those and also when you cover up a whole square then you will get a resource of your choice so yeah there’s both an ongoing benefit and a scoring benefit to building up your capital city all right so that is a basically it about Rocco’s boat here in the inventors and if we take a look over here we are going to see my board it’s kind of off in another camera angle so out here is my board and on my board I have the wetlands so in the wetlands I can you know I’m going to build up here as well saying goes there and I have a building to know that my tapestry here and I am going to be the Crofts man so the cross man there special thing is I don’t have like an ability that would treat you like Dracula’s like you can do something but I have an ongoing option to when I place a building instead of placing it out on the capital city like you would normally do I can place them on my craftsman board and out here I will whatever benefit I cover up here instantly so and I have to build from the bottom up so basically like H column has to be built from the bottom up so I if I build this one up I can get 15 points up there and ten points and five points and so on so that’s a way for me to score points but that also means that my buildings will be out here instead of on my you know capital city map which yeah it’s sort of balancing thing here I still have to put the landmarks out here though because of those cannot go on my craftsman map but it still consider part of my capital city for some score area you know effects but that’s it you know we could have been we could have been the alchemists merrymakers so the show son or the empty entertainer for trade this is a bars the sixteen of these civilizations which is so cool it all have this unique ability going on like mini games and such really cool things and you will see more of that as I will do some solar play throughs up ahead and you know I might even play through all of these we’ll see as time goes by and if there’s interest for it on the channel so that’s it for you know talking through things let’s get started playing and so we will see how the game runs so I’m going to be the first player on your turn you can do one of two things you can do a C you can do an income turn or you can do an advance turn and the income turn is something you will do was it five times one two three four yeah during the game so that’s you know it’s sort of like it’s kind of different from a lot of your games a lot of board games that you each play it doesn’t do sort of the same temple some player could be rushing it more and doing his Inca or her income turn earlier than the other players which has some benefits and so on but yeah the game length might vary a little bit between the players not that much though so it’s nothing that I mind so on my first turn I have to do an income turn sense remember well remember if we take a look here I don’t have any resources so I can’t use these because you have to use resources to advance on the tracks so I have to do income as that and there is a bit of deep when you do the first income because you do not get the first step which is to activate your well in this case I wouldn’t activate it anyway because I have a passive effect sort of but we don’t activate our civilzation effect we do not get a tapestry court placed out here we don’t have any type of course to start off with and we don’t have any technology to operate so those three steps are skipped in the beginning you have a little nice aid out here telling you the steps and also witch around they happen in so I will only do the last step which is to get income and if you look take a look at the board here I have one of these markets sort of spaces not you know available because there’s nothing on it so I will get one food all right one their money and then I will get a food from over here from my forums I will get a worker and I will get a sculpture so you get one of each resource and I also get one tile over here it’s these tiles that we use to build up the world with and this is all water and there’s some food to be grabbed there as well as a bonus when I place it then I also get one tapestry cord which is how we later on build up this tapestry the next time I do income I will place one of these out there maybe not this formula no might not like it it’s the cold barren so when I play it I gain a tile and I explore it it I can place out on the world and then my neighbors each get a tile as well so we’ll see if I play that or not I’ll keep it down here at my you know in might clear area all right so it’s time for a direct goes turn and he is in the same situation basically every player you know it’s in the same situation that you only do income the first thing you do so it’s sort of a P part of the setup almost you know you could have had it as a part of setup but I think it’s nice that it did it this way because now you sort of have to do these steps in some ways you have to go through them which is a way to also learn again getting into it but of course when you play the game a bunch and you know what you can just basically to start like this with one of each resource and the tile and the tapestry cord and this game designed by game is take mine and published by stone mind games I really think you know so mind games put up nice games and Jameson good designer I made it really amazed by this design well you see more of that nozaki play so drug kugali water basically little desert island there and he can get a worker if she places this later on and he got a temper record called mercantilist this era when you gain income you may convert food to any other resource for each food you convert gained two points and you know these costs are kind of interesting they are drawn randomly and they sort of define or sort of push you in a direction of where you want to go how you want to play the game so I mean this core basically tells Drago that he should I mean he doesn’t have to play this you know this first tablet record he could do it later on in the game but if he keeps this in place it that it sort of tells him that he should be focusing on getting a lot of food which means he needs to build a bunch of forms so and I mean some of the tracks are better for that than others in this case the exploration tracker good I think I’m not that good at this game and just gonna say that so strategy wise don’t know this is to show me how the game works so I think Drago might keep this and he might go into exploration actually he might be having that as his focus so that was trackers first turn nothing exciting happening and just basically set up now we get to play the actual sort of normal turns which or well actually now I could do another income if I want to do it would be kind of stupid because I would only get one of each resource right but you know it’s up to me but instead I am I’m