Tapestry – Gameplay Runthrough

Tapestry – Gameplay Runthrough

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  1. Feels weird to have watched before there were any Klingon subtitles, so sorry if any of these were added after I started watching but before finishing watching:

    I think both you and Draco forgot to take a tapestry card and tile during income at various points – 29:58, 36:57, 55:55
    34:42 While that tile was playable in that spot to get 5 points, Draco should have gotten four points due to having one side connect desert to water and water to mountain, rather than water to water.

    At some point, didn't catch when, you forgot to reveal the top card from the tech after inventing a face up technology.

  2. At 51:34 you tell you get the benefits from both dice if you topple the enemy. It's true, but it's not the whole truth: you gain the benefit from both dice even if the enemy plays a Trap card, and you end up toppled. This may be worth mentioning in the subtitles.

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