Tapestry Gameplay Runthrough

Tapestry Gameplay Runthrough

hey everybody today righto runs through tapestry but before I get going please turn your subtitles on to the Klingon channel so that when I make rules goose you know what they are and if you’ve done that then welcome to the ancient world everybody where each player controls a struggling startup Society and over the course of five years we are going to explore this world and expand our Dominion across the world and along the way we’ll also develop new technology and new breakthroughs in science and I’ve mostly got the game set up I’m gonna be the yellow player I am starting out over here in this neck of the woods you can tell this is the cradle of my civilization because there are two of my nice little towers here and I am going up against the blue player over on the other side of the world and today I’m gonna be playing solo so the blue player is actually gonna be controlled by this deck of cards igg Eric the Tama is capable of traveling all over the world and doing pretty much everything I can do and I’ll put up a pretty good fight in fact finishing the game comes with a few different ways that you can adjust difficulty I’m on the normal difficulty but I could go to the Hard difficulty and I can I’m also on level 2 of their payment phase but I could make it easier going to level 1 or I could go to level 3 or level 4 so I’m just kind of going with the standard introduction wish me luck uh-huh because even still this guy is a challenge to be and even though I’m playing solo you should get a pretty good idea of what a multiplayer game feels like because he does pretty much everything I’m a human player would do okay so how does it work well we need to do a little bit more setup before we can get going specifically what I’ve set up so far is here’s my neck of the woods I am the yellow player I’ve got all these buildings waiting to be built in my capital over here and by the way I should say we’re starting out in the wetlands which means we’ve got this particular layout to build our capital up this is a place where we put these income buildings and as we generate these income buildings and build them we increase the amount of income we get at the beginning of every era it’s one other important element that was part of setup is that my society my civilization is a bunch of entertainers this is who we are and what we do and this means every time we move into a new era except for the very first one at the beginning the game when we’re still basically cave people were still in the Stone Age most the time as we advanced our society forward I get to engage in this little mini game where I have to make choices about how I’m going to advance to get extra bonuses as we go along now I chose the entertainers because they’re one of the simpler um societies that you can be you know it’s a pretty straightforward thing but this game comes with tons tons and tons and tons of different societies different civilizations you can develop whether you’re Alchemist or futurists or inventors or militants or mystics I mean there’s just tons of them and these all have radically different functions that really give you a very different feeling game depending on who you are often they will kind of push you in a direction if I were a militant civilization you better believe I’d be focusing a lot on military but the nice thing about the entertainers is they’re kind of wide open they don’t really necessarily prescribe one particular strategy so the world is my oyster as we try to entertain the people of this world all right so we are ready to go me versus the o-tama and there’s actually two characters the blue and the grey character I’m playing against and in a solo game and the first thing that happens on your turn is you either choose to do income or advancement now most of the time the vast majority of turns are going to be advancement turns that means you are exploring or doing military actions or science or inventions and breakthroughs but the very very first turn of the game every player must do income this is always the same because I mean at the beginning a game we have nothing I got no culture no money no food no population so the first thing everybody does is gets a little income and the way that works is the income phase is actually listed as a reminder for everybody on their boards I know that’s really zoomed out so let’s gone ahead and zoom in a little bit so you can see it better this is what an income turn is first we activate the special power of our civilization in my case it’s entertainment then we play a tapestry card that helps tell the story of our civilization then we can upgrade technology and score points and then finally we get the actual income of our income turn now you may notice there’s tiny little numbers next to each of these steps that indicates which income turn we will actually do those individual steps because over the course of the game we will play through five years we will advant we will do an income five times the very first one which we’re about to do we skip this because you notice there’s no middle number one in the second third fourth and fifth income turn we will activate our special society power in the second third and fourth we’ll play a tapestry card in the second third fourth and fifth we’ll get points and upgrades and in the first second third and fourth and we’re in the first income phase right now we’ll get income so basically that means the first turn for everybody in the game is just to get some basic income and how does that work well it has to do with all of these income buildings up here remember I’ve got all of these spaces covered by all these buildings I’ve yet to build so only this space this space this space and this space are exposed and that means those are the income I’ll get specifically I’ll do some bartering which will give me some money I will exercise our symbology which gives me some population and then we’ll do some hunting to give us some food and a ceremony need to get us some culture also in addition to the food and the culture we will get one tapestry card and one exploration tile based on our hunting and ceremony this everybody could do this pretty much at the same time because the first round it’s really an extended part of setup that we’ve set up everything else we’ve got our boards and we’ve we picked our starting locations and all that and we now get our income which means the first everybody starts with an income of one for each of these things now I’ve got one of each of the four resources I get one Explorer tile Alice II it is a mountainous for in region okay and this is public knowledge face up and I get one tapestry card and let’s see it is a Tecna technocracy technocracy a technocracy so before I go any