doing to do an advanced turn which is some means I’m not advanced on one of these tracks and I need to figure out where do I start what do I go for well this might Epis record can an you know tell us me me but I wanna do some exploration oh but I think I’m not really excited about that card so I think I would try to get another tapestry card and I think I will start off with some military why not so I am going to just do the military track and on each of these tracks they work basically the same so if we take a look at this one here which is close as a science to move up here the first three steps takes one resource of mei-li one of the four resources I can choose myself once I get up here though to continue into the second era basically of development then I need to have a worker and something else to get up here I need to have a worker and two of something else and up here is two workers and the same applies for all these tracks but with the four different resources so in this case when I want to move on the military for the first three steps it’s anything but then to get up here to the second era I need a culture and something else so I might you know if I’m gonna go on a military I might be more interested in getting more culture which means I want to get basically at these armory buildings little brick red brick buildings out so I’m going to pay one resource and move up here I’ll show you over here just to be very clear in the beginning so I’m going to spend I think that’s been my worker like that doesn’t really matter here in the first round then I can move on any track that I want no nothing in fact I won’t I’m gonna move on the military already did it and I’m going to do a conquer action so I’m going to take one of my little towers I’m not really sure what these are called like you know buildings towers whatever and I’m going to put it out on the map I have to go adjacent to where I’m already am so I’m here I have the control of this and I can’t go into an empty space of course I have to use you know land mass so I have three options here basically and one thing I could could want to consider here is that there’s some goals there’s three different sort of milestones you can grab in the game so whoever is first to conquer the middle island will get ten points and then someone else can come there and get five points whoever topples two opponents gets ten points toppling opponents I’ll get to that later but basically it’s sort of attacking in this game and then if you get to the end of a track the first to do that will also get ten points on the second one we get five points so I might you know I don’t want to go out here I want to go so towards the middle and I think I’ll rather stay away from dracto instead of going here you know I already go over here where it’s you know maybe I can get this way around to the middle so that he can’t interfere and attack me so I guess I’ll go over here and the next thing that happens when you do a contraction you will all these conquered guys so there’s two dice I’m just gonna roll them up and then I get to choose one of them so this one has mostly points on it I think it goes from like five to seven well four to seven and it has one of these which is one point for each area I control which is two right now that’s kind of bad two points or I can grab this which is two you know this has the resources on it basically so all the four resources on two of these question marks and this means that I get the benefit of the time that I just conquered now if I would have conquered my if I explore first and put up this tile and then I would have conquered on this I would have got them a food a mushroom well in this case there’s nothing here so that was like a really bad roll for me because it means this is nothing and this is just two points all T two points you know could have been a lot better but hey that’s how it is so I got two points of the hair I’m on the track and we’re going to rush around here hopefully if you you know laps so that was it for my turn I did my action now with his truck whose turn and he can’t even advance action where does he want to go up well as we talked about he might want to do some exploration I think he’s gonna start off at least doing that so he’s going to pay one of these resources down here I think I’ll just pay would just be a goal there it doesn’t really matter here in the first round because I saw him as if you want to save something but I guess we will use everything so drag those little green cube will go up here and what happens here is he gets two more tiles two more tiles which means you have some more options when he’s going to go exploring later on so this is sort of that one like the one I have a lot of water and some food and this one means different terrain types that will give you points I’ll show you that later but also he gets to roll the green dye and you will see that later as well so that was Drago star back to me and I think hmm I think I’ll keep climbing this track actually and I’m going to pay a resource of camp and then I am going to move up here first thing that happens is I get a tapestry cord that’s kind of why I went to because I want somehow I press record I’m not happy with the one I have this is the Golden Age this era so this is interesting the one I had from before it said when played so that had just happens once when you play it the one I got now says this era which means the whole era after I play this so like the second era basically the game for me ignore upgrade prerequisites on tech course whenever you upgrade gain three points this would this was sort of swing me in one into wanting to do some technologies might as well sure we want these well while we talk about it so if you have a technology I’m gonna do it over here so it’s easier to see if I get this technology I you know just for example now when I invent it would go in here we went to the first slot and then if I do an upgrade to it which I can do one free every income turn it will go up here and as you can see here there’s a circle so that means that the circle ability would trigger in this case I would move up one on the military track but I wouldn’t get the benefit and then to do it when I do an up another upgrade here it will move up here to the square and then I will get the benefit from the square now to do that though there is some prerequisite so in this case I have to be on the second level of military or one of my neighbors could be that that would you know fulfill that requirement for me as well so that’s kind of interesting interaction between the players so yeah so the basically that taps record I just got it means that I could ignore I can ignore that upgrade prerequisites on tech or during this golden age so this is not a great to be playing soon as well I mean it’s more blade King I think even upgrade