Taiwan’s first Red Bull Soapbox Race 2013

Taiwan’s first Red Bull Soapbox Race 2013

This is the first Red Bull Soapbox race held in Taiwan and this event is new to me! A lot of people came out even in the hot weather. The event brought a lot of passionate people together. All the team members are speed lovers and each team’s design looks amazing. We can see that they put a lot of effort into their cars. We have seen so many creative ideas from the competition. Also, today is the driver’s birthday! Our team shared his luck and won the trophy.

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  1. Why is every single car there the most unstable design ever? Are there certain rules that dictate a certain level of
    unstable / clumsiness?

  2. 2.49 ทำไมเอาพระพุทธรูปของเรามาทำเล่นแบบนี้ ?

  3. My friend and I for one reason or another never got to make our professor FATE car. We had a little act made for it and everything.

  4. yang penting gazzz polll rem bong yamaha semakin di depan honda one hart satu hati suzuki nyalakan nyali

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