farther I’m glad this one came up because it’s an important thing to understand um unlike a lot of civilization games that stack the deck so that early inventions come in real human history come early and later inventions come later that’s not the case in this game um I’ve got something that sounds like oh well this is really from the future this is probably in the 21st century uh uh if I play this early in the game it means the story the tapestry of history that my civilization goes through means we were early you know Bronze Age technocrats or the Bronze Age equivalent of a technocrat I mean the ability I’ll get when I play this later on it could be universal at any point in the game it doesn’t mean we’ll have glasses and we’re lab coats and all that you have to use your imagination say well what would a technocrat be in the era of antiquity because if I play this card early I’ll be and an ancient technocratic civilization alrighty so I’ve got this this is something I may or may not play later I’ve got this this is someplace I may or may not explore later and I’ve got one of each resource now the dummy player he goes through his income phase as well and for him it’s pretty much the same thing this doesn’t happen till a payment – payment – payment – payment – payment – or income income one okay he gets a tech or a tax-free card of his own I don’t get to know what it is it is a secret like it would be with the regular players and he all right that’s it that’s all he’ll do but when he does his second income phase which thematically means he’s moving into a new era of development because we’ll play through five years of the game then he’ll get to do all these other steps in much the same way that I’ll get to do all of my steps also and the tougher he gets the more steps he has available to him since I’m playing kind of medium difficulty there’s two steps he just doesn’t do it all ever in the game right so that was the first turn but he did an income phase now we can go on to the second turn where I could do income again I could do it right now but that would be very foolish because all it means is well I am I haven’t built any building so I wouldn’t get any more income than I’ve already got I should use some of these resources to do advancements and that’s where the heart of the game is so as you can see I pick one of the four advancement tracts I pay the cost to move forward on it and I do what it says aha it’s super simple it could not be simpler it’s barely an inconvenience um as we move forward so I’ve got to decide now if uh since I’m not going to income am I going to explore am I going to do science am I going to do technology or am I gonna do military I pick one of those four and then I’ve got to pay the resources to do it I haven’t even looked at this yet what does this mean when played if I’m the first player to enter this era get a technology card and upgrade it for free Wow if you’re not the first player get three points for every opponent in the game and there are two points so this is six points if I let them go first so then because this is in my future right now we are makers of fire our first era of the game is we’ve just discovered fire we haven’t even gotten into we’re the early days a man if I play this during my second income phase that’s when this will come into effect and I’ll either score some points or I’ll get a free tech upgrade as much as I would like those points I would like a free tech upgrade more so that means what’s interesting nor I said upfront normally I don’t have a reason to do another income phase immediately but I could do an income phase immediately to get that but you know I want to get some stuff done before we go into income so that means it kind of points me in a direction if I’m all about tech let’s say my first move is gonna be technology based if this is going to be what I’m all about now I should say by the way um as part of setup my two opponents the blue opponent and the grey opponent they as part of a random element chose their favorite tracks to advance on blue really likes science gray really likes technology and that means they are more likely to advance on those tracks than the other tracks which means by me making a move here I’m competing with gray because gray is probably gonna move up here as well and the first player to reach certain milestones along this track gets huge benefits what are those benefits well they are cool awesome-looking buildings that we get to add to our capital over here that can give us more victory points and more resources to be able to push forward these are really really cool these are the main ones we get whenever we hit this space this space this space this makes me cetera although it’s only the first player to come here would get the four it’s only the first player to reach this level expiration would get the the white house so um if I’m gonna take off on tech I’ve got to do it knowing I’ll probably be racing great cuz this is his favorite as well but I’m gonna do it anyway cuz I would like to get some tech although I don’t have to I’m gonna get Tech for free if I play this right so maybe I shouldn’t chit race after him because he might beat me right now neither of them have shown interest in exploration or the military and you know oh man yeah okay I was gonna do tech but I don’t want to race him plus I’m gonna get tech for free when I become a technocrat so I’m gonna do some exploration instead this is my first chosen action now whenever you do an action you have to pay the cost which is always shown here above the area you can see the first three Explorer actions cost anyone good so it costs another good another good now if I want to get to level four of exploration it costs a food and a good and then so on then it costs a food and two Goods and then finally for the last steps where we’re building the Space Shuttle interstellar travel and warp gates it requires to food for all of those but right now we’re in the early days I’m just gonna develop scouting I have to spend one resource I could spend any of them and in the early game all resources are created equal it doesn’t it isn’t until you get to the higher levels where Oh to do this I need food in something which means you might want to pay attention so um if I’m not going to do tech ecology which really runs off of money more than anything else what the heck I’ll spend money as my could spend any resource I want to go scouting and what do I get I get two more tiles all right and so this one it’s a forest and Plains and it gives me another tapestry card if I explore it and this one is mostly ocean and a little bit of desert and mountain and it gives me some culture all right that was my turn these turns are on the surface very very simple quick little things you either do your