III that really scares me a torch the technology track I don’t know we’ll see if I play it or not now it is drugs done so Drago I think he will I think he will keep pushing this exploration so he is going to pay again one resource any kind of resource and he is going to pay a little worker down here and then he can move on the exploration tracked over here and here first of all he gets to explore and his explore action means he takes one of his stars yes three to choose from and he will place it down on the map air and he has to go adjacent where he’s already or so it’s there they’re out there and let’s see what does crack you want to get I think greco wants some food so he’s going to place this tile down and when he places this he wants to get as many sides hmm it kind of wants to yeah so I think he’s going to want to place it right here and he wants to get as many sides here to match the kind of terrain that is on the already placed sign sites err on the I think it’s gonna go like that and now when you do this you don’t need to have like the whole side like this one over here may be hard to see but this one has some forest and then a bunch of water so in this case this will count as it’s water against water this is watering as water and that’s watering as much as this one two three and raku it’s going to get three points so greco got three points over there and now he plays this tile he will also get whatever is on the tile in this case he will get one food so get another little mushroom down here so and that means that he got another resource which means he can keep going longer because when you run out of resources you have to do the income turn to get you know income going you have more resources so that was truckers turn now it is my turn so where do I want to go so far we’ve just been pushing one track each but I think I would like to get some technology as well so I am going to spend the resources off cam so I only have one now and have my food and I’m going to go over here on the technology track and the first step only means I get one every technology chord now I could grab any of these three that are out here or I could grab one blind from the top of the deck and they all of course have different benefits and so on I think I will this one the eyeglasses which means when I upgrade this later on I will get another tech chord so I can sort of go for some technology that way and I will put it of course into my area here at the bottom so I have one tech card and now I will try to operate that later on in order to get these benefits to the top benefit here the square is to get a point for each technology of these cards I have but that requires me or my neighbor to be in the second era of technology we’ll see how that goes later on so that was my action I paid for that but we should also refill out here so this one that just came out it is the library and it’s kind of fun as well this matches up with a little cute building so if you get this one you have first time you upgraded you get three points and the second time you will get this building into place out on your capital city so there’s six of these special buildings that you can only get from these take heart so it is Dracula’s turn and let’s see where is he going okay I think Greg was going to do some military as well so he’s going to pay one resource of camp so he has to who left and he’s going to move up here and he can do a conquer action so he’s going to conquer right in here he’s rushing for this middle tile to get those bonus points and then he gets to roll the conquer dice let’s see what he gets okay so he got either a food or one point look just like I did one point for each tile is on base on the old to you the only controls two tiles that’s two points he’s gonna grab the food instead so now Greco has a three food so it’s my turn I have one food left one resource left so where do I go I still kind of want to get in the Hunter Trappist record that’s the thing I’m not that excited about the once I have the only way I can get that by moving one space somewhere is on the technology over there and the thing is I’m get a tap and record and then I would get a bonus thing which is if I pay another resource I get to place a market out and that would be nice but the problem is I only have one resource Wow so that’s haha that’s not that exciting right now hmm I think instead because I do want to get more resources when I do my next income so I want to somehow place a building basically which means I’ll do another military so I’ll pay my last resource my food in order to go up here and here I can either do another contraction or it can place out one of my armories so let’s then let’s you know let’s do that so please I have to take them from the left like this I’ll take this and this will uncover another symbol and out of store which means I will get to to culture instead of one when I do the income and I also get to place this little thingy somewhere oh that’s interesting so I could place it either out here like you would normally do on your capital board to get these columns and rows to fill up the squares or in my case because I’m the craftsman I can place it on this one here I have to move in the bottom row to start off so I could get a worker a gold or a food that means that could keep going a little bit longer I think I’ll grab this food right here why not I basically got the food back there so that was a good action for me and I got the one billing out which means I get more income when it is income time now in this reckless turn he has 3 food so yeah he’s doing good Wow he got a lot of did I forget to pay for him at some point if I did tell in the comment section but I don’t think so um yeah also drug would didn’t you know can escape when he was here he could have paid another food to get in on tablished core but he didn’t want to do that for some reason I think he’s kind of happy with this one actually but he would like to get a building out so I think he will spend a food to move up here and here he gets to either place a tile out like he did earlier or he can get to place a form out and that’s what he’s going to do because that would generate more food for him so it’s going to take the leftmost form which gets him another food in the income and he you know he doesn’t have any other place to place this so he’s going to place it in his capital city so where well I think he kind of wants to go for one of these Easter ones to start off now this could be a bit tricky this is a bit of a puzzle because if he’s planning to get one of the buildings standing you know they have different shapes so he should be figuring out where to go to get the standard buildings two three four each of these tracks by the way the first player to get over here to the second era will get that building the first player over there gets that