Tanner Hall & Friends – Trampoline Training in Heminghallen

Tanner Hall & Friends – Trampoline Training in Heminghallen

The program for today is to warm up, then we are going to divide the kids into three groups. Then the winners from Fri Flyts contest will get to jump with both PK and Tanner. We’re going to wrap this up with a 20-minute jam session on the big trampoline, where the best trick gets a one year subscription to Fri Flyt and some Red Bull. There were some damn good jumps from all of you; it’s a shame that only one can win. But Johan – damn, you’re sick!

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  1. fyfaen bor ca 200 meter fra heming hallen og så gikk jeg glipp av det her 🙁

  2. ur a moron watch his movie like a lion and youll kno that he is and that its not a big deal at all

  3. CheCK ouT mY TRamP VIdEOS, some of them suck but check out some of the new ones, Subscribe to me and I'll subscribe back.

  4. Ja, bare gå til Heming sin hjemmeside og send en mail med spørsmål om ledige tider, du må ha en av trenerene som jobber der, men alt i alt kommer det på 1250 kr per time.

  5. Who knows some information on the teal coloured floor that people are doing tricks onto? Where is it purchased and what is it??

  6. Kids love it!>>>t.co/5OVUdzL8tR  Took a couple of hours to put together. The springs were a doozy! Otherwise the kids love it!!!

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