How to Create a Chain Link Braid | Sport Hairstyles

Chain Link Braid Hey guys! I’m Mindy, from CuteGirlsHairstyles, and today Kamri’s joining me to show you this hairstyle which we are calling the Chain Link Braid. Now, we have one that we did, like, forever, and ever, and ever ago, that was similar to this. But, I learned a little bit different technique that…


We know you guys don’t read these things anymore. Here is a quick video on how to build the Corsair T1 Race Chair. All you are going to need is the M8 Allen Key provided. Insert chair wheels into chair base, by pressing the stud firmly into the hole at the bottom of the base….

Adam Rippon Savagely Ranks Olympic Sports | Cosmopolitan

What the [expletive] is bobsleigh? Can I say that? It’s Cosmo, right? Hey everybody! I’m Adam Rippon and I love judging people, and today I’m gonna judge Olympic sports from easy to hard. I mean this sounds difficult. This can go up at the top. Bobsleigh. OK, alpine skiing. I have to move bobsleigh down….

Nike | Sport Changes Everything, Chicago-Style

Let me get one Chicago Style! Poppyseed bun. Yellow mustard. Extra heart. Extra hustle. Make it a combo. Jordan, Pippen. Six Rings. Which inspired a bunch of ring chasers. Make it hard-nosed. Defensive minded. Never sugar coated. Now, add some homegrown ingredients, with a side of purpose. Chopped white onions. No such thing as a…

Fifa 18 Pro Clubs Free Traits Glitch *Working*

Open the player’s growing menu Select 2 Play Style default and open Select the second breath, flair, throwing giant, the specialist of the game and the power header Use the rest of your skill points until you have 0 skill points Open the style of play 1 Use your skill points on the features that…