and so on so that’s how you get those landmarks as it’s called not buildings these are beliefs I think I think Drago will place it down I think he’ll place down there that’s a really good spot because that means he covers up well he’s both working on this row and that column and he’s you know filling this square so yeah that’s a good placement so that was a dry coaster and he’s happy about that and you know as you can see he still has to food that’s amazing so now back to me I have one food and one resource so where do I start moving again I don’t want to move here because I want to have two food when I know two resources when I do that so I can get both the taps record and get the benefit I can’t move here because that takes one culture and something else so I can’t do that right now so I think I’m I’ll start working on some exploration myself so I’ll pay my last resource I’ll move up here and I only get two times that’s everything that happens there in the first but I got oh this is a nice getting a tapestry cord and this is some food and there’s different terrain types there as well so now I have three times okay so Dracula’s turn you know Drago could go and do his income now because whoever does is him the income first of your neighbors in if you play a game it’s you know will get a food or not a food are you a resource of your choice second time it’s two resources of his choice and a third three so you know there is like an incentive to sort of pass or go into the income step and go to the next era first I don’t know if kraken wants to do that he still has two resources I think he’s gonna let me have that because he knows that I’m going to do it on my trance I don’t have any resources left so instead hmm instead yeah I think Breck will do some military it’ll pay one resource for any kind and he’ll go up here well first of all he’d get a tapestry chord which is happy about you might find something good it’s the oil magnet when played to choose an advancement track your neighbors and you may advance once on that track only you getting the benefit and may pay to gain the bonus if any oh I think he likes that oh yeah I think he likes that okay so that yeah that’s a good frame okay and then he can spend a resource if he wants to to also put out one of these armories so I think he’s gonna do that as well he’s gonna spend his last piece of food and that means he get put out an armory so he takes one of these little thingies and let’s see where will he place this well I kind of keep yeah he’ll place it this little there why not so that was Dracula’s turn and now he’s out of resources as well but I am sort of the first to get there basically which is both good and bad so I will have to do an income term so I’m going to do an income turn which means I’m going to go through these steps and now I’ll go through all the steps because we’re in the second today Yeah right here so first of all I get to activate my civilization now I don’t have any activation on my civilization so that I’m just keeping that then I get to play taps record and yeah I’m not really that excited about any of these but between these two I mean I can’t do this one because yeah no no let’s let’s do the cold barrel so I’m going to place it and you place it up here and since I’m the first one to do this with my neighbors I’ll get the resource on my choice I’ll just take I’ll take the culture so I’m kind of planning on going on the military I do you want some more culture right then I will do whatever this says when plague in any town and then explore with it and the neighbors also get one time so I get a time here and that’s some gold okay then I snore with it I don’t get to choose so basically which tile I’m just using this but I can work this out good here I mean this is mmm this is four points this is only three so let’s do this one here it matches all the sides since it’s a lot of water so I’ll get four points for that let’s see I also get that go and then I’ll keep doing my income over here so I got that gold and now I will get to upgrade one technology so I will upgrade this one here like that and that means that and now I’ll get the bonus the circle and in this case it’s another technology so I get to take one out here or I could take one from the top of the dick so now let’s talk about the least we have some dynamite that gives conter contraction three points and that building mmm I do like the idea of getting an extra cone correction so why not let’s get this dynamite and we’ll also refill here and so I got another technology and that goes to force in the first slot so it’s not nothing happens right now I can upgrade that later either by doing this free upgrade I’m doing now or on the technology track there’s a bunch of you know opportunities to do that as well so and there’s some type of Shekhar’s and yeah there are there’s other ways to do this and now I will go to scoring so I will score in this case I will score one point for each row and column I have I don’t have any of those I was going one point for each to technology cards I do have two of those so I get to two points here screen sum up to eight points and then I will get my income off stuff so I will get one worker one gold one food and two culture so this is what I have to work with here in the second era that we’re going to now so that was my whole income turn and now it is Jericho’s turn again and he has to do his income as well so let’s go through that down here so Drago let’s see now first of all he would not get to do his civilization action which is this one here and the funny thing with it is that like if he could either he doesn’t have any technologies so he could with this one he can either place one of these cubes it’s like oh actually this is at the beginning of his oh yeah it’s bringing of his incomes turn he can either flip on his little tokens on one of his technologies to upgrade it for free he doesn’t have any or he can operate one of mine and it says here that your opponents that core is instantly upgraded and it ignores topple prerequisites if it is an opponent Accord you may gain the benefit after they do if it’s your core gain the benefits are normal so he will get the benefit after me which means Wow that’s karna hmm let’s take a look here at my board over here so if he upgrades this one for me basically then he will get well we will both get the technology call no no no we will both get to score our technology college but he doesn’t have any system that would be bad for him he would give me two points basically of course he’s gonna put it here which means it goes up here and now we will both get a cone correction and I see you yeah you making the benefit after they do so first I get a con correction oh yeah this is good for Krakow and then he gets a con correction that that’s really nice frame so that’s the special ability