income or you pick one track move forward pay and do what it says some spaces you get to do an action and you can pay a little bit extra to do a bonus action often you can just do one action my turn is over um now let’s move on to my opponent like I said they’ve got this deck of cards that will advance and evolve as more and more cards get seeded into it but it’s already been set up and on their turn I draw two cards to see what they’re gonna do what are they gonna do okey-dokey so I’m actually gonna hand bring closer so you can see it a little bit better sorry folks who I don’t care about solo play but I do think this is worthwhile for everybody let’s see now when you put two cards like this together you only pay attention to what’s in the middle the stuff that’s on either side you can completely ignore this right here indicates what my blue and gray opponent want to do and what they want to do is move forward on advancement tracks just like I did now the blue one with that little what’d he call it um checkered flag that means he wants to move forward let’s see action I think it says it right here yeah he wants to move forward on whichever track will get him to the end of the track quickest so if he had already moved a lot on military let’s say he’d want to keep moving on military because this is saying I just want to get to the end of a track as fast as possible um now at this point because he hasn’t advanced on any track all of his tracks are equidistant to the end so that means this doesn’t tell me which one he wants to do which means I gotta come over here and check the tiebreakers the tiebreaker he’s the blue player we choose this one he wants interestingly to do a tech action so blue is gonna do a tech action the gray the shadow Empire it’s called he has basically a blank there’s no picture of a flag or a building or stuff like that so that means he could potentially advance on any of the four tracks how do I know which one again I checked the tie breaker he’s the gray player so he wants to advance on exploration okay so um now there’s other icons here that have meanings potentially in different circumstances but this is the main thing it tells you what blue wants to do and what gray wants to do randomly chosen by putting two cards together okay so let’s go on ahead and do that shall we blue says uh I talked about he’s gonna advance on technology now the dummy player has no resources they never have to pay for anything although as they move forward there are only certain things that they will benefit from you know they can get more OD call it they can roll for science they can conquer and explore they can move forward on tracks they can get a tax free card and if they are ever moved to a spot where they are supposed to take a tech card well they don’t care about tech cards they don’t take it but he just moved to a spot with the tech card and so that means he is gonna wipe out all three of these so it kind of replicates another player taking stuff away so I’ve missed out on being able to develop the telescope eyeglasses or warships if I had one to do one of these because they would have been a big part of my strategy and I’ll be honest I was thinking about going for the telescope because the telescope gives me another Explorer tile and eventually gives me points based on how many Explorer tiles I found telescope is gone uh-huh because blue took it away and now three new ones come out compass all right that’s also a nice explore one and dynomite which is good for warring ways as you might imagine and the bakery okay which is some points and could potentially get me a nice big building to add to my capital and develop it so that’s what these new ones are out so that’s what blue did and now he is racing to be the first to get the cool special buildings he’s also racing to get to the end um and now that he started work on that even though a science is officially his favorite as part of setup he might keep on pushing this and that’s something I bear in mind it is definitely standard play that once you start working on a path you really want to push that path forward to get the most out of it anyway that’s what he did and gray I see he didn’t have a preference so it said he did exploring so he’s moving forward on exploring ah oops I’m sorry he’s mine for exploring which means he’s racing me to get up here to navigation and get the house the the the lighthouse now the blue character he always does stuff he resets the car he rolls the die he conquers territory the gray one he doesn’t do anything all he does is move forward on tracks and try to snag my ability to get the cool big buildings that are that can be such a huge part of success in the game so he is trying to race me and that’s it that was it for the dummy player basically you draw two cards see what blue wants to do see what gray wants to do and now it is my turn again okay let’s move on and hmm okay so I’m still planning on getting technology for free by passing before they too because I can be a technocrat so I’m not gonna chase after technology I I don’t want to miss out on this lighthouse I’ve got some competition for it so I am going to do exploration again wait and now before i Scout it which means I got a couple tiles now I get to put one of these tiles into play and I get the benefit of that tile and if I want I can spend an extra resource and get another tapestry card so maybe uh a technic rhyme see as a weird word to say Technic maybe technocracy is not in my future because if I pay a resource I can get another tapestry and maybe my future will be something completely different than what I was originally thinking okay so um okay but first of all I am definitely gonna explore then I got to decide if I’m gonna pay extra to get that bonus so if I explore here I get some culture if I explore here I get another tapestry card if I explore here I get one of these tech cards hmm you know what okay I okay I want to I’m still planning on doing this this is gonna give me a free upgrade and a card to up get a card and I’ll upgrade it so if I get another card and upgrade it I’ll have to tech upgrades before I’ve left the Stone Age that could be a really big leg up for me so considering that this is in my future let’s go on ahead and place which one was oh this one the one that’ll give me a tech tile I’m holding one of these I might explore them later and now I have to put it somewhere on the board adjacent to one of my existing controlled areas begin the game the only thing I control is my capital area right here so I can put this here here or here and my inclination is to put it over here because it will create a bridge that I could then follow to get to the center of the world where the first player to conquer the center tile gets ten points this is one of