On Pace w/ Pastrana: Pastranaland | S2E5

Travis is pretty good at persuading people, and I mean so am I. [theme music] My name is Travis Pastrana. This is my wife. This is where I’m going. And this is my story. Epic little day out at Travis Pastranaland running new stuff for MegaRamp. Just one hellava good time. [music] So I’m out…

On Pace w/ Pastrana: FMX, Guns, & Frog Hopping | S2E4

I don’t know. My right ankle, everybody kinda laughs and they joke, but it’s still completely crap at the moment. So, it works good for driving cars but, we’ll see today if it works still for riding motorcycles. [motocross bike engine rumbling] My name is Travis Pastrana. ♪ [theme music] ♪ This is my wife….