there since he is the inventors so now we will post this income a bit and I will get a con correction all of us Allah I didn’t you know plan for that that’s kind of interesting so let’s see where do I go well I think I could go here sort of angling for getting to the middle the problem is after I do this drag who will get a call correction so I know that he’s going to go to the middle get those ten points uh so that’s a bit sad but then again if I go there I get five points at least I think I’ll do nothing up place it right here and let’s see it is a you know conquer what’s the goal conquer action so I get to roll these conquer dice as well and I get food or five points Wow I’m gonna take the food I’m taking it off the camera okay then Dracula’s two directors trying to do this and he’s going to conquer here in the middle and you will get to put a little marker here – Nikita you was the first one here to do this and he gets 10 points Wow so the track was up to 13 points just like that and I yeah that’s good for him and now of course he will get to roll the dice as well so four points or whatever’s on the tile is nothing on the time so it’ll take four more points yeah records up to 17 points and now we continue his income turn that was sort of the first step which had involved his civilization here now the second step is to play a tablet record and he already decided he want to play this one so this says win plate choose an advancement track your neighbors and you may advance once on the track only you gain the benefit and may pay to gain the bonus now he doesn’t have any resources maybe should have planned for that so I know he can’t get that if there’s a bonus but it’s not gonna be that when he’s placing anyway he doesn’t get any regional trade because he’s not the first of his neighbors to place that go into the second era but let’s look up here so which track does dragon want to move on well you know I think dreck who wants to move he wants to move over here on the exploration track so he’s going to you know we both get to move but he’s the only one that gets a benefit so I go up here and I don’t get this benefit it’s sort of struggles you know he okay I got to move but reckless stole my chance to do this it’s kind of bad but he’s going to move up here first of all he’s going to grab one time then see that’s some gold then he gets to place a time Explorer and I’m looking at the map I think yeah yeah he would go for him ago for this one because he can put it right here and that gets him Wow that gets him I see one two three four five they all have water right so one two three four five points he’s doing good and yeah and he also gets a worker so he now he has one more little resource down here okay so next up for dragoo in his you know it’s a long income turn for him a lot of things happening here combo one book start which is why I like this game a lot man anyway he did that he’d be place establish record now he gets to upgrade the technology and that’s kind of sad because he doesn’t have any technologies so actually maybe shoot a mood on the technology track instead which would have meant that he would have gotten a technology chord and I wouldn’t have got anything so that would have been better maybe biomes forgot something I almost forgot something trucker moved up here he’s the first one to get it after he did his whole tile and placement he gets a phone as you know the landmark building so he gets this lighthouse Drago got a really cool-looking lighthouse and he gets to instantly place it down here and I think let’s see this takes four spaces I think it’s gonna place it right there does that you know that’s four spaces he only needs one more to fill this square mmm I just really help him with the lines and columns though if he places it there then that sort of helps him he could go like this and you can overhang like this if you want to that would be a waste no I think wrecker will go up here so hopefully put the rose lighthouse there and as a bonus but now of course he’s going to go to next step he doesn’t have any technologies you know he could have done that differently but he won’t buy that building that’s why he went on the exploration track of course and now he is going to score so one point per technology accordions he doesn’t have any and I should mention by the way if you remove some of these markets here once you get up here higher up on the market you will start going to or three points per technology code as you build this market so if you’re getting into technology wants the ones to do the markets because that will trigger of each others there’s a lot of combos like that then let’s see he will get one point for each row and column and this can also get more if you you know build this houses he doesn’t have any roll rows and columns and then he will do his income she will get one gold one worker to culture and to food so that’s reckless resources he has he’s ready to go into the second era so that was a long turn and how its back to me and let’s see what I am going to do I will start climbing these tracks of course I think I kind of want to I think I want to do some more exploration maybe yeah I think so I’ll pay one resource and I have a bunch to choose from err I think I would pay I’m time due to military as well I’m not planning yeah I’m I’m gonna spend my worker so he spent and that means I can go up on the exploration track which gets me either to place it time or to place a forum hmm what do I want to do the most I think I would like I like that farm idea because you know my special building and all that all my special civilization so I will take my leftmost form I’m not gonna place it out here in the capital city like you would normally do I’m going to place it up here because now I have one in the bottom I can do another one here and that gives me a tapestry card in this case so yeah I like that idea so that is the Renaissance says when played at once on each track exactly ones do not gain the benefits you may gain in a resulting bonuses for free you so if I can time that up I’m gonna show you wow that is amazing if I can time that up so that I move somewhere you know like from here to there I’m gonna do one on all tracks if I can’t I’m an upside doing on multiple tracks and I’ll go into this I will not get that benefit but I will get the bonus for free so that could be worth the bunch of bonuses for free if I can time that that’s kind of tricky though we’ll see how that goes I’m yeah I don’t know that was my turn now Drac will do is first turn in the second era so what is he going for mm-hmm could go up here and get some ships all these places have liked ematic yeah names though by the way but I must say yeah you know after after I play this for like a half an hour I totally forget about all these no the theme is really sort of pasted on but I don’t really