three objectives that are always available in every game first on first player to conquer the middle island ten points second player to do it five first player to complete any Advent in advancement track any of the four tracks ten points second player five first player to topple two of your opponents although you can never couple their capital so you know if my opponent moved out here and then I move in and top of him if I can do that twice ten points and five point renewing a second now if I were to flip this whole board over it’s for higher player counts this is the I believe the one to three player side four more players play on the outside with a bigger world and there are fifteen points there’s a first second and third place so I kind of haha I want to expand in this direction because hey it gets me to the center where there’s a 10 point bonus but you’ll notice this is water mountains and forests and whenever I put a tile down I want wherever plot I can put it wherever I want as long as it’s next to one of my things but I want to put them next to spaces that match because I get points if they match and unfortunately where I started out in the world there are no mountains at all but there is a forest over here so if I don’t go this way but instead I go this way something like this yes so this might be the better way to go because I look at each of the sides that are touching existing stuff and if they match I get a point this water matches this water I get a point this forest matches this forest I get a point unfortunately this mountain does not match this Plains so I don’t get a point so I would get two victory points replacing it here um plus I would get a tech card if instead I tried to put it over here let’s see I could actually no what with this water on the corner like this you know even though the force doesn’t match this desert even though the forest doesn’t match this water over here water and water I could still get two points because this water is on the corner like that so okay I am gonna go this way I would love to put this in a way that I could get more points by matching the fort but still this is only two points because there’s no grassland I mean this means I’m instead of this if I wanted to get more points I’d do something like this because look at this water matching water matching water matching water matching I get four points for placing this in this spot by matching more often than not I mean heck I could even put this desert next to desert match match match match so still four points cuz I’m matching everything so I get four points I’d get some culture and I get closer to the center but I’m not after points I’m after tech right now I want to get this instead of getting this culture bonus I want to get this tech bonus that’s what’s more important to me getting that technology card there so let’s go with the plan we’ll just go like this and now I get a tech card and I get one two points because two sides match they only have to half match and that’s it so hurray I’m on the board two points and I get my first tech the bakery the compass or a dynamite I think I think I will take mmm they’re all good so the dynamite will give me an opportunity to conquer terrain which is good god I do want to get here and conquer this will give me an opportunity fairly quickly to get more Explorer tiles this one will just give me four points I think right now I want to conquer because we’re in a race he might start trying to race horse here and if I get here first I get ten points instead of five so we’re gonna learn the technology of dynamite although yeah and I think that’s gonna be fine there’s more to this decision I’m just kind of cut but we’ll talk more about it when we get into upgrading because whenever you get a new tech it comes down here in the useless we have not developed dynamite in our early prehistory days we have just started working on it and again this is another example of the history of this world being very different it took a long time for humanity to develop gunpowder in my world we’re gonna develop gunpowder or some equivalent of it much much earlier but we’re working on it right now when I do my next income it’ll move up and then I’ll get to do a free concur with my newly invented dynamite dynamite okay so that was my second action I didn’t explore and a whole bunch of stuff happened there I got some points I got some stuff and remember if I want I can spend a resource and get another tapestry since I’m in a hurry I want to pass early to use my technocracy to most effect I’ll go ahead and spend a resource and give myself another tapestry card academia okay which is an alternative instead of becoming technocrats we can become academics when I move into my second era which is whenever I invent technology or gain tapestries get points and now this is interesting this is for the entire second era of the game which could last quite a while my technocracy is only once when I first play it I get a one-time bonus as opposed to an ongoing bonus so one of these two is going to be the first tapestry card I play which will tell the ongoing story of my society we were born entertainers we started out making fire and then we moved on when I play one of these cards to either become academics or technocrats all right but again that’s in the future so that was my second turn and as you can see if I could go two more times I could actually get my white house going but I don’t think I’m gonna be able to all that off because I’m burning through resources pretty much as fast as I can all right my turn time for the dummies and okay we got two cards and let’s look at them again just so you can see one more time how it works in this case neither of them have a preferred preference the icons they can appear here are like you saw that flag which like this flag which means get me to the end of a track or get me to the next building I can grab but if they’re blank the blue and the s4 shadow this is the o-tama this is the shadow empire they are both going to rely on the tiebreaker blue is gonna move forward on science and the the shadow is gonna move on his favorite you can see that little heart so shadow wants to move on his favorite which was set as part a and Amelia’s part of setup so this is what they are going to do alrighty so you could see some more stuff blue always goes first blue says science and blue always gets through all the science time whenever somebody triggers a science action which is here here here here and then a bunch there at the end you roll the science die which is a d12 12-sided die and ii there are three of each of the four advancements so um science always leads to a breakthrough let’s see what the o-tama gets he moves forward on exploration okay everybody’s racing on exploration now but