“Taong Grasa (Homeless) / Rich Kid” PRANK PART 4 (Driving Sports Car)

“Taong Grasa (Homeless) / Rich Kid” PRANK PART 4 (Driving Sports Car)

Man of grease Sir could you spare me some change? Please? Change for gas please Please sir Could you give me some change sir Even just P2,500 worth a full tank Please sir Have pity on my car sir Come on sir Nothing Even just diesel sir Please sir just give me some change Go to him, our manager The one wearing red Sir, sir I heard you were the manager Give me some change Spare change for gas For gas sir I can’t I don’t have Have pity on my car sir I just picked it up from somewhere You’re crazy Come on sir Sir, who’s the manager Come on, bih Please Have pity on my car Sir could I have some money for gas Spare change for gas Just some change for gas I don’t have That’s my car over there, sir Come on sir just some change How much? Just 2500 pesos for a full tank Do you have? How greedy Excuse me can I ask for some food? Could I have some food I’m sorry but I haven’t been able to eat yet myself And I’m really hungry Go buy Should it be big? Yes I was hoping you could give me some food Okay just wait Thank you How are you? Please don’t be afraid of me It’s fine I’m used to encountering people like you Thank you so much I’m begging cause I haven’t been able to eat much So I just keep roaming around I haven’t had any sleep Haven’t been able to take a shower I’m already getting smelly Where are you from? I’m from the U.S. Just came by to Find some food What happened to you then? The laboratory I was working for became bankrupt Cause I’m a scientist And the laboratory I worked for lost money The stem I was experimenting on exploded So I lost money Don’t be scared Here is the food, it’s still warm Thank you Thank you so much sir Go and eat first Thank you I’ll go ahead (Strangers Clapping) (Strangers Clapping) Do you have five pesos? Sir, do you have five pesos? Five pesos? Ma’am, do you have five pesos? Five pesos ma’am Thank you so much Sir do you have five pesos? Five pesos For gas, sir Sir this is just one peso don’t you have five? Just for gas Do any of you have five pesos? Fifty? No I only have five I’m saving up for some gas For gas? Thank you sir This Mother F*cker I didn’t know there was a check-in outside? Sir, please move there Am I not allowed to be here? No you can’t be here I’ll just rest here for five minutes sir Just getting a tan No, you’re not allowed to rest here Fine then sir, I’ll just go ahead Just please not here Okay sir I’m sorry So he was the owner of the sports car! Is there any place nearby for people like me who need a shower? I don’t know I need to shower I don’t know A free shower? Ask the officer there Thank you sir Hello, good evening How much is a kilo of rice? Pardon me? How much is a kilo of rice? Um nevermind then, how much is a burger? Which burger? The big one Any big burger
Operator: Small Medium or Large? Is there no XL? Operator: No sir it’s just only until large Okay I’ll get a large Operator: Okay thank you Thank you What drink would you like? Do you have gin? No, then okay I’ll just have water Operator: 207 pesos There you go Ma’am could you just count it for me That’s from the spare change I’ve gotten Nice car, sir I just picked it up from somewhere How’s it going ma’am? You only have 137 pesos How much is lacking? Here, sorry I’m on a budget Thank you ma’am I’m missing a burger Hamburger Your car is so nice sir I just picked it up from somewhere Thank you sir You’re good looking sir Babe Come on let’s go home I’m not mad anymore Come on You got mad for three years I’m sorry okay, now come with me (Kissing) Who’s gonna drive, you or me?
I’ll do it babe The owner of this car must be rich I’ll take a picture Could you give me spare change for gas I’m running out of gas Your car is so handsome and you’re asking for change! I ran out of fuel Bro, do you know any dumpsters nearby? I’m gonna look for some change there There’s one over there Just try to go there You go eat banana first Do you eat banana? It’s fine thank you again (Car door opened) Sir do you know any bar hopping places nearby? Somewhere I can go bar hopping? That have a…
(started dancing) Where is that? I want to stroll my car wow Okay, okay thank you Bye Can you give us a ride? Sorry I can’t, I have a date Get your stuff from the guard No, you can’t place them here Someone owns this car You might scratch it It’s fine this is my car anyway You can stay over there at front Thank you I’ll go ahead Stop! Not here! There’s an owner of this car This is mine, sir Sir, I wouldn’t have been able to enter this car if without a key No sir, you can’t be here Please leave Here’s my key! No sir you can’t I’ll text my friend then Bro Lupin! The guard isn’t allowing me to leave Yeah he’s not letting me leave You can’t! Thank you for watching homeless prank (Rich Kid) Part 4 Special thanks for allowing us to borrow these cool cars Thank you again for watching Have a good vibes continuesly PEACE!!! LET’S GO! Shout out to Thank you very much for watching our “Tukomi Original Series” Support our vlogging channel Comment #Tukomi for shout outs Just Remember! Have a continuesly! Goodvibes! PEACE! PEACE PEACE (beatboxing)

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  1. ang bait ng mag jowa.. sana madaming katulad nila walang discrimination sa pag bigay ng tulong..
    dami ko tawa sa mga re-action nila.. hahahahahahaha

  2. Kabilib ang magpartner na niyakap pa kau despite sa kadiri niyong attire..puno na ng hangin ang tyan ko sa katatawa

  3. There's still a humanity kudos to kuya na nagbigay mg food and nag hug kay kuya Pranker ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ May God Bless you po

  4. Very nice???
    Sa mga gusto magpa subscribe comment here and subscribe to my channel and in return i will subscribe to your channel also

  5. I Luv your Channel.. ?
    Please Try this Bro.. ?
    Walk into a POLICE STATION with a box of DONUTS and yell "I'm here to feed the PIGS!!!".. ????

    Don't forget to wear Bulletproof Vest.. Just in Case..
    #ASF #Tukomi #TukomiOriginalPrankSeries

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