mind it’s just a civilization theme in the in his core it’s a really nice mechanism so if I go up here I would get to score I would get one point for each tile I control which would be three and then I could get a form no Dracula yeah Drac we could get a form hmm well he kind of wants to do for us if he’s gonna play this next time he wants to you know make a lot of food and then he can convert it to other resources and then he get points for that so yeah why not truck was gonna pay and he has to pay now one food and something else I got a bit more expensive she’s paying one food and one culture to go up on that track and when he does of course first of all he will get one two three points so you go up to twenty five that’s a good lead there Drecker and then he can spend another resource you just pay one of these workers in order to get to place a farm so let’s see where does he place that form I’ll take this one and that’s interesting this gives four points each income pays so you know that’s like what is it 1 2 3 that’s 12 points to dress code for building this that’s not bad I think he’s gonna place it right here because that means he has covered this whole square this takes 4 spaces and and that and that’s the red spot so he gets to warn resource of his choice and he does need more food if he’s gonna keep going on the explorations let’s take a food and he’s happy about that that was just turn now where do I want to go I mean if I can go up here as well by now I don’t get any building because Trek already took that lighthouse right so I think I want to go over here where I get in building off my own like a landmark I should keep calling them not calling them buildings so I think I’ll go there so I need to pay a culture and something else so let’s see do have a culture and I’ll pay food as well and then I get to go on the track and first of all that will get me one worker I’ll just take that off cam and I’ll get one point for Kyle I have and now I have three now I could have picked up more of course by going on the exploration first that’s why I was sort of contemplating doing this first but yeah I’ll get three points that’s okay bringing me up to 11 and then and I get that building so I get this whatever that is called just chimney or whatever no the barracks the barracks so lovely little barracks and I get to place it and now I can’t place it on my civilisation board you know that would be too good so I have to place it down here so where do I go this takes up four spots I guess I’ll go here in the middle because that’s sort of building torch one row hair maybe this is a better spot I think it’s okay then I get some buildings here and then yeah I’ll tell goes I go like that then it is reckless turn once again and I see so he is he’s climbing over here I guess he might keep doing that a things drag would like some technology though he was like some technology doesn’t have that so you know what Drago is going to pay more resource a little pay a food here and he’ll go up there and get on technology card and he does like the look of this library remember Drecker can upgrade quicker than normally because he has a special thing with his civilization so this will get him first three points and then he can upgrade with his specialty on his civilization and then he doesn’t need to care about this requirement which is that he has to be at writing or his name one of his neighbors writing is over here so he or someone on me has to have built this second house but he can ignore that if he uses his special ability and then he will get this really cool building takes up a bunch of slots right so six slots so he could build that somewhere and try to you know build up his capital board and that goes over here into his just outcome of camera into history invention slot over there okay so now what records turn he moved up on the technology track so where do I go I want to keep climbing that military I do want that so I will pay one culture and something else which will be gold and that means that I can go up once up here and here I get both the conquer action and I get to place one of these what’s a cold armories I’ll do that first actually you can do it in any order I’ll take one of these and again well first of all this reveals and slopped we’re in the income phase now I will get a point for each area that control out here it’s kinda cool and either again I can place it down here or I can place on my special board I like the idea that I’m gonna place it right here which means I get another culture and I’m also building up towards next time on you to roll the green die and move up on one of the tracks and get the benefit and the next time after that I get 15 points that’s awesome so that’s my first part now I get to conquer so I’ll take one of my little towers and you know what I do want to be in the middle as well so now you get to see a fight so basically what I do is I go in here and since drag was already here I can’t do this if you know if Drago had to like I can’t go to his home space that he started because he has two towers there but since I go in here and he only has one now he will be toppled so he would go on the side like that and that means now I control the space Drucker does not but he doesn’t lose his ten points you still got those but now I go here I get five points also I should mention that there is well I said that before but there’s a goal to top first one to topple two enemies gets ten points so I might try to do that again I mean if I do another contraction I can go in here start really attacking Draco let’s see how that goes but I did conquer so I get to roll the dice as well those seven points that’s the maximum or working I’m gonna take seven points so I can one two three four five six seven I’m almost catching up to Draco so that’s nice I got some yeah I like that turn so back to Draco and hmm he’s not happy about that he is not happy about that but he can’t really you know attack back because now there’s two towers here nobody else can go in that space so that is that but I think I think instead Rocco he’s doing his exploration thing he likes that he’s going to pay one food and something else which is going to be some gold and by the way as you can hear when I move this around you can hear little sound it’s because these boards are not flat this is like a little thingy here which is awesome because that means that these don’t slide around that easily and that’s just so smart to do that I mean we have other games you know some of my favorite games like terraforming Mars that it’s really glossy so things slide around I love how they did that’s just super production anyway is moving up on the inspiration track and now he will get first of all he’ll get a tie and that’s all water and some food and that’s kind of good because it’s easy to play sing at some points and