he doesn’t get any benefits from this you’ll notice it says roll the die and there’s an X right there the X means move forward for free although the Oh Tamas never pay anyway but if I did science and I rolled this I would get to move forward for free and not have to pay but because of the X I don’t get the benefit of what I moved into anyway so he did science he’s moved up there’s a three-way race to get this light house and gray said I want to do my favorite grace favorite is technology so there’s a race on technology and exploration and a little bit of science nobody’s done any warfare yet okay uh that was it for them again the Oh Thomas turns are super easy but they do create very compelling examples especially once they start conquering and moving out and you know competing there alright my turn again I’ve got two more resources which effectively means I could take two more turns now how many more turns is he gonna take I know he’s gonna take at least one more turn before he does income he’ll do this one and he might play this one or he might not so I’ve got a little bit more time because if I do Avant my alright so I’m gonna go I’ll eat my food and you know what I would like to increase my income I’m just gonna triple down on exploration I spend a food because remember it could be anything and now we’ve gone from scouting to rafts to wagons we are exploring this world and I have choice I can either do another Explorer tile like you saw me do before which will give me more points and resources or I can build my first farm all right yes these are farms which means it’ll occupy space on my capital which will help me out and it will increase my income now when I do my income phase I’m gonna get two food instead of one I think that’s why I want to do as much as I’d like to explore because hay would give me another tack I’m fine with that I am going to build my first farm as it says right there doesn’t cost anything I mean oh it costs the resource to move up that’s it and I can put this anywhere well not exactly anywhere you will notice in my wetlands that there are all the oh we got we’re flooded we’re basically um Amsterdam uh-huh and right now we can’t build where all these bits of water are so I have to build on an empty space and which space will I build on there is actually a fair bit of thought that goes into that as well because there’s two benefits for building up one is if you complete any one of these quadrants you see that’s a three by three there’s a quadrant Carter Carter Carter if you fill up any of them you immediately get a resource of your choosing and that may not sound like much but especially at the beginning of the game a one resource is basically like getting to take an extra turn because you only cost one resource to do any of these actions so even a single resource is huge so I want to fill up as fast as I can to get a free resource but there’s the other thing as well if I can completely fill any row or any column that means um that row or column will start generating victory points for my civilization so I could go for the row and column filling or I could go for the getting resources or I could go for both this little thing over here only needs one two three I’m just gonna put my farm there now if I can just fill these two other spaces in I will get a free resource in that area so we’ll go with that okay that was my turn and I’ve still got one more resource but now it is the dummy players term Baby Bop and blue says hey I’ll do anything and blue is choosing military grey says I want to get to the next closest building possible right which seat and that means he could get to this one in 1 2 3 or he could get to this one in 1 2 3 so he’s got a tie he get to the forge or the lighthouse how do we break the tie again he we pay attention to tiebreaker and in this case it is tech so he’s gonna move up on tech and he never does anything he’s just moving up trying to snag those buildings for me so he’s really easy but blue is a bit more complex blue is the first one to try to conquer territory they’re boldly going out which is interesting because remember blue randomly chose science blue are literally scientists that’s kind of their thing but um you know they’re bucking tradition and they are gonna be the first to conquer as you see they moved up and this says conquer right I would’ve been good if I tried to conquer stop first you see how a regular player does it but they’re for the most part they’re the same now for me to conquer for a player to conquer I have to be able to move into a zone that exists so I could conquer this space that I just moved in so I could get closer to the center I’m working but I can’t conquer over here because this area hasn’t been explored the dummy player gets a big leg up in that he can move right into an area that’s unexplored and he will get a freebie explore it’s like he explored plus conquers and which way is he going to go well we have a little cheat sheet for him over which one is it it’s over here um if he can he would want to conquer one of my zones that would always be his first job in which case he would do a hostile conquer but he’s a long ways away from me so that means he can’t conquer any of my zones so he’s gonna do a neutral conquer some of this over here a little bit and so first of all we have to check what valid hexes can he conquer in two it has to be someplace that can be conquerable or explorable that these are conquerable these are explorable so these are the only places he could expand into now he will only expand into a space adjacent to me if he has that little topple icon and right now he does not so that means he’s a little bit more timid um or it doesn’t get quite as strong a grasp so it’s gonna be kind of a weak expansion cuz you can see down here on the bottom step it says if there was that topple icon on his card which there isn’t then he would get to place two tokens on the space he was going instead of one as is he’s only gonna face so now he has to write these are all the valid places the tiebreaker number one can he get to the middle island is there still a middle island achievement available yes there is nobody’s gotten to the first or second place so that is what he is after which means we don’t have to go to the second third or fourth tiebreaker which includes the hex here he’s gonna come into this area because he’s racing me and he’ll be one step ahead because I got to explore and then conquer he just gets to do them both for one so how does he do it well he doesn’t care about points any of that stuff he just takes a random tile and puts it down randomly and then just moves his guy in there it says there at the bottom his action if an empty hex drawn place a random tile place your outpost and place a toppled shadow Empire outpost