Olympic Fencing Prodigy: Race Imboden

>>RACE IMBODEN: I’m Race Imboden and I’m going to the 2012 London Olympics.>>JED DUPREE: Race is extraordinary for how young and how consistent he is and how much success he has experienced. >>BILL IMBODEN: His competitors are all ten years older than he is.>>JED DUPREE: I’ve been coaching Race for five years. I think from…

UK Freshman Talks About What It’s Like to be Olympian

And with the baton for the Wildcats, the World Junior record holder over 400-meter hurdles and 300 meters indoor, this is Sydney McLaughlin of Kentucky. McLaughlin the most decorated high school athlete in history with the stick. McLaughlin running smooth, has the Wildcats in the lead. I’m one of four kids and we all run….