how then he will get a farm which remember Krakow wants to have a bunch of forms because I would guess in some points when he placed his tablet record as he’s planning and convert the food into other resources which though those mean that you know if he doesn’t have the food he can’t move up on the exploration track but he might start doing something else done by Dan so he’s gonna place a form and well hmm should he go for yeah I think he’ll try to do this I think he’ll trying to do this row hairs and put it right there now he only needs three more like we could put like a big building there like if he guess this one that he’s planning to you you put that there then we have the complete row yeah that’s good frame okay so that was Lizzy knows it for that but now also so much happening now drug who can pay your resource as a bonus to get to explore to put a tile out yes please gonna pay your culture here then he’s going to explore and which tile easy go to place though the water is like three points for him at least three or four no he can’t place over here he has the place next to where is so this is Alice three points but he kind of wants to do this one and that’s desert and a mountain that that’s well there’s a water there as well so see could he go something like this yeah good yes this is saying good so the three points as well because no that’s not mountains Oh Oh hmm he’s gonna get two points at least he places it here no that’s yeah this desert and that’s water but that’s watering his mouth doesn’t get only as two points but he’s kind of happen with that anyway and the benefit is still yet to roll this 12-sided I I haven’t really talked about this yet or shown you but you can also get it on the research track about four times and some of these places like this one has the green dye with an X black X that means that you roll it you go on whatever track it says but you don’t get the benefit if it doesn’t have the X than you actually get the benefit as well so records no rule is and that is military and now he has a choice he doesn’t have to do this it’s optional because you know if he moves there he moves up on a track but he doesn’t get the benefit so it’s you know both and good and bad I think Gregory is going to do is he’s going to move up on the military he doesn’t get this conquer or building but yeah he’s happy with that anyway so that was his placement he got some points and got that because he moved up on the exploration and he did all this stuff and now it is much my turn oh no no no let’s do a science actually so I’m gonna play one resource anything to move up here and now I get to roll the green dye and that’s military so the question is do I want to move on the military we’re not getting the benefit yes I do because you know this is kind of nice space but by moving up here now just one step away from getting here and getting another building or a landmark so that’s awesome yeah yeah I’m gonna do the hatch okay yeah that’s good okay so then it’s dreck whose turn and I think well he’s in the same situation if he moves up here he will get another landmark but he only has you only have more little work a guy she’s only the resource so wow it’s kind of tricky for Drago actually because now he can’t move I should have planned this battery you know don’t take my video for strategy if we do he can’t move up here because he needs a culture and something else he can’t move up here because he needs a food and two of something else so he can move here or on the technology but he doesn’t want to move up here because he doesn’t have another resource so he can get the bonus there I think Greg was just gonna I mean could go but he doesn’t want to go to the income step because he can see that I have a bunch of resources he knows that he’s gonna be the first to get there anyway I think he’s just gonna expand that to move up here and roll the die and we’ll see what he gets I got science so does he want to move on science and not get the benefit yeah I think I will he’ll move up there okay so thatís Trek was turned back to me I have a bunch of resources actually still yeah so I yeah I want to move on the military so something else or something it doesn’t be something else but something and one of these no I have to spend two or something and then won’t culture because I am moving up over here to the third era which is really cool I’m really rushing that military and so when I get up here first of all I get to do a contraction and if I topple an enemy I will get both benefits from that that those dice when I roll them so this is perfect for me this is just working out perfectly against Rako here so I am going to conquer in here and topple dragon once again so I get control of this area which means Drago cannot you know explore this way and so on and I am the first one to topple two opponents so I get 10 points Wow nice and then because I toppled an opponent I get both things on these dice so I get both one point per space I mean which is one two three four five that’s five more points and I get a one worker I got another resource as well and now let’s not forget I get this really cool level to military building which is the tank Factory really cool stuff and this is for this potato this fills up a whole square Wow that’s awesome that means I’ll put it here cuz that’s empty that means I filled up a square I get a researcher of my choice so all of a sudden I can move again in this turn I’m gonna get another another worker so now I can move once more on the military before I have to do income wow that really worked out and yeah wasn’t really like my clan but you know just happen to to work out like that I’m happy for that I’m not gonna complain so in his director’s turn and he doesn’t have any resources he will have to do his income turn well he’s kind of happy about that let’s see how it goes so first of all he will get to do his special thingy which is to upgrade a technology he’s going to do that that’s the see if I can move the camera a little bit like that there we go so he’s going to put this here which means this upgrades for free or no wait this is tricky then when he gets his free upgrade he can’t do that thing oh wow that’s not good at all Wow I haven’t really you know track I haven’t really helped track out as I should with these planning’s that’s not great and well he should have gotten some other technology before before in this era uh sorry reco I um yeah you know he’s happy though he’s up there he’s just having fun with his buildings playing around so he doesn’t you know he’s not sad he gets three points anyhow so he got something at least but that was not that great okay so one two three is up to 30 points now he will get to play a tapestry chord and now he’s going to do some fun stuff over here so he placed this and this he’s the first to go here so he gets to resources