if the topple icon were here now the reason he would do that is because no zone can ever have more than two outposts this two outpost means it can never be conquered again but since he didn’t do that because it didn’t say – this is a place that I could move in and I could conquer him I could topple his thing and I could potentially cut off his expansion and all that so that was it super simple mine is a little bit more complicated you might imagine it says hey hey I wanted to advance I moved up here and if he advances again he’s gonna get the ten points before I can get there and meanwhile the shadow he just moved closer to getting the forge and so that was it for him okay back to me and I could take one more turn I’ve got one more resource I could use that well I cannot use it to navigate anymore because now to go to the next level I need food and something else all of god is population so I can’t do that but hey I could try to conquer and I could race him because I could get here and then you know it’s anybody’s guess who will get there first cuz we’ll be neck-and-neck and we’ll see if he actually tries to make that last move but here’s the thing remember I want my technocracy I want to pass before them and there is a 50-50 chance when he has only two cards left he will either play these cards to do another action or he will pass early so I can’t look at these cards I don’t and this is a problem you would have in regular play because there are big advantages to passing early right now I get an advantage because of my technocracy I’m planning to learn but there are also regular Dan as well so I want to pass before him but I want to take this last action and move in here so that I have a better shot at getting the 10 points instead of 5 points plus if he moves in here he might actually oh no that’s right he can never topple here so I can always still get in that’s a special rule all right am I gonna pass yes I am I don’t want to take the chance and if he then takes a whole nother turn I’ll regret it because that probably means I’m giving him first dibs on that c’est la vie I am going to so far you’ve been seeing me do act advance turns now I’m gonna do income and unlike the first income where all I did was step 4 now I’m doing steps 1 2 3 & 4 and so this is where my society grows and expands and evolves remember the steps are first actually activate the Entertainer ability and like I said depending on who you are there are radically different abilities we get but I started out over here and I’ve got to decide am I gonna give myself an extra population culture food or money that decision if I take money that means the next time we advance I can either build a what’s at an armory or a house for free and if I choose house then after that I can either get a free tech or I can do a free Explorer so ah this choice is really setting me on a path for the game and since I’m doing a lot of exploring which means I need more food I’m gonna get more food over here but if I want more food what the heck let’s double down on our exploration ways I will do this and immediately get one food the more food I have the more I can explore because that’s food is the main engine for exploring culture is the main engine for military and oh what is it population it leads to scientific breakthroughs and money leads to technology breakthroughs alright so I did my first step and again other players might it would have done had a very very different effect to have depending on whether they’re militant or mystics or architects or heralds or leaders or nomads or craftsmen or historians or merrymakers etc etc very very diff for in play depending on who you are so I’ve done my first thing which in my case was hey I just got a little nice extra resource gray and I’ve set myself on a path next up I expand the tapestry of my personal history which means I’ve now got to choose are we gonna become academics or technocrats I think you know it’s gonna be Technic right so I’ve been playing in the whole time it’s why I passed early so I’ll hold on to academia this might be our next evolution of our society but for now I’m gonna be technocrats and it says when played if I am the first player to enter the era I am oh by the way it’s there should always be three texts as soon as I took that tech another one should have come out assembly lines okay because I’m the first I get to grab one of these texts and advance it for free nice so if I go for the bakery I’ll immediately get four points if I go for the assembly line well I don’t want this one because this says I will immediately activate a completed technology right now I have no complete technology so assembly line is not it so it’s either bakery or compass this will immediately give me two more tiles for more exploring hmm all right um yeah so the other thing I mean there’s the immediate benefit for points or to exploration and then there’s the more long-term benefit when I go from medium to fully develop technology this one is a free Explorer action which is like a whole nother turn basically this one is build the bakery which is this charming adorable little building here look at this thing look at these things they are so nice sorry it’s a little dark but the detail is exquisite and so I can put this and I could use this to start filling up more spaces of my capital so I can get closer to you know making completed rows and columns and clothes I mean this is interesting when you take these you don’t have to put them you can’t put them on the orange dots you have to put them you know in open spaces but you are allowed to hang them over the edge so if I hung this over the edge I’d only be filling two but I would have completed this and I’d get another free resource which is like another turn so but that’s later on that would be level of getting the final bakery technology advancement for points immediately bakery later or two extra explore time and then a free Explorer I think I’m gonna want to build up my capital I’m gonna develop bakeries hooray okay so that was the first thing when I put this in play grab a tech and upgrade it so immediately boom we have a level two which is one two three four and now later on the next time I do income the next time we move forward in an era I would be able to potentially move this up to the top level and get that bakery building to add over here um although there are prerequisites and this is the reason I chose this as you can see the prerequisite to get this up to level 3 is either me or one of my neighbors to the left or right that’s what this symbol means me in the middle or my left or right neighbor has to have developed farming so that’s an interesting element of the game I don’t know you know because if I talk about the compass over here to get to the top level