Tapestry – Gameplay Runthrough

[Music] hello welcome to voting and sweetener on us I’m Joseph and I’m here today wait to rek oh it’s over there hugging the box of tapestry Niall so likes to play around with these really cool little buildings and how we’re going to play a two-player game we’re going to do it without the…

Blaze and the Monster Machines Racing Game Walkthrough | Jr. Gamers | Preschool App (AD) | Nick Jr.

NARRATOR: Nick Jr.’s Jr. Gamers play Blaze and the Monster Machines. Hey. I’m Dylan. – Hi. I’m Heaven. DYLAN: Today, we’re playing Blaze and the Monster Machines racing game. We’re going to race against Blaze’s friends. And Crusher. I hope he doesn’t cheat. Don’t worry. We’ll have blazing speed on our side. BOTH: 3. 2….