Sonu Nigam – The Roadside Ustaad | Being Indian

By God’s grace, you have a lovely voice. Can I record what you sing? Excellent! Bravo! I’d like to shake your hand. Have you eaten breakfast, sir? Music is a rare education, not many receive it. And,I’m a student of music, and thought I should come out to present my music to all of you….

Try Not to Laugh Challenge with Benedict Cumberbatch

-Benedict, you are starring in “The Grinch”. And as the Grinch, it’s your job to always look grumpy and annoyed. -Yes. -Take a look at this camera here and give us your best Grinch. Side by side. Yeah. Two. Yeah! -That’s a good — That’s a good Grinch. [ Cheers and applause ] So, I…