the compass either me or one of my neighbors has to get to level 2 of Technology now gray is working on it it’s Grey’s favorite it’s likely he will eventually do level 2 so I don’t I could get the benefit of this never having worked my way up the technology track if my neighbor does it and I know he will but in the meantime this one of getting one of us to farming I have already done it I meant farming right now as soon as I did this development so I know I I can count on hopefully my opponents will make this available for me but I know this will be available for me so that’s another reason to go for that one so I moved it up I got my four points another tech came out okay and when you place your tapestry card if you are the first one to do it oh my god zoom in over there she can shoot you know we started out as a maker of fire and when I became technocrats since I was the first one see I’m bigger than my neighbors on the first one I get a free resource of my choosing boom so there were two reasons for me to try to pass and play as fast as possible alright so I get another free resource and this actually comes over here on mine not the extra one I’m using for close-ups alrighty so I get another free resource what do I want um well I could just take I’m gonna get two more food during income because I need I mean to go up three more steps on exploring I need food and something food in something food and something then I need food and two things I want to keep pushing this I just want more food I mean literally it’s all I’ve done so far hmm yeah okay look I’m just in for food in for a penny in for a pound of food so that’s what I got for that so that was the tapestry the history of my world masters of fire we can tell that that mastery of fire turned us into technocrats of the ancient world and now I move on to the next step where I get to do and upgrade right now um and here’s the crazy thing folks I could upgrade this dynamite so I could get a free attack but since I already have mastered farming I can upgrade this and boom just like that get this all the way to the top in record time um so that is pretty cool I would not have been able to do that if it weren’t for technocracy you wouldn’t see a level 3 until the third era most the time but my technocracy allowed me to push this up super fast and that means I immediately get to expand my capital and if I do this I’m wasting half of it because it hangs over the edge but I’m immediately getting another resource but it might make more sense to go like this because this is now now I am just need to fill one two more spaces to get points out of this column 1 2 3 4 spaces to get points out of that one so I’m gonna put it over here and start trying to fill in and I’ll get a couple more little buildings and fill in this space ok so boom that farming paid off we are now the car our technology is all about baking as we explore the world okay so that was a free upgrade you always get an upgrade if you’ve got tech nothing’s more painful than to get to a you know want one of these moments and then not have tech to be able to not upgrade so now I score points and the points are again taken from here no points over here but if I had built some more armories I would get points for every location on the board I’ve conquered if I had built some more farms I would get 4 points and then more points as I get higher I think what’s the other one ten points so if I just really focus on farms I could start getting lots of points as part of my income now unfortunately haven’t uncovered any of those but I do as a start I get one point for every tech I’ve got that’s two more points for me now again if I had made more markets you could see I could get two points for every tech I’ve got so you know there’s all kinds of ways to focus on things and really start harvesting tons of points as the game goes on as it escalates also over here I get one point per row or column I have no rows or columns completed so I don’t get anything there so I did my upgrade I’ve got my points and now the last thing I do is I do my up my um my income just like you saw at the beginning I get one money one population one culture and another tapestry card which is aa militarism that might change my future if this is something I decide to branch out into being a bit more or what jingoistic alright um and I get one to food and another Explorer tile so we have we’re just all right now which is another way to get food over here okay boom that’s why I want to go first I took advantage of the technology it is now the dummy players turn and let’s see if he would have gone I had more time if I looked here and there was a little picture of the income icon here it’s it that would be he would say hey you know what I am going to pass I’m not gonna play these cards I’m gonna do my income but there’s not and so instead he is gonna play these last cards and then next turn he’s gonna do income and in the meantime he’s just doing whatever he’s doing military and boom he made it to the center he beat me that’s ten points that will not be coming my way oops I forgot to get out his um I need to get his cubes to cover it up because he is conquered I can still get five points for getting there oh and here’s another interesting thing he’s doing a military he’s spread into there and you see the little topo icon normally that would mean a toppled shadow Empire would be there too which means I couldn’t move in ever but like I said before that never happens in the center so I can still get in here for five points and the interesting thing is because he’s here first I could topple him and that would be maybe even might one of my first two topples to topple two opponents so another thing pushing me morons military moving in here toppling him and toppling him to get this victory and you know he might be moving against me so maybe I should move against him first isn’t that always the way all right so he just did a military action took that for me I’ll um I’ll put a cube on there in a minute to market and gray says hey do whatever and he says exploration so gray is moving up to try to catch me with exploration so that’s it for them so on his next turn because there’s nothing for him to draw he will do his income phase and which is a bit different than mine but it’s still the same end result he scores some points he does very sundry things and folks you know what what am I at now oh my gosh almost 15 minutes I’ve just gotten started building my tapestry folks if you would like to watch a bit more if you’d like to maybe maybe I’ll go military so you can see some of that back and forth you can hit that I in the top-right corner screen and go to the extended playthrough or instead you can go straight to final thoughts your choice in five four three two one