hmm well he’s mostly interested in food since he wants to get up unless he wants to go to space you know when you get to the end of this track you actually get to space which are these we’re not gonna get through I think in this game please run through so we got these huge tiles with cool benefits on them and you get to place them out like here because you’re up in space there that’s really cool anyhow so he gets to food as his two bonus resources there and then if this says when he gets the income he can convert food – oh yeah you can convert food to any other resource good that he got the food because he’s gonna convert rest of it and then it gets two points for each of those now we will go to upgrading a technology and he can’t do that because he doesn’t have nobody has built this house to encumber writing so he can’t do that which means he just keeps it now he gets points against one point for each technology record so that’s one point one point for each row or column he doesn’t have that then he gets four points though from its forms here so that’s good it’s up to 35 and now he will get his income and well first of all he gets one goal and he gets one worker and then he gets to culture and now that he will get three food he’s going to convert all that food because of this type of shock or into something else so let’s say he gets one of these on each of those that’s two and then another culture so that’s three instead of getting three food and because he converted three things he will get six points so he’s happy about that that’s bringing him up to 41 and he is in the lead for now at least then he you know he did his income well that happened I don’t think I forgot anything and then we are ready to go to my turn so oh yeah I have still have some resources left and yeah you know I’m gonna pay one culture and two or something else in order to move on the military crack once again let’s see what I get here and if you get confused which I just got you always have this nice big player aid to help you out with all the spaces work what they do and all these technology coach so I actually have to check this one because I haven’t been up here myself in earlier games this says conquer one territory anywhere on the map that’s cool and you may then pay any more resource to gain one tapestry card let’s go stupid that I went up there because I don’t have another resource why did I do that hmm I can conquer territory anywhere on the map I think I still like that idea because the thing is if we look out here I’m kinda I’m kind of moving in on Drago so yeah let’s do that let’s conquer now I just want to box him in basically so you can’t get anywhere well the problem is if I go next to him he can topple me so no no let’s go somewhere else let’s go over here because that gives me more spaces I can explore on and so on and then I get to roll in the conquered eyes of course and I get either nothing here or one point per space I mean which is one two three four five six yeah six points one two three four five six I’m happy about that okay so that was my turn I moved up on that military I’m getting a really high up on the military track which is cool if you get to the M there you actually get another civilization randomly so that is something you know I’ll be really cool for me okay so with this Draco’s turn i wants to go up here forget another building and so on or a landmark and do some more exploration promise he’s kind of boxed in here he doesn’t like that so he kind of needs to do some conquering oh i doesn’t really have any good spot for conquering to be honest so he’s sort of trapped a little bit there and you know what i think he’s gonna do this anyway or is he okay kinda wants to get at a past record as well it doesn’t have any so yeah that’s how directors gonna do that he’s just gonna spend one resource of any kind cuz he’s just gonna spend one goal down here and then he goes up here he gets a tapestry cord and he can pay another resource to get a market out he’s gonna do that it’s gonna pay something here and he gets the first market that gets him some more gold income and he’s going to place this right there to work on his line in his row and the tablet Corey got was steam tycoon when played invent a face up technology and upgrade it as nice as how it goes well with his and your neighbors then each in meant oh then I get to invent a one as well but he has to upgrade it so he might play this as his last type of record we’ll see how that goes but then we go the most reckless turn will go back to me and now it’s time for me to do income since I don’t have any resources but I think I’m going to stop right there we are sort of I don’t know where we halfway through the game maybe that’s something like that and so I think you got a good idea on how the game plays if you want to see more of the game in a few days there will be a solo play true coming as well I’ll do a few I’ll do a bunch of solar play throughs but first we’ll come in a few days where I will show you how to play against the automa really cool really good at tour mind this game as well so I hope you enjoyed this run-through Sahin oh um sadly I will cut it short here I will not do a full plate true I will do that in solo mode instead instead drag me on he’s getting sleepy over there but thanks so much for watching if you liked the video remember to press the like button down there as well and if you’re new to the channel please subscribe and also click the little Bell symbol because that you will get notification from YouTube when I post new videos there’s a lot of videos coming up on the channel of course and there soon essence feel a lot of cool games to be filled so thank you so much for watching and have a great evening good morning I’m going to be watching take care bye bye breathing look into these eyes subscribe to the channel now exhale [Music]

4 Replies to “Tapestry – Gameplay Runthrough”

  1. Feels weird to have watched before there were any Klingon subtitles, so sorry if any of these were added after I started watching but before finishing watching:

    I think both you and Draco forgot to take a tapestry card and tile during income at various points – 29:58, 36:57, 55:55
    34:42 While that tile was playable in that spot to get 5 points, Draco should have gotten four points due to having one side connect desert to water and water to mountain, rather than water to water.

    At some point, didn't catch when, you forgot to reveal the top card from the tech after inventing a face up technology.

  2. At 51:34 you tell you get the benefits from both dice if you topple the enemy. It's true, but it's not the whole truth: you gain the benefit from both dice even if the enemy plays a Trap card, and you end up toppled. This may be worth mentioning in the subtitles.

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