Talking Tom Jetski 2 – Official Trailer

Talking Tom Jetski 2 – Official Trailer

Wake up and join Talking Tom for a jetski
ride! Dodge the obstacles and impress with amazing
tricks. Woow – You can even fly! Win dozens of wacky jetskis, build awesome
beach houses, unlock exciting racing worlds and become the real jetski superstar! Talking Tom Jetski 2 Download now for free!

100 Replies to “Talking Tom Jetski 2 – Official Trailer”

  1. This game was notable for the following:
    1. One of the few games done by Outfit7 to have online multiplayer.
    2. To use the same models from Talking Tom Gold Run despite the different voices.
    3. To have (nearly) the same concept as Gold Run.

    So, this means with this multiplayer game, I can beat you all everyone! Well…sometimes…because I can get a 2nd or 3rd or even a fail! But…whatever, I can beat you all! ?

    For those who are reading this comment…
    J O I N M E ! ?
    (Ding Ding!)

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  4. I wish there was an underwater uptade so we can drive the jetski underwater with a hole we fall down under water the circle thing that we go down we have fun and we get out of the water with our jetski and also we need to wear thing that we can breathe underwater.

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