55 Replies to “Tapestry Gameplay Runthrough”

  1. Oh boy. Makers of fire drawing a Technocracy card for the set up with glasses and lab coats.

    But use your imagination, they are Bronze Age Technocrats.

    Am I the only one having issues with the anachronisms?

    Takes me right out of the feeling this is a civ game.

    I'm out. Still love Viticulture though! Thanks Rahdo for the run through.

  2. I love SM games, but after watching 10min, I have lost interest. I am sure I must be the only person. I’ll watch it again later when I am a bit more awake:) thx Rahdo

  3. Another SM game that is a pass for me. I find them functional but not fun. Just seems like the games lack any passion, like a dull but reliable car.

  4. Stonemaier Games generally look very polished but some of the graphic design in this game (like the tracks on the map) look almost prototypish. Maybe it's better in person.

  5. The centre of the board reminds me of Terraforming Mars. Really looking forward to hearing final thoughts, but the playthrough looks good so far.

  6. Aren't you suppose to slide the left Automa card to the right and add a new Automa card from the deck as a new left card. So that way you won't race through your Automa deck? It looks similar to the deck of Gaia Project and Euphoria.

  7. Oh my goodness! After watching the first 46 minute run through, I am in love! The game sure looks like it feels like a Civ game to me, and the sense of building, to more and more, seems really neat. The Tapestry cards, and the impact those decisions have on your game, and what else you might choose? I can see why the game is called Tapestry. And yet the tapestry of it all together, the possibilities seem really fun (and that's even without Space, which just knocks my socks off.) Thanks for the run through, this looks like the civ game I have been waiting for! (I wish someone would adapt New Bedford's often unclear automated opponents into something like we see here!)

  8. Is the saturation on this video really off? At first I thought this was a prototype, as it looked so bleak. I think this may do this game a disservice, as much of its charm lies in its vibrant colors, lovely art, and the goofy landmark miniatures. It's rather hard to be charmed by a game that looks this cold.

  9. At 29:00 you used food to move up the explore track. Had you expended population you could have played the tile that gave you culture and then moved up again paying the food and culture to get the lighthouse that era.

  10. I would have rathered a 2 player runthrough, but it was interesting seeing the solo none the less. Wonder what content creators are doing 2+ player videos JonGetsGames, Slickerdrips, Ant Lab, probably all of them?

  11. Big Gaia Project (Terra Mystic) vibe. Choosing round bonus, constructing buildings to generate correlated income, tech trees, spreading on the map. That said there are some interesting elements here with placing buildings, tech trees, and radical player powers.

  12. All this white/gray and plain circles on the boards make this look like a prototype.. the art/graphic design needs some texture.

  13. You forgot to pay for your second advancement. You only payed the bonus

    Edit: saw the notation un the klingon subtitles. Thanks for pointing it out 🙂

  14. 28:05 should you have removed the available tech cards due to the white/gray player advancing onto the first technology space?

  15. Rhado doing SOLO!!!! Big solo player myself, and a big fan of Mort's Automas. Looking forward to this one. Thanks for the gameplay!

  16. I see this as a wonderfully streamlined, tight spin on the civ formula which leaves me completely unengaged and disinterested. And I get that the game was designed around the colored building minis, but I neither like the look of them nor am I exactly excited about the way they are integrated in the gameplay. For what it's worth, this seems to be a hard pass for me.

  17. This is the most ridiculous looking civ building game I have ever seen, the open technology and tapestry cards are so theme breaking, and aside from that the game just looks really boring. Another dud by Stegmier.

  18. Congratulations and thanks, Radho.
    You have put time and effort into making this clear and accessible, and you explain things very well.
    You've also made your strategic thinking clear, and this makes the clip extremely watchable.
    Thanks again.

  19. That four-day pre-order is such a pity. I can't manage it until next Monday and by then they will have closed the pre-order.

  20. Thank you for adding the “zoomed in” camera feature to your reviews. Love how you’re able to seamlessly show us small details using that second camera. Wish more people would use this technique.

  21. Hey Rahdo, what would be a good bgg weight rating for this game? I understand it’s easy to learn and teach but it also has tough decisions and emergent complexity.

  22. The separate close-up cam is brilliant for games with a lot of cards. Fantastic improvement to an already top-notch channel.

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